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Nominations sought for this year’s teaching awards

by Cindy Weiss - February 12, 2007

The Institute for Teaching & Learning is soliciting nominations from faculty and academic administrators for the 2007-2008 University Teaching Fellows and the 2007 Outstanding Teaching Assistants.

The awards will be presented during a dinner recognizing instructional excellence on April 26.

The Institute will honor up to four teaching fellows. Each will receive a stipend of $3,000 to be used in support of instructional programs.

Teaching fellows engage in a number of teaching and learning activities, including participating in workshops developed by the Institute for Teaching & Learning, allowing teaching assistants to visit their classrooms, and serving as mentors for faculty in their discipline or cognate areas.

The structured nomination form and criteria are available online or by calling Edye Gucwa at 860-486-2686.

The nomination form captures the essence of the faculty member’s scholarship with respect to teaching and is designed to allow the essentials of the nomination to be gathered in a minimum of space

.It is suggested that the nominator prepare a cover sheet outlining the case in broad terms, while adding the particulars in the format of the nomination form.

Some sections ask for the candidate’s details, to be provided by the candidate to the nominator.

Nominations (original and six copies) must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 2, at: Teaching Fellow Awards, Institute for Teaching & Learning, CUE Building, Room 333, U-2142.

Nominations are also sought for the 2007 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Awards. These awards recognize pre-doctoral teaching assistants who demonstrate excellence in the classroom or laboratory.

The value of each teaching assistant award is $500.

The criteria used to determine the teaching assistant awards should include evidence that the TA has effective instructional skills and excellent interpersonal skills; provides practical feedback; and contributes to the development of the instructional program.

Evidence may include: statement of teaching philosophy (specific more than abstract, one page maximum); letters of reference and comments from students and faculty; indication of attendance at teaching workshops and programs; evidence of growth, development, and innovation in teaching and learning activities; and the creation of excellent learning materials. Nominations may be made by faculty or senior administrators only.

Guidelines and criteria are available online or by calling 860-486-2686.

Send original and four copies of nomination and supporting documentation to Outstanding TA Awards, Institute for Teaching & Learning, CUE Building, Room 333, U-2142, to be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, March 2. 

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