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January 24, 2005

Austin To Chair NCAA Board

University President Philip E. Austin has been appointed chair of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors. Austin, who has been a member of the Board of Directors since 2004, will assume his position in May.

The NCAA Division I Board of Directors reviews and approves all Division I policies and legislation. It Board comprises 18 members, who all serve as chief executive officers of Division I institutions. The membership includes representatives from each of the 11 Division I-A conferences, and seven representatives that rotate from the Division I-AA and Division I-AAA conferences. Austin represents the Big East Conference.

“I take this appointment as recognition of the academic and athletic integrity of UConn’s athletic programs,” said Austin. “We take great pride in the contribution of our men’s and women’s teams to the reputation of the University, not just on the playing field but in the larger context of higher education. The strength of the NCAA is vital to the ongoing progress of intercollegiate athletics, and I will be glad to do what I can to help the organization in the coming year.”

The appointment was approved by the Executive Committee and Board at the NCAA Convention held in Dallas in early January.