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- March 16, 2009

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in December 2008. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied to the Advance each month by OSP.

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.


Principal Investigator Department Sponsor Total Period
Anwar, A. Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. of Defense/Navy/Naval Undersea Warfare Center $55,000 12/08-12/09
Develop Laser Improvements 
Auster, P. Nat'l. Undersea Research Center Packard (David & Lucile) Foundation $75,898 1/09-12/09
Predicting Spatial Concordance of Sensitive Habitats and Fisheries Operations
Behuniak, P. Educational Psychology Conn. Dept. of Education $750,000 10/08-9/11
Education Psychology Measurement Program
Best, S. Political Science Univ. of Minnesota $40,000 9/08-12/08
Sullivan Voter Survey
Bogner, R. Pharmaceutical Sciences Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Food & Drug Admin./Nat'l. Inst. of Pharmaceutical Technology & Education $9,294 9/08-9/09
Development of Quality by Design Guidance Elements on Design Space Specifications Across Scale with Stability Considerations
Bucklin, A. Marine Sciences Dept. of Interior/US Geological Survey $85,000 1/09-1/09
Charter of Research Vessel Connecticut for Cape Hatteras Mooring Deployment
Bucklin, A. Marine Sciences Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $17,400 12/08-12/08
Charter of Research Vessel Connecticut by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution for Neptune Project
Bullock, K. School of Social Work Instr. & Research Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Yale Univ. $140,618 7/08-6/09
Treatment Goals at the End of Life: The Role of Race in Advanced Care Planning Decisions
Cetegen, B. Mechanical Engineering United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney $70,000 12/08-12/09
Dynamics of Bluff-Body Stabilized Premixed and Partially-Premixed Flames Near Blowoff
Coelho, C. Communication Sciences Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Nat'l. Inst. on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders $11,500 9/08-9/09
Neuroimaging of Discourse Processing
Couch, K. Economics Dept. of Labor/Employment & Training Admin./Conn. Dept. of Labor $232,400 1/09-12/09
Job Displacement in Connecticut
Donahue, A. Public Policy Dept. of Homeland Security/CTC Inc. Public Safety Technology Ctr. $71,136 11/08-12/08
Survey Research Project Design to Determine First Responder Technology Gaps
Fernando, G. Physics Resonant Exploration & Production Inc. $50,438 1/09-6/10
Quantum Chemistry Studies of Methane Hydrates
Frank, H Chemistry Nat'l. Aeronautics & Space Admin/Marine Biological Lab $129,302 7/08-7/11
Leaping to Land – Physiology and Phylogenetics of Desert Green Algae
Gray, P. Extension Windham Public Schools, Windham, Conn. $62,948 7/08-6/09
4-H LIFT Afterschool Program
Kalonia, D. Pharmaceutical Sciences Genentech Inc. $93,330 12/08-12/09
A Mechanistic Investigation of Protein-Polyol Interactions
Kraus, C. Center for Survey Research & Analysis Campaign Finance Institute $15,700 11/08-1/09
Connecticut Candidates Survey
Kraus, C. Center for Survey Research & Analysis Conn. Dept of Public Health $10,000 10/08-2/09
Department of Public Health Nurse Survey
Kraus, C. Center for Survey Research & Analysis Lang/Durham Advertising $17,000 11/08-1/09
Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union Survey
Kraus, C. Center for Survey Research & Analysis Conn. Dept of Labor $30,240 8/08-9/09
Connecticut Workforce Investment: A Connecticut Survey 2008-2009
Lowe, C. Psychology Haskins Laboratories $20,761 8/08-8/09
Release-Time Funding for Carol Fowler Ph.D.
Luh, P. Electrical & Computer Engineering ISO New England Inc. $142,142 11/08-12/09
Very Short Term Prediction of Electric Power System 30 Minute Operating Reserve
Mahoney, J. Connecticut Transportation Institute Dept. of Transportation/Federal Hwy Admin./Conn. Dept. of Transportation $160,796 7/08-6/09
Establishment of a Connecticut Advanced Pavement Laboratory FY 09
Mangle, H. Extension U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Cornell Univ. $8,800 9/08-9/09
Children, Youth, & Families at Risk Conference Coordination Program
Pattipati, K. Electrical & Computer Engineering General Motors Corp. $70,000 12/08-12/09
Event-Driven Data Mining Techniques for Test Fleet Fault Diagnosis
Pikal, M. Pharmaceutical Sciences Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Food & Drug Admin./Nat'l. Inst. of Pharmaceutical Technology & Education $14,400 9/08-9/09
Study on the Development of Quality by Design
Rolshausen, P. Plant Science U.S. Dept of Agriculture/Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station $37,215 8/08-7/11
Using Inoculum Potential and a Disease and Weather Monitoring Network for Disease Forecasting in Vineyard Integrated Pest Management for Southern New England
Sun, W. Mechanical Engineering American Heart Association $308,000 1/09-12/12
Development of Biomechanical Models for Analyzing Percutaneous Transvenous Mitral Annuloplasty
Suib, S. Chemistry United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney $30,000 10/08-12/08
Investigations in Chemical Vapor Dispositions (CVD) Coating of Non-Woven Fiber Preforms (Task 51)
Walsh, S. Nursing Instruction & Research Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Nat'l. Inst. on Aging/UConn Health Center $12,792 11/08-3/09
Pathogenesis of Detrusor Underactivity and Urinary Retention in the Elderly
Wang, S. Communication Sciences Conn. Office of Policy & Management $10,000 1/09-12/09
Residents' Opinions About the Expressway, "Super 7"
Wilhite, B. Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering American Chemical Society/Petroleum Research Fund $100,000 1/09-8/11
Electroceramic Materials for High-Purity Hydrogen Extraction from Liquid Hydrocarbon Fuels: Fundamental Investigations of Coupled Electrochemical and Catalytic Phenomena




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