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- February 17, 2009

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Research Foundation announces fall 2008 'Faculty Large Grants'

The Research Foundation’s fall 2008 Faculty Large Grants were announced recently.

The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the Faculty Large Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 72 proposals totaling more than $1.5 million and made 44 awards totaling more than $683,000.

The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a standing review panel.

The award recipients are:

Douglas Adamson, Chemistry, Microfluidic Method for the Controlled Formation of Polymersomes, $24,287

Nathan Adler, Molecular & Cell Biology, Fluorescence-Based Analysis of Membrane Protein Structure and Function: A Pilot Project for the Development of a Reconstituted Experimental System, $15,000

Thomas Blank, Human Development & Family Studies, Cancer's Impact on Survivors and Their Partners: Individual and Couple Analyses, $12,871

Jonathan Bobaljik, Linguistics, Cross-Linguistic Grammar Survey Resource, $6,634

Ross Buck, Communication Sciences, Spontaneous Emotional Expression and the fMRI: A New Version of the Communication of Affect Receiving Ability Test (Carat), $11,709

Chengyu Cao, Mechanical Engineering, Adaptive Control of Bio-Inspired Micro Aerial Vehicles, $25,760

Robin Chazdon, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, Dynamics and Reassembly of Woody Seedling and Sapling Communities in Tropical Secondary Forests, $15,000

Rosa Chinchilla, Modern & Classical Languages, Spanish Humanism and the European Context: The Case of Literary Patronage 1500-1560, $5,119

Ock Chun, Nutritional Sciences, Development of an Algorithm to Establish Total Antioxidant Capacity Database of U.S. Population, $20,000

James Cole, Molecular & Cell Biology, Structural Analysis of PKR by Small Angle Scattering, $20,000

Edna Comer, Social Work, Efficacy of a Group Intervention on Coping in Persons Newly Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, $12,965

Patricia Cramer, English, Archival Research in Cambridge and London for Book Project, Virginia Woolf: The Lesbian Years, $2,200

Sylvain Deguise, Pathobiology & Veterinary Sciences, Identification of the Cell Surface Receptors Involved in the Immunotoxicity of Domoic Acid in Mice, $7,000

James Dixon, Psychology, Self-Organization of Executive Function, $8,500

Inge-Marie Eigsti, Psychology, A Gesture Towards Learning: Communicative Gestures and Mental Representation in Autism, $22,651

Edward Eyler, Physics, Atomic Sledgehammer: A Chirped Bichromatic-Force Laser Decelerator for Atomic Helium, $17,640

Maria-Luz Fernandez, Nutritional Sciences, Protective Effects of Lutein on Inflammation and Atherosclerosis, $15,000

Amy Gorin, Psychology, Development of an Empirically Validated Screening Tool for Obesity Risk in Children, $18,637

Kristen Govoni, Animal Science, Role of T-Box (Tbx) 2 in Regulating Osteoblast Function, $20,000

Joerg Graf, Molecular & Cell Biology, Establishment of High-Throughput DNA Sequencing for Genomic, Metagenomic, and Transcriptome Studies, $13,000

Jason Irizarry, Curriculum & Instruction, Project Fuerte (Future Urban Educators Conducting Research to Transform Teacher Education), $16,781

Menka Jain, Institute of Materials Science, Engineering, Magnetoelectric Nanocomposite Films, $19,624

Kristin Kelly, Political Science, Privacy of Electronic Medical Records: Dimensions of Patient Concern, $11,066

David Knecht, Molecular & Cell Biology, The Interaction of Actin Binding Proteins with Actin Filament Networks, $20,000

Challa Kumar, Chemistry, Dynamic Light Scattering – Use in Bio-Nano-Materials Research, $14,000

Yi Li, Plant Science, Acquisition of a Flow Cytometer for Plant Science Research, $15,000

Nicholas Lownes, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Driver Response to Adverse Weather: Impacts on Time Headway, $17,851

George Lykotrafitis, Mechanical Engineering, Coherent Gradient Sensing Microscopy (Micro-cgs): A Non-Invasive High-Speed Microinterferometric Technique for Quantitative Imaging of Cells and Their Dynamics, $38,214

James Magnuson, Psychology,Evaluating Effects of Neuro Feedback on Cognitive Processing, $12,647

Philip Mannheim, Physics, Conformal Gravity Challenges String Theory, $13,666

Barbara Mellone, Molecular & Cell Biology,Identification and Characterization of Protein Complexes Associated with the Novel Essential Centromere Component, Cal1, $20,000

Jeffrey Osleeb, Geography, A Preliminary Study of Community Correlates and Evaluation of Health System Efficiencies in the UConn Health Center Catchment Area, $10,329

Robertson Papke, Molecular & Cell Biology/General, The Impact of Gene Flow on Prokaryotic Lineages, $20,000

Janet Pritchard, Art & Art History, Views From Wonderland, A Creative Research Project, $10,626

James Renfro, Physiology & Neurobiology,Phosphate Transport by Mammalian Choroid Plexus, $15,000

Nancy Rodriguez, Nutritional Sciences, The Ubiquitin-Proteosome Pathway in Skeletal Muscle of Healthy, Active Adults: Effects of Energy Balance, Exercise, Leucine Intake, and Leucine Infusion, $12,000

James Rusling, Chemistry, Bioelectronic Peptide Arrays for Anti-Peanut IgE Biomarkers of Allergic Response, $16,349

Glenn Stanley, Music, The College Music Society 1957-2007: A Half Century of Service to Music in the Academy, $3,600

Paulo Verardi, Pathobiology,A Novel Functional Genomics Platform for Vaccine and Therapeutic Discovery, $20,000

Maxim Volgushev, Psychology, Action Potential Generation and Encoding in the Neocortex, $15,000

Barrett Wells, Physics, Measuring Oxygen in Oxide Films, $16,166

Chuanrong Zhang, Geography, Super-Resolution Land Cover Mapping with a Markov Chain Geostatistics Approach, $16,336

Adam Zofka, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Environmental Effects on Physiochemical Properties of Bituminous Materials, $18,071

Adam Zweifach, Molecular & Cell Biology, Phosphoflow and Bayesian Network Analysis of CTL Activation, $17,000

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