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- September 8, 2008

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in June 2008. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied to the Advance each month by OSP.

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.


Principal Investigator Department Sponsor Total Period
Amico, K. Center for Health, Intervention & Prevention Abbott Laboratories / Yale University $31,308 4/08-4/09
Antiretroviral Adherence and HIV Drug Resistance Outcomes in Clinical Care
Aneskievich, B. Pharmaceutical Sciences American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Educ. $6,000 9/08-8/09
Mechanisms of Corepressor Recruitment by Nuclear Retinoid Receptors
Anwar, A. School of Engineering Office of Dean Dept. of Homeland Security $2,000,000 7/08-6/12
Training and Research for Advanced National Security for Inter-Modal Transportation
Asandei, A. Institute of Materials Science Dept. of Defense / Cornell University $70,000 4/08-4/09
Synthesis of Fluorinated Graft Copolymers for Antifouling Applications
Auster, P. National Undersea Research Center Sloan (Alfred P.) Foundation / Univ. of S. Maine $54,301 4/08-12/08
Linking Marine Biodiversity to Ecosystem Management Goals in the Gulf of Maine Region
Barclay, J. Natural Resources Mgmt. & Engineering Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $109,508 5/08-5/10
Wildlife Assessment: Surveillance of Chronic Wasting Disease in White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and Distribution of New England Cottontails (Sylvilagus transitionalis) in Connecticut
Best, S. Center for Survey Research & Analysis Univ. of Colorado at Denver $20,000 12/07-4/08
Low Income Family Study
Bogner, R. Pharmaceutical Sciences American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Educ. $6,000 9/08-8/09
Chemical Stability of Pharmaceuticals Amorphized with Silicates
Bucklin, A. Marine Sciences Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences $18,648 5/08-5/08
Research Vessel Connecticut Charter by Bigelow Lab for Survey Work
Bucklin, A. Marine Sciences Seaforth Engineering Group Inc. $109,000 6/08-6/08
Research Vessel Connecticut Charter for Seaforth Geosurveys Inc.
Bushmich, S. Pathobiology & Veterinary Science U.S. Dept. of Agric. / Conn. Dept. of Agric. $171,476 2/08-1/09
Avian Influenza Live Bird Market Surveillance 2008
Carstensen, F. Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis EASTCONN $30,000 8/07-7/08
Connecticut Next Steps
Carter, M. Center for Regenerative Biology Evergen Biotechnologies Inc. $61,557 5/08-4/09
Production of Transgenic Rabbits Expressing Human CD4 and CCR5 for the Development of Microbicides to Prevent HIV Infection of Women
Chafouleas, S. Educational Psychology U.S. Dept. of Educ. / Inst. of Educ. Sciences $732,134 8/08-7/12
Postdoctorate in Behavioral Education and Research 
Chazdon, R. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Blue Moon Fund $194,000 8/08-7/10
Valuing the Carbon and Biodiversity of Secondary and Mature Tropical Forests
Colbert, R. Educational Psychology Lynch (David) Foundation $7,905 1/07-6/08
Effectiveness of Consciousness Based Education
Cote, R. Physics National Science Foundation $7,000 7/08-6/09
Student Support to Attend ICAP 2008
Cote, R. Physics Dept. of Defense / Army $7,000 7/08-6/09
Invited Speakers Support to Attend ICAP 2008
Cournoyer, M. Extension Cumberland Farms / National 4-H Council $1,400 3/08-10/08
Youth In Action Grant
Cui, J. Computer Science & Engineering Dept. of Defense / Navy / Office of Naval Rsch. $339,999 6/08-5/11
A Networking Perspective: Towards Reliable Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks
Denegar, C. Physical Therapy VitalWear $125,937 5/08-5/09
Vital Wrap Treatment in Osteoarthritis
Frisman, L. School of Social Work Instruction & Research Conn. Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Svs. $20,000 4/08-3/09
Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention
Frisman, L. School of Social Work Instruction & Research Conn. Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Svs. $198,579 4/08-8/09
Conn. Frequent Users of Jail and Shelter Pilot Evaluation
Grant, D. Pharmaceutical Sciences American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Educ. $6,000 9/08-8/09
Metabonomic Analysis of Polyamines to Multiple Sclerosis
Gray, P. Extension Episcopal Diocese of Connecticut $5,000 5/08-4/09
Bishop's Fund for Children
Jordan, E. Institute of Materials Science Dept. of Defense / Navy / Office of Naval Rsch. $727,093 4/08-4/09
Dual Beam FIB/SEM System for Nano Materials Research and other DOD-Related Activities
Kim, Y. Computer Science & Engineering Conn. Dept. of Children & Families $37,950 3/08-1/09
Design and Development of a Web-Based Application for Youth Services Survey
Kraus, C. Center for Survey Research & Analysis Conn. Div. of Special Revenue / YPARTNERSHIP $150,000 5/08-12/08
Conn. Survey on Gambling
Lei, Y. Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering Dept. of Homeland Security $229,000 7/08-6/09
Novel Explosives Sensor Using Signal-Amplifying Molecularly Imprinted Conducting Polymer
Mason, R. Marine Sciences Mallinckrodt Inc. / ENVIRON International Corp. $88,908 12/06-12/08
Penobscot River Study
Naigles, L. Psychology Nat’l Insts. of Health / Nat’l Inst. on Deafness & Other Communication Disorders  $1,621,644 7/08-6/13
Language Development and Outcome in Children with Autism
Osleeb, J. Geography Conn. Dept. of Public Health $12,776 6/08-12/08
Health Information
Parnas, R. Institute of Materials Science Conn. Dept. of Econ. & Community Development $94,709 5/08-6/09
Partnership with the Connecticut Dept. of Economic & Community Development to Develop a Biofuels Industry
Potter, D. Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney $17,849 6/08-5/09
Oxidation Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Gamma TiAl Alloys
Reilly, G. Management Dept. of Agriculture / Univ. of Wisconsin $10,000 1/08-8/08
The Effect of Corporate Goal Systems on Executive Decision Making Effectiveness
Reiter, W. Molecular & Cell Biology Dept. of Energy $485,000 4/08-4/11
Genetic Analysis of Nucleotide Sugar Interconversions in Arabidopsis
Sheckley, B. Educational Leadership Connecticut Association of Schools $45,000 1/08-6/10
Evaluation of CAS Executive Coaching Project
Silander, J. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology U.S. Dept. of Agriculture $545,000 6/08-6/12
A Multi-Scale Approach to the Forecast of Potential Distributions of Invasive Plant Species
Smith, C. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $69,817 6/08-10/09
Population Status, Movements and Habitat Use of Timber Rattlesnakes in the Southern Portion of Meshomasic State Forest and Surrounding Private Lands
Snyder, W. Linguistics National Science Foundation $25,514 7/08-12/09
Conference-GALANA UConn
Stephens, J. Educational Psychology Templeton (John) Foundation / School for Ethical Educ. $112,252 9/07-8/10
Building Moral Character through Academic Integrity
Suib, S. Chemistry United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney $30,000 5/08-11/08
Investigations in Chemical Vapor Disposition Processing of Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials
Suib, S. Chemistry Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. LP $30,000 6/08-1/09
Catalyst Analytical Studies 
Swadlow, H. Psychology Nat’l Insts. of Health / Nat’l Eye Inst. / State Univ. of New York, Coll. of Optometry $167,200 2/08-1/10
A New Implantable Array of Ultra-Thin Electrodes for Recording in Awake Primates
Tang, J. Mechanical Engineering Gerber Scientific Inc. / Gerber Technology $122,948 7/08-6/09
Modeling and Control of CTP Machine for High Precision Optical Manufacturing
Teplyaev, A. Mathematics National Science Foundation $170,000 7/08-6/11
Random, Stochastic and Self-Similar Equations
Vinogradova, O. Pharmaceutical Sciences American Heart Association $198,000 7/08-6/11
Structural Insights into the Skelemin Regulated Integrin Function
Vokoun, J. Natural Resources Mgmt. & Engineering Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $72,989 5/08-4/10
Investigating Stream Temperature and Brook Trout Population Fragmentation: Riverscape Genetics in Thermally-Contrasting Headwater Stream Channel Networks in Connecticut
Whitlatch, R. Marine Sciences Environmental Protection Agency $595,852 4/08-3/11
Interaction of Climate Change, Landuse and Invasive Species: Tests of Contrasting Management Scenarios for Coastal Communities
Wilhelm, N. Extension Monsanto Co. / National 4-H Council $2,000 12/07-12/08
2008 4-H Volunteer Initiative Grants
Wilhelm, N. Extension Cumberland Farms / National 4-H Council $1,400 1/08-10/08
2007-08 Youth in Action Grants
Wozniak, D. Anthropology New York Community Trust / Fahs-Beck Fund $15,000 5/08-4/10
Rites of Passage and Healing Efficacy
Zangari, R. Technology Incubation Program Conn. Dept. of Econ. & Community Development $750,000 6/08-9/10
Technology Incubation Program Expansion



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