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- December 12, 2005

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in September 2005. They represent only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied by the Office for Sponsored Programs. Additional September grants were published in the December 5 issue.

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.

Institute of Materials Science Asandei, A. National Science Foundation $315,000 9/05-8/08
Novel Chemistry of Early Transition Metals for the Synthesis of Complex Polymer Architectures
Institute of Materials Science Marcus, H. Dept. of Defense/Air Force Office of Scientific Research/Connecticut Center for Advanced Technology Inc. $100,000 6/05-5/06
Support for the Application of Lasers to Materials Processing
Institute of Materials Science Weiss, R. Environmental Protection Agency/University of Massachusetts $63,487 1/05-12/05
New England Green Chemistry Consortium
Mechanical Engineering Tang, J. National Science Foundation $180,000 6/06-5/09
Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems-Small Multidisciplinary Research Projects:   A Framework For the Dynamic Data-Driven Fault Diagnosis of Wind Turbine Systems
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthropology Sosis, R. US-Israel Binational Science Foundation $13,527 11/05-10/06
Trust, Religion and Signaling
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. Leadership Research Institute $2,500 8/05-12/05
NCDD Survey
Center for Survey Research& Analysis Pettinico, G. New Haven Register $9,000 9/05-10/06
New Haven Public Opinion Poll
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. Marketing Edge Consulting $8,000 9/05-10/05
Science Center of Connecticut
Chemistry Frank, H. Health/National Institute of General Medical Sciences $888,000 9/05-8/09
Structure and Function of Carotenoids
Chemistry Suib, S. United Technologies- Pratt & Whitney $25,000 9/05-12/05
Investigations in Vapor Phase Processing & Chemical Vapor Deposition
Communication Sciences Tufts, J. Dept. of Defense/Navy $60,067 7/05-7/07
Naval Submarine Medical Research Lab:   Assignment Agreement: Jennifer Tufts
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Elphick, C. National Audubon Society Inc. $30,240 8/05-8/06
Waterbirds on Working Lands: Literature Review and Bibliography Development
English Jambeck, K. U.S. Dept. of Education/ National Writing Project Corp. $43,000 7/05-6/06
Connecticut Writing Project—Storrs
Marine Sciences Auster, P. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection/Long Island Sound $24,576 8/05-9/06
A Web-Based Tour of the Diversity of Habitat and Marine Life in Long Island Sound
Marine Sciences O’Donnell, J. Dept. of Commerce/ National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration $960,927 8/05-7/06
Long Island Sound Coastal Observing System
Marine Sciences Skoog, A. National Science Foundation $330,146 9/05-8/08
Hydroxyl Radicals in Marine Sediments
Pathobiology Bushmich, S. IMed Scientific Corp. $34,927 3/05-3/06
Next Generation Molecular Sieve Bandages
Physics Cote, R. Dept. of Energy $306,000 8/05-7/08
Formation of Ultracold Molecules
Physics Jones, R. Dept. of Energy/Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility $51,228 8/05-5/06
Experimental Research in Nuclear Physics at Jefferson Lab, Sabbatical 2005-2006
Psychology Kalichman, S. National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health $2,796,176 7/05-8/10
Brief HIV Prevention Counseling in South Africa
Sea Grant College Program Balcom, N. Dept. of Commerce/ National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration $26,759 6/05-5/07
Nab the Aquatic Invaders - A Nationwide Online Educational Program to Direct Attention to Aquatic Invasive Species Issues and Inspire Action
Statistics Chen, M. Health/National Cancer Institute/University of North Carolina $48,164 8/05-7/06
Inference in Regression Models With Missing Covariates
School of Nursing
Nursing Instruction and Research Neafsey, P. National Institutes of Health/Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality $1,039,593 7/05-6/08
Reducing Adverse Self-Medication Behaviors in Older Adults
School of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Sciences Bogner, R. American Foundation for Pharmaceutical Education $6,000 9/05-8/06
The Role of Gastric Ph and Bicarbonate Secretion in Intestinal Absorption of Calcium from Supplements
Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Education & Research
Environmental Research Institute Miller, D. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture $20,000 9/05-8/06
Proposal to Study the Dispersion Characteristics of Aerially Applied Sprays
Environmental Research Institute Willig, M. National Science Foundation $98,360 8/05-8/07
Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA)
Environmental Research Institute Xie, T. Environmental Protection Agency/Science Applications International Corp. $7,524 4/05-9/05
Air Monitoring of Mercury from Phytoremediation Research
National Undersea Research Center Babb, I. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $9,000 9/6-9/30/05
The Long Island Sound Resource Center
Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Instruction
Academic Programs Center Ranjeet, B. U.S. Dept. of Education $1,477,485 9/05-8/10
Student Support Services
Academic Programs Center Rivera, A. U.S. Dept. of Education $3,263,760 9/05-8/11



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