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- November 14, 2005

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in August 2005. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs.

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Economics Johnston, R. Environmental Protection Agency $405,154 10/05-9/08
Improved Valuation of Ecological Benefits Associated with Aquatic Living Resources: Development and Testing of Indicators for Stated Preference Valuation and Benefits Transfer
Cooperative Extension Centers Stocker, J. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Forest Service $74,510 7/05-6/06
Natural Resources and Land Use Data – Connecticut Highlands
Nutritional Sciences Lammi-Keefe, C. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Foreign Agricultural Service $44,995 8/04-7/09
Nutritional Status of Pregnant Tanzanian Women: An Assessment of Fatty Acids Critical to Growth and Neurological Development and Impact of HIV/AIDS
Plant Science Elliott, G. American Floral Endowment $24,000 7/05-6/06
Effective Use of Microbial Inoculants for the Suppression of Soil borne Pathogens
Plant Science Legrand, A. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Natural Resources Conservation Service $119,902 3/05-12/05
IPM Technical Assistance for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program
Plant Science Morris, T. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Natural Resources Conservation Service $12,000 8/05-12/05
Nutrient Management Technical Assistance for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program
School of Business
Management Gilson, L. Conn. Dept. of Public Safety $6,000 1/05-8/05
Connecticut Department of Public Safety Efficiency Evaluation Project
Neag School of Education
Curriculum & Instruction Settlage, J. Conn. Center for Science and Exploration $50,000 8/05-5/06
Sponsorship of Two Doctoral Students in Science Teacher Education by the Connecticut Center for Science and Exploration (Heather Harkins and Kurt Haste)
Curriculum & Instruction Settlage, J. Conn. Center for Science and Exploration $3,510 7/05-8/05
Institute for Inquiry Professional Development Program
Educational Leadership Kehrhahn, M. Mansfield Middle School, Storrs, Conn. $11,140 8/05-8/06
2005-2006 Internship Grant
Educational Psychology Colbert, R. Futures Inc. $12,464 8/04-5/05
Counseling Intern at Futures Inc. – Gregg Oberlander
Educational Psychology Karan, O. Plainfield School District, Plainfield, Conn. $24,507 8/05-5/06
School Counseling Internship for Doctoral Level Student – Sarah McKinney
Educational Psychology Karan, O. West Haven High School $24,507 8/05-5/06
School Counseling Internship – Heather Patch
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. Waterford Public Schools, Waterford, Conn. $12,109 9/05-6/06
Psychological Services to the Public Schools – Waterford, Conn. (Carley Saltzman)
Kinesiology Casa, D. HealthSouth Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center $24,616 8/05-6/06
Athletic Training Services for Area High Schools: Establishing a Partnership with HealthSouth
School of Engineering
Engineering Ammar, R. United Technologies – Pratt & Whitney $18,000 8/05-1/06
A Distributed Computation Model for Aircraft Diagnosis and Prognosis
Computer Science & Engineering Goldin, D. National Science Foundation $49,928 9/05-8/06
Persistent Turing Machines: Beyond the Turing Thesis
Connecticut Global Fuel Cell Center Sammes, N. Connecticut Innovations Inc. $125,596 8/05-7/06
Development of a Micro-Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell System for the Battery Replacement Market
Electrical & Computer Engineering Jain, F. United Technologies – Pratt & Whitney $12,600 7/05-12/05
Processing of Single Crystal Super Superalloy Blade to Determine Local Creep and TMF
Electrical & Computer Engineering Magnusson, R. National Science Foundation $240,000 9/05-8/08
Resonant Leaky-Mode Photonic-Crystal Devices with Engineered Spectra
Institute of Materials Science Parnas, R. Bausch & Lomb Inc. $1,000 8/05-12/05
Test Development for Tribology of Polymeric Ophthalmic Lens Surface
Institute of Materials Science Shaw, L. National Science Foundation $28,500 9/05-8/08
Preparation and Sintering of Nano Silicon Carbide from Waste Silica Fume via an Integrated Mechanical and Thermal Activation Process
Institute of Materials Science Wei, M. National Science Foundation $300,000 9/05-8/08
Fabrication of Multi-Functional Composites for Load-Bearing Skeletal Applications
Institute of Materials Science Wei, M. National Science Foundation $110,000 9/05-8/07
A Novel Approach to Improve the Bonding Strength for Hydroxyapatite Coatings
Mechanical Engineering Pitchumani, R. National Science Foundation $324,000 9/05-8/08
Investigations on Transport Phenomena Governing Fabrication of Microstructures via Microcasting of Nanoparticles Slurry
School of Family Studies
Dean of Family Studies Weaver, S. Conn. Dept. of Education $65,000 7/05-6/06
Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthropology D’Andrade, R. National Science Foundation $12,000 8/05-7/06
Doctoral Dissertation: New Markets for Motivation: Exploring Varieties of Success and Well-Being – Kristin Kostick
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Children and Families $14,500 7/05-7/06
Mental Health Consumer Satisfaction
Center for Survey Research and Analysis Barnes, C. Intercollegiate Studies Institute $450,000 8/05-12/07
Civic Literacy Year 2
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. KDW Group LLC $18,500 7/05-10/05
ACTel Survey
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators $3,600 8/05-3/06
Campus Public Safety Focus Groups
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. University of Conn. Foundation Inc. $2,500 7/05-12/05
Employee Survey
Chemistry Bruckner, C. National Science Foundation $364,400 9/05-8/06
Synthesis and Evaluation of Pyrrole-Modified Porphyrins
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Chazdon, R. National Science Foundation $7,000 9/05-8/06
International Dissertation Enhancement Research: Natural Forest Management Plans in Costa Rica: A Potential Framework for Assessing Tree Biodiversity
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Lewis, L. National Science Foundation $745,825 9/05-8/10
PEET: Integrating Classical with Phylogenetic Taxonomic Treatments in Five Genera of Coccoid Green Algae (Chlorophyta)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Silander, J. National Science Foundation $267,364 9/05-8/07
Collaborative QEIB Research: Spatio-Temporal Models of Species Distributions and Biodiversity at High Resolution – Integrating Climate and Population Responses
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Wagner, D. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Forest Service $10,000 5/05-5/06
Caterpillars of Southeastern Forests
English Spencer, S. National Academies/ Ford Foundation $40,000 8/05-8/06
Stealing a Way: Legacies of Resistance to Slavery in the New World
Geography Daniels, M. Dept. of Commerce/ National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/Nature Conservancy $9,300 6/05-11/05
Geomorphological Assessment at Dam Removal Sites
Marine Sciences Bohlen, W. Broadwater Energy LLC/ Project Consulting Services Inc. $474,059 7/05-6/06
Broadwater Energy MetOcean Study
Marine Sciences Bucklin, A. ENSR Corp. $17,300 8/05
Charter of the Research Vessel by ENSR Corp.

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