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Employee recognition groups merge at Health Center

by Pat Keefe - November 14, 2005

The Health Center’s Human Resources’ Employee Recognition Committee has merged with the UConnCares Council to create the UConnPride Council. The merger ends the confusion over which group does what, eliminates the appearance of duplication, and consolidates resources.

“In any organization there is always a cadre of people committed to preserving the morale of the organization and dedicated to doing what it takes to maintain morale and even improve it,” says Ann Smith, director of organization and staff development for Human Resources, and chair of the UConnCares Council.

“Two such groups existed at the Health Center,” she says. “We thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if they could come together? Why not bring the people who want to make a difference together into one group, creating some economies of scale?’”

After consulting and a little rearranging, they did.

The Employee Recognition Committee recognizes length of service, while the UConnCares Council honors the specific performance of employees and coordinates various campus programs.

The merger, Smith says, won’t diminish the major initiatives of either committee: Employee Recognition’s annual dinner, a highly successful event at which those celebrating landmark anniversaries are honored; and the Cares Council’s post-graduation Celebration Under the Tent, the Employee Art Fair, and programs like Husky Hero, PAWS, and WoW.

“Celebration and recognition of individual and team accomplishment are very important; they enable the human spirit and the soul,” says Peter Deckers, executive vice president for health affairs. “The UConnPride Council is our Health Center agent in making this happen. I support their efforts completely and enthusiastically.”

The merger ensures that employee recognition will continue to grow in importance and as a unified and integrated program under Human Resources. Moreover, because of the consolidation, it will be easier to measure the program’s impact on the organization.

The merger’s new slogan captures its fundamental reason for being: “UConn Pride Program: Where Every Employee is Valued.”

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