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September 12, 2005

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in May 2005. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs.

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal Science Yang, X. National Institutes of Health/National Center for Research Resources/Evergen $26,460 9/04-3/06
Novel Method to Produce Transgenic Rabbits
Natural Resources Management Civco, D. National Space and Aeronautic Administration $1,868,797 4/05-4/08
Incorporating NASA’s Applied Sciences into Local Government Decision Support in the National Application Areas of Coastal Management, Water Management, Ecologic Forecasting, and Invasive Species
Natural Resources Management Schroeder, D. Nature Conservancy $10,000 5/05-12/05
Forestry Data Collection and Assessment
Nutritional Sciences Pierce, M. American Dietetic Association Foundation $1,000 5/05-4/06
Perceptions of Overweight Black Preadolescent Girls Regarding Body Image, Dieting, and Physical Activity
Neag School of Education
Kinesiology Volek, J. Integrative Health and Research Inc. $63,000 4/05-4/06
A Soluble Fiber and Plant Sterol-Containing Cookie for Lowering Cholesterol: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo Controlled Study
School of Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering Peters, T. National Science Foundation $12,000 9/04-8/07
Computational Topology for Surface Approximation (REU Supplement)
Computer Science & Engineering Santos, E. Dept. of Defense/Air Force $300,000 3/05-3/07
Real World Cognitive Multi-Tasking and Problem Solving: A Large-Scale Cognitive Architecture Simulation through High Performance Computing – Project CASIE
Computer Science & Engineering Santos, E. Dept. of Defense/Air Force $689,690 5/05-3/08
On the Effects of Culture and Society on Adversarial Attitudes and Behaviors
Connecticut Transportation Molter, T. National Aeronautics & Space Administration/Infinity Fuel Cell Instituteand Hydrogen LLC $20,000 4/05-7/05
Testing and Evaluation of the Advanced Product Water Removal and Management Fuel Cell System
Connecticut Transportation Institute Shea, D. Dept. of Transportation/Conn. Dept. of Transportation $290,000 1/05-12/05
Technology Transfer Center
Electrical & Computer Engineering Javidi, B. Dept. of Defense/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency $442,874 5/05-5/07
3D Imaging, Sensing, and Processing for Dynamic Unattended Monitoring of Biological Events
Electrical & Computer Engineering Taylor, G. Opel Inc. $50,000 6/05-6/06
Development of Transponder GaAs Integrated Circuits
Institute of Materials Science Jordan, E. Rolls Royce Inc. $132,412 5/05-1/06
Development of a Non-Destructive Life Prediction Approach for Thermal Barrier Coated Turbine Blades
Institute of Materials Science Zhu, L. National Science Foundation $6,000 1/05-12/05
CAREER: Tailoring the Nanostructure and Morphology of Hydrogen-Bonded Supramolecular Liquid Crystals Using Immiscible Polymer Side Chains (Supplement)
Mechanical Engineering Sammes, N. North Atlantic Treaty Organization/Drexel University $13,295 4/05-3/05
Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Energy Security
School of Law
Law Instruction & Research Leyden, D. Dept. of Treasury/Internal Revenue Service $170,421 1/05-12/05
Low Income Taxpayer Clinic
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. University of Conn. Foundation Inc. $15,000 4/05-8/05
Foundation Awareness
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. End Hunger Connecticut Inc. $2,000 4/05-6/05
Healthy Food and Fitness
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. Glastonbury Chamber of Commerce $8,500 3/05-8/05
Glastonbury Town Issues Part I
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. Glastonbury Education Foundation $8,500 3/05-8/05
Glastonbury Town Issues Part II
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. Information USA $1,500 4/05-8/05
National Omnibus Survey
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Cardon, Z. National Science Foundation $12,000 7/04-6/07
Desert Microbial Activity in the Rhizosphere Oasis (REU Supplement)
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Elphick, C. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection/Lynde Point Land Trust $5,098 6/05-12/05
Monitoring Plan Development for Fenwick Saltmarsh Restoration Project
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Simon, C. National Science Foundation $13,500 5/05-1/06
Origins of New Zealand Cicadas (REU Supplement)
Geography Daniels, M. Nature Conservancy $7,500 5/05-8/05
Pre-Ice Control Structure Geomorphological Assessment of the Salmon River
Marine Sciences Edson, J. National Science Foundation/Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution $377,803 9/04-8/09
Air-Sea Interaction in the 18 Degree C Water Formation Area: A Component of the Collaborative Research Project CLIMODE
Marine Sciences Mason, R. Bermuda Biological $36,908 4/05-8/06
Mercury in the Atmosphere in Bermuda
Marine Sciences McManus, G. National Science Foundation $7,000 9/02-8/06
Collaborative Research: Diversity & Biogeography of Marine Oligotrich & Choreotrich Ciliates Assessed by Morphological & Molecular Markers (REU Supplement)
Marine Sciences O’Donnell, J. Dept. of the Interior/U.S. Geological Survey $68,800 9/1/05-9/21/05
Geophysical Mapping Operations of Bigelow Bight-Salisbury Beach – Cape Ann, Mass.
Marine Sciences O’Donnell, J. Better Solutions $5,617 5/05-9/05
Investigation on Nitrogen Distribution and Loading in Stonington Harbor: A Proposal
Marine Sciences Shumway, S. Dept. of Agriculture/Marine Biological Laboratory $44,765 3/05-7/06
Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service/
Effects of Temperature on the Infection of Hard Clams (Mercenaria mercenaria) by the Protistian Organism, Quahog Parasite
Marine Sciences Whitlatch, R. Dept. of Commerce/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/National Underwater Research Center $23,158 1/05-12/05
Linkages Between Patterns of Habitat Heterogeneity, Benthic Biodiversity and Economically Important Species on Stellwagen Bank; Testing Observation Optimization Models
Molecular & Cell Biology Chen, T. Dept. of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service $436,166
Production of Superior Rainbow Trout Broodstocks by Genetic Manipulation
Molecular & Cell Biology Graf, J. National Science Foundation $699,961
CAREER: Establishment of Hirudo medicinalis as a Model for Digestive-Tract Symbioses
Molecular & Cell Biology Townsend, J. National Institutes of Health/Dartmouth College $53,280 4/05-3/06
Functional Analysis of a Model Filamentous Fungus
Psychology Barnes-Farrell, J. Public Health Service/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention $7,953 5/05-5/06
Occupational Health Psychology Education and Training Website
Psychology Cornman, D. Health Resources & Services Administration/New York State Dept. of Health $192,460 3/05-3/06
Translation of Options/Opciones Intervention into Standard of Care
Psychology Cornman, D. National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health/MedCases Inc. $225,000 9/04-9/06
Internet-Based Program to Train Clinicians in HIV Prevention Counseling, Phase II
Office of the Vice Provost for Multicultural & International Affairs
Multicultural & International Affairs Bravo-Ureta, B. Inter-American Development Bank $40,000 4/05-12/05
Assessing On-Site Benefits Associated with the Environmental Program for El Salvador (PAES): Phase II
School of Pharmacy
Pharmacy Practice White, C. Astra Zeneca Clinical Pharmacy $7,956 4/05-12/05
An In Vitro Study to Evaluate the Delivery of Esomeprazole Magnesium Enteric-Coated Pellets Suspended in a Thickening Agent Plus Water Through Nasogastric and Gastrotomy Tubes
Office for Undergraduate Education
Institute for Student Success Jarvi, S. National Institutes of Health/UConn Health Center $141,484 9/04-8/07
Health Professions Partnership Initiative (HPPI)
Office of the Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
Environmental Research Institute Miller, D. Dept. of Defense/Army Research Laboratory/Battelle Memorial Institute $20,000 4/05-4/06
Characterization of Stable Boundary Layer Wave-Turbulence Interactions with LIDAR Measurements of Plum Dispersion


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