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August 29 , 2005

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in April 2005. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs.

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.

Principal Investigator
Award Period
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Cooperative Extension Centers Grillo, M. New Haven Board of Education $30,000 10/04-6/05
The 4-H Club Horticultural Program
Nutritional Sciences Lammi-Keefe, C. National Fisheries Institute Inc. $20,000 4/05-3/06
The Role of Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Sleep Patterns and Behaviors in Mothers and Babies
Pathobiology Bushmich, S. Dept. of Agriculture/Animal Health/ Conn. Dept. of Agriculture $162,067 2/05-1/06
Live Bird Market Surveillance for Avian Influenza
Pathobiology Risatti, G. Dept. of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service $30,867 4/05-3/07
Classical Swine Fever Virus: Role of the 3’UTR in Infectivity of Swine
School of Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering Malla, R. National Aeronautics & Space Administration/University of Hartford $10,000 3/05-2/06
Experimental Studies of Structural and Mechanical Behavior of Water Processing Packed Beds for Space Life Support Systems
Civil & Environmental Engineering Ogden, F. Dept. of Defense/Army $48,662 4/05-10/05
Observations of Runoff Generation During Dry/Wet Seasonal Transition in Panama
Computer Science & Engineering Rajasekaran, S. National Science Foundation $12,000 4/05-8/05
Information Extraction from Massive Data Sets (REU Supplement)
Connecticut Transportation Institute Aultman-Hall, L. Conn. Dept. of Transportation $256,378 5/05-5/06
Joint Highway Research Advisory Council Work Program for 2005-2006
Connecticut Transportation Institute Mahoney, J. Dept. of Transportation/Conn. Dept. of Transportation $69,883 7/04-4/05
Correlation of Nuclear Density Readings with Core Cut from Compacted Roadways
Electrical & Computer Engineering Enderle J. National Science Foundation   $125,000 5/05-4/10
Engineering Senior Design Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities
Electrical & Computer Engineering Enderle, J. Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers $35,000 1/05-12/05
Editor-in-Chief for Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine
Institute of Materials Science Sotzing, G. National Science Foundation $220,000 6/05-5/07
NSF-Europe Materials Collaboration: Rapid Generation of Inherently Conductive Polymer Micro and Nanostructures
Institute of Materials Science Weiss, R. Dept. of Energy/Los Alamos National Laboratory $95,000 4/05-9/05
Polymer Blends as High Temperature PEM Materials
Mechanical Engineering Chiu, W. Dept. of Defense/Army $150,000 4/05-3/08
Structural Imaging and Optimization of Microtubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Electrodes
School of Family Studies
Family Studies Instruction & Research Blank, T. Health Resources & Services Administration/University of Rhode Island $29,943 1/05-6/05
Resource Assessment for Geriatric Training in Connecticut
School of Fine Arts
Music Frogley, A. American Council of Learned Societies $50,000 8/05-8/06
Vaughan Williams’ A London Symphony: Music, the Metropolis, and the Condition of England 1900-1926
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Center for Economic Analysis Carstensen, F. RBS Greenwich Capital $16,375 1/05-6/05
Economic Impact of the Castle Rock Initiative on the City of Stamford
Center for Economic Analysis Carstensen, F. Conn. Humanities Council/New London Maritime Society $5,000 12/04-5/05
An Economic Impact Analysis of the Thames River Heritage Initiative, 2004
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Dautrich, K. The Hartford Courant $3,500 1/05-2/05
Death Penalty Survey
Chemistry Birge, R. Dept. of Defense/Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency $514,188 3/05-9/05
Computationally Guided Genetic Engineering for Optical Applications
Chemistry Suib, S. IMed Scientific Corp. $10,000 2/05-2/06
Synthesis and Testing of Materials
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Wagner, D. Conn. Dept. of Transportation/Maguire Group Inc $26,640 5/05-4/06
Route 11 Corridor – Final Environmental Impact Statement
Marine Sciences Edson, J. National Science Foundation $144,508 1/05-2/08
Collaborative Research: Ocean Horizontal Array Turbulence Study: An Investigation of Subfilter-Scale Fluxes in the Marine Surface Layer
Marine Sciences O’Donnell, J. Tesla Offshore LLC $180,000 3/05-3/06
Charter of the Research Vessel Connecticut: Survey of Western Long Island Sound
Marine Sciences O’Donnell, J. Ocean Surveys Inc. $54,000 1/05-2/05
Charter of the Research Vessel Connecticut by Ocean Surveys Inc.
Physics Cote, R. Smithsonian Institution $20,000 11/04-8/05
Ultracold Scattering of Cr Atoms in External Magnetic Fields
Physics Stwalley, W. National Science Foundation $450,000 5/05-5/08
Ultracold Rydberg Atoms and Molecules
Psychology Chrobak, J. Pfizer Inc./Yale University $16,452 9/04-8/05
Neurophysiology of Receptor Actions in Prefrontal Cortex
Psychology Cornman, D. Health Resources & Services Administration/New York State Dept. of Health $192,460 3/05-3/06
Translation of Options/Opciones Intervention into Standard Care
Psychology Cornman, D. National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health/MedCases Inc. $225,000 9/04-9/06
Internet Program to Train Clinicians in HIV Prevention Counseling, Phase II
Psychology Kalichman, S. National Institutes of Health/National Institute of Mental Health $2,782,868 4/05-3/10
HIV Treatment Adherence – Risk Reduction Integrated Intervention
Psychology Quinn, D. National Science Foundation $29,998 6/05-5/06
Self-Objectification, Objective Self-Awareness and Performance
Public Policy Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $62,500 1/05-6/05
Child Care Provider Market Rate Survey
School of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Sciences Manautou, J. Pfizer Inc. $22,200 3/05-2/06
Expression of Murine and Human Hepatic Transport Proteins During Drug-Induced Liver Injury
Pharmaceutical Sciences Morris, J. American Chemistry Council $35,000 4/05-3/08
Donation From American Chemistry Council
School of Social Work
Social Work Instruction & Research Havens, C. Dept. of Education/Hartford Public Schools $30,000 7/04-6/05
Safe Schools/Healthy Students
Office of Graduate Research & Education
Environmental Research Institute Wood, T. Dept. of Defense/Army $389,371 4/05-3/08
Plant Biofilm Inhibitors to Discover Biofilm Genes
National Undersea Research Center Babb, I. Dept. of Commerce/National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration/ $1,209,926 1/05-12/05
National Undersea Research Center for the North Atlantic & Great Lakes
Roper Center Weakliem, D. Library of Congress/University of Michigan $340,537 9/04-8/07
The Digital Social Science Acquisitions and Preservation Consortium
William Benton Museum of Art Bruhn, T. Conn. Commission on Culture & Tourism/Conn. Commission on the Arts $3,240 7/04-6/05
Organization Support/Project Support Grant Program


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