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January 31, 2005


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in October. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied to the Advance by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available. Additional grants received in October will be published in the next issue.
Department Prin. Investigator Sponsor Amount Period
College of Agriculture & Natural Resources
Cooperative Extension Centers Bender, N. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Conn. Dept. of Agriculture $125,000 10/04-9/05
Crop Insurance Education and Information for Connecticut Agriculture
Cooperative Extension Centers Jeffrey, R. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/University of Rhode Island $428,074 9/04-9/08
New England Regional Water Quality Project
Cooperative Extension Centers Mangle, H. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $44,300 7/04-6/05
All Children Considered Publication
Natural Resources Management & Engineering Clausen, J. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $100,000 7/04-12/06
Jordan Cove Urban Watershed
Pathobiology De Guise, S. Dept. of Commerce/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration $741,702 9/04-8/07
The Impact of Different Classes of PCB’s on Marine Mammal and Human Health: A New Assessment of Immunotoxicity
Pathobiology Garmendia, A. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Agricultural Research Service $90,000 9/04-9/07
Examination of the Immune Response and Pathogenesis In Swine to Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus, Vesicular Stomatitis Virus, and Porcine Reproductive Respiratory Syndrome Virus as a Means of Developing Improved Control Strategies
Plant Science Berkowitz, G. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Cooperative State Research, Education, & Extension Service/E.O. Smith High School $12,000 10/04-6/06
A Learning Module and Lab Manual to Teach Students How Protein Structure is Related to Function at the Molecular, Cell, and Whole Plant Level
Plant Science Legrand, A. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Natural Resources Conservation $48,660 5/04-9/04
IPM Technical Assistance for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program
Plant Science Morris,T. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/University of Vermont $348,777 10/04-9/06
Regional Coordinator of Northeast U.S. Department of Agriculture Sustainable Resource Education Program
School of Business
Conn. Small Business Development Center Gruell, D. Small Business Administration $88,618 10/03-9/04
Connecticut Small Business Development Center
Neag School of Education
Curriculum & Instruction Hartman, D. International Reading Association $32,125 8/04-12/04
History of the International Reading Association
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. Sterling Memorial School (Sterling, Conn.) $12,337 9/04-6/05
Psychological Services to the Schools, Sterling Memorial School, Oneco (A. Glazer)
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. Sterling Memorial School (Sterling, Conn.) $11,722 9/04-6/05
Psychological Services to the Schools, Sterling Memorial School, Oneco (K. Hanley)
Educational Psychology Siegle, D. Conn. Dept. of Education/EastConn $90,000 8/04-8/06
External Evaluation of Project Opening Doors
School of Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering Aultman-Hall, L. U.S. Dept. of Transportation/New England Univ. Transportation Center $39,000 9/04-8/05
Development of an Optimal Nationwide Freight Planning Zone System
Civil & Environmental Engineering Ivan, J. U.S. Dept. of Transportation/Texas Transportation Institute $95,000 7/04-6/06
Methodology to Predict the Safety Performance of Rural Multi-Lane Highways
Civil & Environmental Engineering Ivan, J. U.S. Dept. of Transportation/New England University $39,000 9/04-8/05
Investigation of a New Approach for Representing Traffic Volumes in Highway Crash Analysis and Forecasting
Civil & Environmental Engineering Liu, L. Conn. Dept. of Transportation/J. Iapaluccio Inc. $5,920 1/04-12/05
Detection of Possible Old Buried Graves in the Pickett District Cemetery with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in New Milford
Civil & Environmental Engineering Or, D. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service/Universityi of Idaho $143,285 8/04-7/07
Shrink-Swell Behavior and Hydraulic Properties of Clay Soils
Chemical Engineering Mather, P. Boston Scientific Corp. $5,000 9/04-1/05
Material and Process Development of Shape Memory Polymers for Medical Devices
Chemical Engineering Wood, T. Foster-Miller Inc. $36,400 9/04-1/05
Biofilm Applique for Aluminum
Computer Science & Engineering Gokhale, S. National Science Foundation/Directorate for $32,000 10/04-9/05
QOS Assurance of Next Generation Network Applications Computer and Information Sciences
Computer Science & Engineering Santos, E. Dept. of Defense/Navy/Qualtech Systems Inc. $15,000 6/04-5/05
Self-Evolving Maintenance Knowledge Bases
Computer Science & Engineering Shin, D. University of Conn. Health Center/PHS $285,000 9/02-7/05
The Osteoprogenitor Lineage Study
Conn. Transportation Institute Shea, D. U.S. Dept. of Transportation/Massachusetts Institute of Technology $9,145 9/04-8/05
Development of Curriculum for Interactive Safety Town Program for Children
Conn. Global Fuel Cell Center England, R. Anton/Bauer Inc. $20,488 9/04-11/04
Technological Readiness Assessment for Direct Methanol Systems
Electrical & Computer Engineering Anwar, A. Raytheon Co. $40,000 11/04-8/05
Physical Model for Short Gate Gan HFET Devices
Electrical & Computer Engineering Enderle, J. University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center $1,156 9/04-8/05
Clinical Engineering Internship Program at the UMass Medical Center
Mechanical Engineering Huang, X. U.S. Dept. of Energy $299,716 9/04-3/06
Low-Cost Integrated Composite Seals for SOFC: Materials and Design Methodologies
Mechanical Engineering Olgac, N. U.S. Dept. of Energy $125,789 9/04-9/06
A New Paradigm for Intelligently Managing the Time Delay
Mechanical Engineering Reifsnider, K. United Technologies Fuel Cell Center $135,640 9/04-12/06
Mechanical Modeling of PEM Stack in Support of Failure Analysis
Mechanical Engineering Sammes, N. CeraMem Corp. $16,000 9/04-12/04
Application of Mixed Conducting Ceramic Membranes for Hydrogen Separation

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