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  April 19, 2004

Activities and Achievements

We invite faculty, including emeriti, staff, and graduate students from all campuses of the University to submit entries for Activities & Achievements. Send to

Note: We have been experiencing some problems with the Advance e-mail recently, which have now been resolved. If you have submitted information for the Activities & Achievements section this semester that has not yet been published, please re-send it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

James Chesebrough, Music, doctoral candidate, "Harmonic Content in the Marches of John Philip Sousa," Journal of Band Research, 39.2 (Spring 2004).

Awards & Honors
Mark Brand, Plant Science, and Jonathan Lehrer, Plant Science, graduate student, received an award from the American Society for Horticultural Science for the most outstanding paper in Extension published in the previous year's issues of the society's journals, HortScience or HortTech, for their article, "An Interactive Online Database for the Selection of Woody Ornamental Plants," in HortTech 13.3 (2003), pp. 562-8.

Alain Frogley, Music, has won the 2003 Westrup Prize awarded by the journal Music and Letters (Oxford University Press) for the most distinguished contribution to the journal in the preceding year, for his review-article "Re-writing the Renaissance: History, Imperialism, and British Music since 1840," Music and Letters, 84.2 (May 2003), pp. 241-57.

Amy Howell, Chemistry, received the New England Board of Higher Education's Outstanding Mentor of the Year Award for her work with doctoral students. She was honored by representatives of the board during a ceremony at the Dodd Center on March 30.

Teresa Boyd Cowles, Educational Psychology, presented "Investigating A Multicultural Education and Cultural Competency Assessment Instrument (MECCA)" at a conference on the Relevance of Assessment and Culture in Evaluation at Arizona State University on Feb. 14. She also presented "The Road to MECCA: A Preliminary Investigation of the Multicultural Education and Cultural Competency Assessment Instrument" at the 21st Annual Roundtable on Cultural Psychology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, New York, on Feb. 21.

Jeremy Pressman, Political Science, presented "Fight the Power: Forms of Resistance to American Hegemony" at the International Studies Association conference in Montreal on March 17-20.

Lyle Scruggs, Political Science, and James Allan, presented "Welfare Decommodification and Inequality in Western Europe" at the Council of European Studies Conference of Europeanists, held in Chicago March 11-14.

Other Activities
David A. Kenny and Reuben Baron, Psychology, have been noted in an article in the March issue of the APS Observer listing them both as "Highly Cited" psychologists posted on the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) database on the Internet: The ISI database lists 242 psychology and psychiatry researchers as the top 1.5 percent. ISI referred to the list as a "gateway to the most highly influential scientists and scholars worldwide."

The Hartford Courant selected Michael Morrell, Political Science, as one of the best letter-to-the-editor writers of 2003 for his letter, "Founding Fathers A Diverse Group." The letter was one of 66 chosen among the thousands of letters the Courant received last year. He was honored at a reception hosted by the Courant's publisher and editors on March 23.

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