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Stories for November 19, 2001

Metanoia - 2001 - A Period of Reflection on September 11:
Panelist Likens Current Climate to Cold War Era

Bioterrorism Threat Real, But Not Cause for Panic

Fate of Civil Liberties Discussed

Events of September 11 Launched New Era for Media, Say Panelists

Also: Speaker: Terrorist Acts Inconsistent with Islam (December 3 Issue)
Making a Difference in the Life of the Nation

AIDS Epidemic a Human Rights Crisis

Postpartum Depression Scale Adopted

New Treatment Offered for Seizures

Engineer's Research Helping to Change How Military Operates

Health Center Study Identifies Gender Differences Among Problem Gamblers

Fluctuating Chlorine Leads to Problem; Water Quality Safe

Genetically Engineered Plant Could Help Third World Farmers

Biologist's Bird Behavior Book Wings its Way up Best-Seller List