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- June 8, 2009


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in April 2009. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied to the Advance each month by OSP.

Previous grant listings can be found on the Grants archive page.

Principal Investigator Department Sponsor Total Period
Ayers, J. Electrical & Computer Engineering Conn. Cntr. for Advanced Technology Inc./Biorasis Inc. $2,500 12/08-5/09
Methodology to Fabricate Long-Life Wireless Needle-Implantable Glucose Sensors: Prototyping Using Advanced Processing and Packaging Technology
Bahr, B. Pharmaceutical Sciences Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Nat'l. Inst. on Aging/Synaptic Dynamics Inc. $80,848 4/09-4/10
Development of Lysosomal Modulatory Drugs to Treat Alzheimer's Disease
Barnes-Farrell, J. Psychology Cntrs. for Disease Control & Prevention/Nat'l. Inst. for Occupationa $1,109 1/09-5/09
Characteristics of Effective Job Health and Safety Committees
Bohannon, R. Physical Therapy Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Nat'l. Inst. on Aging/NorthShore University H $67,944 2/09-12/09
NIH Toolbox Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function
Casa, D. Kinesiology Windham Public Schools, Windham, Conn. $26,517 8/08-6/09
Athletic Training Services: A Partnership with Windham Public Schools
Christenson, R. Civil & Environmental Engineering Nat’l. Science Foundation/Engineering $115,509 5/09-4/12
Research Experience for Undergraduates Site: Collaborative Research: International REU Program in Smart Structures
Dupraz, C. Marine Sciences American Chemical Society/Petroleum Research Fund $100,000 5/09-8/11
Microbial Processes During Early Diagenesis of Carbonate Reservoirs: A Laboratory Approach
Faggella-Luby, M. Educational Psychology US Dept. of Edu./Office of Special Edu. & Rehabilitative Svs./Conn $80,406 3/09-2/11
Post-School Outcomes Survey of Connecticut Special Education Students
Fein, D. Psychology Nat'l. Insts. of Health/Nat'l. Inst. of Child Health & Human Develop $5,410,599 1/09-3/14
Early Detection of Pervasive Developmental Disorders
Frisman, L. School of Social Work Instr. & Research Conn. Dept. of Mental Health & Addiction Svs. $195,578 3/09-2/12
Nursing Home Transition Study
Karan, O. Educational Psychology New London Public Schools, New London, Conn. $21,577 8/08-6/09
Counseling Psychology Internship – Kendria Vereen
Kharchenko, V. Physics Nat'l. Aeronautics & Space Administration $201,349 3/09-3/11
Energetic Atoms in the Martian Atmosphere, Past and Present
Li, B. Civil & Environmental Engineering Environmental Protection Agency/Fuss & O'Neill Inc. $45,000 2/09-1/10
Electricity Generation From Anaerobic Wastewater Treatment in Microbial Fuel Cells 
Loturco, J. Physiology & Neurobiology Nat'l. Insts. of Health $432,745 4/09-3/12
The Role of DISCI in Synapse Formation and Function in the Developing Pre-Frontal Cortex
Lynch, M. Philosophy Nat'l. Endowment for the Humanities $46,200 6/09-4/10
Functionalist Theory of Truth
Mazerolle, S. Kinesiology Eastern Athletic Trainers' Association $4,000 2/09-1/10
Promotion of Work and Life Balance Among Division I Athletic Trainers
Papadimitrakopoulos, F. Chemistry Dept. of Defense/Air Force Office of Scientific Research $540,000 5/09-4/12
Flavin-Assisted Single-Walled Nano Tubes Separation and Functionalization
Pattipati, K. Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. of Defense/Navy/Office of Naval Research/Aptima Inc. $80,000 3/09-12/09
Decision Support Systems for Quantifying the Impact of Oceanographic Environment on Maritime Operations
Robbins, G. Natural Resources & the Environment General Motors Corp./ENVIRON International Corp. $50,000 1/09-12/09
Evaluating the Use of Oxygen Release Compound for Remediating Excess Dissolved Manganese in Ground Water
Rossetti, G. Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engr. Dept. of Defense/Army Research Laboratory $46,542 4/09-12/09
Short Term Innovative Research: Nanoscale Domain Structure Control in Funtional Oxides
Stein, A. Mathematics Dept. of Commerce/Nat'l. Inst. of Standards & Technology $7,715 5/09-9/09
National Institute of Standards & Technology Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program
Tang, J. Mechanical Engineering Nat’l. Science Foundation/Engineering $143,333 6/09-5/12
Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry/Collaborative Research: Understanding and Controlling Variation Propagation in Periodic Structures: From Geometry to Dynamic Response
Valiquette, E. Extension Danbury Public Schools, Danbury, Conn. $1,720 3/09-6/09
Danbury 4-H Afterschool
Wagner, D. Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Northeast Utilities $83,804 4/09-3/10
Interstate Reliability Project Invertebrate Survey
Weiss, R. Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engr. Nat’l. Science Foundation/Mathematical & Physical Sciences $375,000 6/09-5/12
Shape Memory Elastomers Derived From Ionomer/Fatty Acid Blends
Zhou, S. Electrical & Computer Engineering Dept. of Defense/Navy/Office of Naval Research $999,998 4/09-3/14
Advancing Underwater Acoustic Communication for Autonomous Distributed Networks via Sparse Channel Sensing, Coding and Navigation Support








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