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Faculty large Grants

- April 30, 2007

The Research Foundation recently announced its spring 2007 “Large Faculty Grant” awards.

The goal of these awards is to help faculty move into a better position to apply for and receive extramural funding for their research and scholarly activities.

For the Large Faculty Grant competition, the Research Advisory Council received 60 proposals totaling $1.2 million and made 39 awards totaling more than $564,000.

The proposals were peer reviewed by members of a standing review panel.

Award recipients are:

Michael Bradford, Dramatic Arts, A Creation of the Movement and Musical Landscape for a Play Based on the African-American Great Migration from Mississippi to Chicago, $4,882

Laura Burton, Kinesiology, Coaching High School Athletes in Connecticut: Evaluation of a Psychosocial Coach Training Program, $22,000

Claudia Carello, Psychology, Fluency of Reading, Speech, and Movement, $19,503

Bodhisattwa Chaudhuri, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Experiments and Simulations to Characterize Tablet Coating Processes, $15,724

Vernon Cormier, Physics, Bridge Funding for a Study of the Solidification Texture of the Inner Core of the Earth, $10,724

Kenneth Alan Couch, Economics, Labor Market Impacts of Job Displacement, $22,152

Michael Faggella-Luby, Educational Psychology, Strategic Teaching of At-Risk Students (STARS): Improving Reading Comprehension Through Story Structure Pedagogy, $25,000

Robert Fisher, Social Work, Community Organizing and ACORN: Researching Two Book Projects, $11,285

Roslyn Holly Fitch, Psychology, Interrelation between Sensory and Cognitive Processes across the Lifespan in Intact and Neonatally Brain-Injured Rodents, $20,000

Harry Frank, Chemistry, Dynamics of Nonradiative Energy Dissipation in Photosynthesis, $10,000

Jon Gajewski, Linguistics, Negative Polarity and Varieties of Entailment (Junior Faculty Summer Fellowship), $2,500

Jose Gascon, Chemistry, Quantum Mechanical Refinement of Structure and Electrostatic Properties of Proteins, $19,004

Mekonnen Gebremichael, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Assessing The Potential and Utility of Satellite Rainfall Estimates in Hydrologic Modeling, $28,290

James Green, Psychology, New Measures of The Emotions Expressed During Children’s Temper Tantrums, $5,903

Rainer Hebert, Chemical Materials & Biomolecular Engineering, Synthesis and Microstructure Control of Cu-Based Metallic Glasses, $26,116

Brendan Kane, History, Knowledge, Power, and Cultural Contact In “Colonial” Britain, 1500-1700, $4,882

Debra Kendall, Molecular & Cell Biology, Cannabinoid Receptor Activation, $23,000

Timothy Kenny, Journalism, Media and Journalism in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan: The Systems, Their Effects and the Influences Shaping Media, $4,200

David Knecht, Molecular & Cell Biology, The Mechanism of Silicosis: How does Silica Induce Apoptosis in Macrophages? $23,000

Yulia Kuzovkina-Eischen, Plant Science, Responses of Salix L. (Willow) Species to Drought Stress and their Potential for Environmental Applications, $20,000

Charles Lansing, History, The Role of the West German State in the Transformation of German Attitudes towards the Holocaust: the History of the Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes, $4,882

Juliet Lee, Molecular & Cell Biology, Application for Bridge Funding to Study Mechano-sensing in Moving Cells, $23,000

Cyr Emile M’lan, Statistics, Estimating Global and Gene-Specific Parameters in an Unbalanced Multifactorial ANOVA model of Microarray Data, $6,000

Deborah Muirhead, Art & Art History, Sabbatical Investigation. Painting, Printmaking and Digital Photography: Process as Exploration, $4,882

Kenneth Noll, Molecular & Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering of E. coli cells for Improved Electrical Output, $2,325

Michael O’Neill, Molecular & Cell Biology, Animal Models in the Study of X-linked Imprinted Genes Important in Brain Development, $8,820

Rachel O’Neill, Molecular & Cell Biology, Retroelement RNAs and Centromere Function: Bridging Support, $7,342

Catherine Proenza, Physiology & Neurobiology, Function of HCN Pacemaker Channels in Sinoatrial Myocytes, $22,749

James Renfro, Physiology & Neurobiology, Mechanism of Renal Uric Acid Secretion, $23,400

Eric Rice, Music, A Recording of Reconstructed Vespers and Compline Services for the Feast of Saint Charlemagne, as they might have been heard at the Collegiate Church of Saint Mary in Aachen on Saturday, January 27, 1582, $4,882

Victoria Robinson, Molecular & Cell Biology, Structural Studies of an Unusual Two-Component Signal Transduction System, $13,000

Brandi Simonsen, Educational Psychology, Applying and Evaluating a Documented Secondary Intervention for Students Exhibiting Frequent Problem Behavior in an Urban Middle School, $24,624

William Stwalley, Physics, State-Selective Formation and Reaction of Ultracold Alkali Dimer Ions, $13,984

Jennifer Tufts, Communication Sciences, Improved Population Parameters for Hearing Loss Prediction, $12,155

Fiona Vernal-Wright, History, Inventing: “A Select Class of Natives:” Competing Visions of African Socio-Economic and Religious Improvement in the Farmerfield Mission Community, 1838-1962, Eastern Cape, South Africa, $4,882

Alexander Vias, Geography, The Connecticut Geocoding Health Disparities Project, $19,751

Olga Vinogradova, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Pilot Project for NMR Structural Characterization of Peptide-Base Calpain Inhibitors for Future Chemical Optimization, $23,000

Guiling Wang, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Exploring the Impact of Vegetation Feedback on Climate Predictions Using a Regional Climate Model, $13,436

Steven Zinn, Animal Science, Using the Somatotropic Axis as a Model to Predict Nutritional Status in Free-Ranging Steller Sea Lions, $13,000

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