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Stamford campus to house county sports hall of fame

- November 7, 2005

UConn’s Stamford Campus will house the newly created Fairfield County Sports Hall of Fame.

The Sports Hall of Fame will feature such luminaries as golfer Julius Boros, women’s soccer star Kristine Lilly, football legends Calvin Murphy and Steve Young, and other local athletes who attained prominence in their careers.

Michael Ego, associate vice provost and director of the Stamford Campus, says, “The opportunity to promote college readiness among youth sports participants in Fairfield County meets the mission of UConn-Stamford.”

UConn officials signed a multi-year agreement with the Coastal Fairfield County Sports Commission, giving the Hall of Fame a foundation to build on and a prime location to showcase Fairfield County sports.

“We could not have found a better match,” says Tom Chiappetta, president of the Sports Commission.

Athletes inducted into the Hall of Fame include:

Jackie Robinson Professional Wing: Julius Boros, Kristine Lilly, Calvin Murphy, Steve Young;

James O’Rourke Amateur Wing: Dorothy Hamill, Bruce Jenner, Bill Toomey;

J. Walter Kennedy Community Service Wing: Dave Bike and Jerry McDougall.

It has not yet been announced when the Sports Hall of Fame will officially open to the public.

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