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May 2, 2005


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP) in February. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list is supplied by the OSP. Additional grants received in February were published in the April 25 issue.
Award Period
School of Engineering cont.
Electrical & Computer Engineering Luh, P. Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers $58,610 1/05-12/05
Editor-in-Chief Support, IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering Zhu, Q. Dept. of Defense/Army/Medical Research & Materiel Command $90,000 2/05-3/08
Problems and Solutions of Optical Tomography with A Priori Ultrasound Anatomic Information
Institute of Materials Science Pease, D. Dept. of Energy $387,471 12/04-11/07
Study of Phase Separation as Related to the Metal-Insulator Transition in Chromium Doped V203
Materials Science & Engineering Shaw, L. Dept. of Energy $1,588,000 12/04-12/08
Effects and Mechanisms of Mechanical Activation on Hydrogen Sorption/Desorption of Nanoscale Lithium Nitrides
Mechanical Engineering Sammes, N. Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology $40,000 2/05-1/06
Low Cost Materials, Designs, and Manufacturing Processes for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC) for a 100 W Stack
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthropology Handwerker, W. National Science Foundation $11,950 2/05-1/06
Doctoral Dissertation Research: A Study of Family Violence and STDs/HIV: Anglo, African, and Latina Women in Connecticut (Fuentes, C.)
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. American Council of Trustees and Alumni $25,000 1/04-3/05
College Student Survey
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. Online Publishers Association $10,000 8/04-6/05
Online Publishers Association 2
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. Quinnipiac River Watershed Partnership $5,000 8/04-6/05
QRWP Freedom Lawn Survey
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Transportation $20,650 11/04-3/05
Bradley Airport Economic Impact
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $62,500 1/05-6/05
Child Care Provider Market Rate Study
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. Town of Farmington, Conn. $24,000 12/04-2/05
Farmington Resident Survey and Opinion Poll
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Carstensen, F. Conn. Office of the State Comptroller $42,000 1/05-2/05
Issues Related to the Spending Cap
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Pettinico, G. Families of Sept. 11 $3,900 1/05-2/05
Goals and Priorities of 9/11 Families Org.
Chemistry Dimock, A. Camille and Henry $19,400 3/05-2/07
Summer Chemistry Blast
Chemistry Suib, S. Toyota Technical Center USA Inc. $135,488 1/05-1/06
Use of AC Plasma and Microwave Energy to Increase Exhaust Catalyst Performance
Ecology & Evolutionary Biology Schultz, E. Dept. of Interior/Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $230,233 1/05-12/07
Predator-Prey Interactions of Striped Bass and River Herring in the Connecticut River
Economics Carstensen, F. RBS Greenwich Capital $16,375 1/05-6/05
Economic Impact of the Castle Rock Initiative on the City of Stamford
Economics Carstensen, F. Conn. Humanities Council $5,000 12/04-5/05
An Economic Impact Analysis of the Thames River Heritage Initiative, 2004
Marine Sciences Lin, S. National Science Foundation $279,406 3/05-2/08
Collaborative Research: Development of Phytoplankton PCNA Antibodies for Use in Growth Studies: Emiliania huxleyi and Karlodinium micrum as Model Systems
Marine Sciences O’Donnell, J. Ocean Surveys Inc. $54,000 1/05-2/05
Charter of the R/V Connecticut by Ocean Surveys Inc.
Molecular & Cell Biology Lynes, M. NIH Institute of Environmental Health/Ciencia Inc. $25,000 1/05-3/05
Portable System for Rapid Detection of Toxins Phase I
Physiology & Neurobiology De Blas, A. NIH Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke $1,365,781 2/05-1/09
Localization of GABAA Receptors and Subunit Composition
Physiology & Neurobiology Nishiyama, A. NIH Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke $1,315,720 4/05-3/09
Mechanisms of Axon-NG2 Cell Interaction
Psychology Barnes-Farrell, J. Public Health Service $2,500 7/04-6/05
/Centers for Disease Control & Prevention/Portland State Univ.
Society for Occupational Health Psychology Website Development
Sea Grant College Program Getchis, T. Dept. of Agriculture/Cooperative State Research, Education, & Extension Svc./Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center $1,998 8/04-7/05
Northeastern Regional Aquaculture Center: Business Feasibility Study for Shellfish Aquaculture
School of Pharmacy
Pharmaceutical Sciences Kalonia, D. Genentech Inc. $14,200 10/04-10/05
Analysis of Antibody Samples
Pharmaceutical Sciences Pikal, M. Physical Sciences Inc. $20,000 11/04-12/04
Evaluation of Mass Flux Sensor for Freeze Drying Applications
School of Social Work
Social Work Instruction Lyon, E. Dept. of Education/& ResearchHartford Public Schools $197,328 8/04-7/06
Safe Schools and Healthy Students Initiative

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