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November 29, 2004


The following grants were received through the UConn Health Center’s Office of Grants and Contracts in September. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center’s Office of Grants and Contracts and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available. Additional grants received in September were published in the Nov. 15 issue.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Clinical Research Center Bonkovsky, H. T.R.U.E. Foundation $2,000 01/03-01/06
Combination of Ribavirin w/ Interferon Alfacon/or w/Pegylated Interferon Alfa ZB -- Subjects Hepatitis C
Cell Biology Caron, J. Lea’s Foundation forLeukemia Research Inc. $25,000 07/99-07/05
Discovery of a New Form of Tubulin Protein
Medical Dean’s Office Deckers, P. Lea’s Foundation forLeukemia Research Inc. $40,000 01/04-12/04
Lea’s Foundation – QPCR Instrument
Neurology Felice, K. Johns Hopkins University $4,689 05/03-06/04
Residual Clinical Trials – K. Felice
Family Medicine Fifield, J. Hill Health Corp. $279 07/03-06/05
Evaluation of Hill Health Center OAPP Grant
Center on Aging Fortinsky, R. Yale University $60,879 07/04-06/05
Connecticut Collaborative Fall Prevention Project
Center for Vascular Biology Hla, T. Vanderbilt University $111,650 06/04-04/05
Mechanisms for Chemoprevention of Cancer
Molecular, Microbial, & Structural Biology Hoch, J. Univ. of Wisconsin $71,000 08/04-07/05
New Mathematical Methodology for NMR Spectroscopy
Genetics & Developmental Biology Kalajzic, I. R & C Patterson Trust $50,000 10/04-09/05
Calcifying Cells in the Atherosclerotic Lesions
Center on Agingfor Mental Hygiene Kerins, G. Research Foundation $3,070 08/01-07/05
Multicenter Vitamin E Trial in Aging Persons with Down Syndrome
Psychiatry Kranzler, H. Yale University $183,881 05/02-04/05
Linkage Disequilibrium Studies of Alcohol Dependence
Center on Aging Kuchel, G. University of Pittsburgh $30,649 07/03-03/04
Pathogenesis of Detrusor Overactivity
Surgery Kurtzman, S. University of Pittsburgh $4,195 02/97-01/05
NSABP Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Cell Biology Loew, L. University of Virginia $216,471 09/01-07/05
Cell Migration Consortium
Medicine Morse, T. University of Massachusetts $15,000 09/03-08/04
Worker Health and Training Cooperative Agreement
Genetics & Developmental Biology Rowe, D. Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation Inc. $60,000 10/03-09/05
Complementation of Anti RNA Vectors Foroi
Student Affairs Sanford, K. Howard Hughes Medical Institute $39,000 07/04-06/05
Analysis of AQP-2 Vesicular Proteins in Rat Kidney
Center for Immunotherapyof Cancer & Infectious Diseases Srivastava, P. Lea’s Foundation for Leukemia Research Inc. $15,000 09/99-12/04
Treatment of Indolent B-Cell Lymphoma and CLL Patients (HSP70)
Oral Diagnosis Tanzer, J. University of Illinois $12,000 01/04-06/06
Implantation, Colonization, Cariogenicity of Rats by Lactobacilli
Community Medicine & Health Tennen, H. Arthritis Foundation $67,000 07/01-06/05
Major Depression as Risk Factor for RA Pain & Disability
Behavioral Science & Community Health Wagner, J. Yale University $6,793 01/04-12/04
Developing and Disseminating Multidisciplinary Interventions for Asymptomatic MyocardialIschemia in Patients with Diabetes
Community Medicine & Health Burleson, J. Conn. Dept. of MentalHealth & Addiction Services $3,423 04/04-12/04
Evaluation of Connecticut Underage Tobacco Purchase Field Study
Medicine Dieckhaus, K. UConn-Storrs $20,922 09/03-06/05
Changing Art Adherence Behavior
Surgery Kurtzman, S. UConn-Storrs $59,762 09/02-08/05
Near Infrared Diffused Light Imaging with Ultrasound Guidance
Community Medicine & Health Ungemack, J. Dept. of Children& Families $130,196 04/03-03/05
DCF Proposal: The Hartford Youth Project
Community Medicine & Health Ungemack, J. Conn. Dept. of MentalHealth & Addiction Services $104,928 09/03-09/04
SIG Enhancement Initiative
Community Medicine & Health Ungemack, J. Conn. Dept. of MentalHealth & Addiction Services $36,473 09/03-09/04
Connecticut Violence Prevention Initiative



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