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  October 4, 2004

Yellow Barn To Be Restored

The yellow barn, a landmark on Route 195 for more than 90 years, is being preserved and renovated.

Image: A cow graves near the north end of the Yellow Barn.

A cow grazes in a field north of the Yellow Barn along Route 195 on the Storrs campus.
Photo by Peter Morenus

Built just before World War I, the barn is located across from the Towers residence halls and is a familiar landmark. The central portion of the barn — the oldest portion — is being preserved and stabilized, says Dale Dreyfuss, vice president, administration and operation services. It will soon have structural improvements, a new roof, and a new coat of paint.

The wings on the side of the barn, which were probably added in the 1930's and may have been used as milking sheds, are being removed because they are structurally unstable and not historically significant.

Before the decision was made to renovate the barn, officials received the consent of the state Historical Commission, representative s of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, the Deans' Council and some faculty, and members of the community-based Friends of the Yellow Barn.

"The barn has a rich history," says Cameron Faustman, professor and head of animal science. "For alumni of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and for other alumni it is a major landmark at the entrance to campus."

Faustman says the barn was used to house cattle until the Kellogg Dairy Center was completed in 1991. Since then, it has been used to store hay and farm implements.

The central portion of the barn will be used, as it is currently, to house feed, agricultural equipment, and farm implements.

"We hope to finish the work before the snow flies," says Dreyfuss. "Bids have been solicited and work will begin as soon as we select a contractor and agree on a price."