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  September 20, 2004


The following grants were received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in May. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Principal Investigator
Primary Source
Award Total
Research — Federal
Pharmacology Amerik, A. National Cancer Institute $19,058 6/03-5/04
The Role of D0A4 in Membrane Protein Trafficking
Cell Biology Berlin, R. National Center for Research Resources $2,483,142 4/04-3/05
General Clinical Research Center
Genetics & Developmental Biology Fridell, Y.-W. National Institute on Aging $102,040 5/04-4/05
Putative Drosophila Uncoupling Proteins and Aging
Genetics & Developmental Biology Graveley, B. National Institute of General Medical Sciences $275,500 5/03-4/05
Alternative Splicing of the Drosophila DSCAM Pre-MRNA
Genetics & Developmental Biology Helfand, S. National Institute on Aging $45,972 4/04-3/05
Single Gene Mutations that Confer Longevity in Drosophila
Medicine Hurley, M. National Institute on Aging $217,500 4/04-3/05
Action of Anabolic Factors Formation in Mice
Molecular, Microbial, & Structural Biology King, G. NSF — Physiology, Cellular, & Molecular Biology $152,289 5/03-4/05
Insecticide Design: Insights from Venomous Spiders
Molecular, Microbial, & Structural Biology Klobutcher, L. NSF — Physiology, Cellular, & Molecular Biology $151,238 5/04-4/05
Genetic Dissection of Phagocytosis in Tetrahymena Thermophila
Pharmacology Levine, E. National Institute on Drug Abuse $217,500 8/03-4/05
Cannabinoid Modulation of Cortical Synaptic Transmission
Clinical Research Center Mansoor, G.

National Center for Research Resources

$127,658 5/00-4/05
Mentored Patient Oriented Research Career Development Award
Pathology Rajan, T.V. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases $362,500 6/01-4/05
Brugia Infections in Mice: Role of Eosinophils
Genetics & Developmental Biology Reenan, R. National Institute of General Medical Sciences $253,750 5/01-4/05
Genetic Dissection of Pre-MRNA Editing in Drosophila
Molecular Medicine Rosenberg, D. National Cancer Institute $261,000 5/04-4/05
Molecular Characterization of ACF
Surgery Sarfarazi, M. National Eye Institute $313,290 5/04-4/05
Functional Analysis of Optineurin in Glaucoma
Neuroscience Schiller, M. National Institute of Mental Health $138,248 7/02-4/05
Regulatory Mechanisms of Kalirin's GEF1 Domain
Psychiatry Sevarino, K. National Institute on Drug Abuse $193,852 4/02-3/04
The Role of Preprothyrotropin Releasing Hormone (PreproTRH) Peptides in Cocaine Action
Cell Biology Wolgemuth, C. National Institute of General Medical Sciences $268,454 5/04-4/05
An Elastic Model of Spirochete Morphology and Motility
Genetics & Developmental Biology Wu, D. National Institute of General Medical Sciences $290,000 5/01-4/05
Molecular Function of Chemoattractant-Mediated Signaling
Neuroscience Zecevic, N National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke $291,850 5/01-4/05
CAJAL-Retzius Cells in Developing Cerebral Cortex
Research — Private
Surgery Das, D. Interhealth $33,000 5/04-4/05
Resveratrol as Pharmacological Preconditioning Agent
Genetics & Developmental Biology Greenstein, R. Conn. Children's Medical Center $14,931 7/03-12/03
Children with Special Health Care Needs —Title V Program
Psychiatry Jacob, M. University of Nebraska-Lincoln $11,756 3/04-12/04
Infertility: Pathways and Psychosocial Outcomes
Psychiatry Kranzler, H. Yale University $198,137 8/00-7/04
Genetics of Opioid Dependence
Surgery Kurtzman, S. University of Pittsburgh $2,500 6/95-5/04
NSABP Breast Cancer Prevention Trial
Surgery Kurtzman, S. University of Pittsburgh $100 2/97-1/05
NSABP Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Medicine Moyo, V. Tufts University $300 7/94-12/04
ECOG Cooperative Outreach Program
Psychiatry Tanev, K. Prohealth $7,312 10/03-6/04
Primary Care Physicians
Oral Diagnosis Tanzer, J. SUNY-Buffalo $97,150 4/04-12/04
Amylase Binding Streptococci Dental Plaque and Caries
Genetics & Development Biology Tsipouras, P. Children's Hospital Medical Center $170,253 4/03-3/05
Use of Hammerhead Ribozymes in Animal Models of O.I.
Neurology Wolfson, L. Brookside R & D $43,382 7/02-3/05
Behavioral Intervention to Prevent Falls in Older Adults
Research — State
Pharmacology Aeschlimann, J. UConn-Storrs $8,994 1/04-9/04
Effects of Vancomycin CDP-1 on Vancomycin Resistance
Psychiatry Ford, J. Conn. Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Services $75,000 12/03-8/04
Plan for Behavioral Health Crisis Response Teams
Office of Health Opportunity Plessy, B. Board of Higher Education $97,752 7/04-6/05
Connecticut Collegiate Awareness and Preparation (CONNCAP)
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