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  April 12, 2004

Activities and Achievements

We invite faculty, including emeriti, staff, and graduate students from all campuses of the University to submit entries for Activities & Achievements. Send to

Note: We have been experiencing some problems with the Advance e-mail recently, which have now been resolved. If you have submitted information for the Activities & Achievements section this semester that has not yet been published, please re-send it. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Lawrence Goodheart, History and Hartford Campus, "Rethinking Mental Retardation: Education and Eugenics in Connecticut, 1818-1917," Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences, 59 (2004), pp. 90-111.

Clinton Sanders, Sociology, Neal Shover and Glenn Coffey, "Dialing for Dollars: Opportunities, Justifications, and Telemarketing Fraud," Qualitative Sociology, 27.1 (2004), pp. 59-75.

Gregor Yanega, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, graduate student, and Margaret Rubega, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, "Hummingbird Jaw Bends to Aid Insect Capture," Nature, April 8.

Awards & Honors
Jean Givens, Art & Art History, has been awarded an American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship for a study of medieval and early modern medical illustration titled, Picturing the Healing Arts: Word, Image, and the Illustrated Tractatus de herbis, 1280-1526. She also received a Franklin Award from the American Philosophical Society for the same project.

Lori LaPlante, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, graduate student, has been awarded an East Asia Pacific Summer Institute Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. This is her third consecutive year of being offered this support (she declined last year's offer to go to Taiwan). This year she plans to go to Australia, to work at the Lizard Island Research Station on the Great Barrier Reef. The research will be on nuptial signals in females, focusing on how the social environment influences expression of these signals. Her graduate advisor is Eric Schultz, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology.

Changdeng Liu, Chemical Engineering, doctoral student, is the inaugural winner of the Samuel J. Huang Graduate Student Research Award, an annual award that recognizes a graduate student for outstanding research in the field of polymer science and engineering. Liu, whose adviser is Patrick Mather, Chemical Engineering, was selected for his research on shape memory polymers. The award includes a plaque and $250. The award is named in honor of Professor Emeritus Samuel J. Huang, a founding member of the Polymer Program of the Institute of Materials Science. Andrey Dobrynin, Physics, received the inaugural Director's Award for Faculty Excellence. The award recognizes a polymer program faculty member who has demonstrated excellence and leadership in teaching, research, and service to the Polymer Program. The award includes a plaque and $1,000 to be used for university-approved expenditures. Both awards were presented on March 19.

Three Ecology & Evolutionary Biology graduate students and their faculty advisors have been awarded National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grants: Hilary McManus, a student with Louise Lewis; Patrick Herron, a student with Zoe Cardon; and Florian Reyda, a student with Janine Caira.

Swetha Sridharan, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering, Ph.D. student, won first prize in an International Graduate Student Paper Contest sponsored by Bodycote Corp. Following submission of an abstract and a written paper, four finalists were awarded an all-expenses-paid trip to Manchester, England, to participate in an oral presentation competition on March 15. Sridharan's paper, "The Potential of Photoluminescence Piezospectroscopy As a Non-Destructive Inspection Technique for Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition Thermal Barrier Coatings," was awarded the first prize of $3,000 by a panel of judges. Sridharan's graduate advisors are Maurice Gell, Metallurgy, emeritus, and Eric Jordan, Mechanical Engineering.

Thomas Suits, Modern & Classical Languages, emeritus, received the Barlow-Beach Distinguished Service Award of the Classical Association of New England at its annual meeting, on March 12 in North Andover, Mass.

Clare Eby, English, and Leonard Cassuto, eds., The Cambridge Companion to Theodore Dreiser, (Cambridge University Press), 2004. The collection includes Eby's essay on "Dreiser and Women," and an essay by Tom Riggio, English, on "Dreiser and the Uses of Biography."

John C. Greene, History, emeritus, American Science in the Age of Jefferson, reissued with a new preface by the author (Claremont, Calif.: Regina Books), 2004. The book was first published in 1984 by Iowa State University Press.

Lawrence Goodheart, History and Hartford Campus, gave a talk on "The Innovative Psychiatry of Amariah Brigham in Hartford," at the UConn Health Center on Feb. 11.

Carol Lewis, Political Science, gave a talk, "To Pursue the Public Interest," at the 2004 Ethics Forum in Portland, Ore., on March 27. She also chaired a panel on leadership and ethics at the same conference. The conference is the national annual meeting of the Ethics Section of the American Society for Public Administration.

Nancy Naples, Sociology and Women's Studies, presented "The Politics of Location in Transnational Women's Movements," the Earl and Edna Stice Feminist Scholar of Social Justice Lecture, at the University of Washington on March 4. She also presented "Dilemmas of Feminist Methodology," at a workshop at the University of Washington, Seattle, on March 5; and "Teaching Activism In and Through the Classroom," at a workshop at Northern Illinois State University, in DeKalb, Ill., on March 25.

Jeremy Pressman, Political Science, presented "Fight the Power: Forms of Resistance to American Hegemony" at the International Studies Association conference in Montreal on March 17-20.

Lyle Scruggs, Political Science, and James Allan, presented "Welfare Decommodification and Inequality in Western Europe" at the Council of European Studies Conference of Europeanists, held in Chicago March 11-14.

Other Activities
David A. Kenny and Reuben Baron, Psychology, have been noted in an article in the March issue of the APS Observer listing them both as "Highly Cited" psychologists posted on the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) database on the Internet: The ISI database lists 242 psychology and psychiatry researchers as the top 1.5 percent. ISI referred to the list as a "gateway to the most highly influential scientists and scholars worldwide."

The Hartford Courant selected Michael Morrell, Political Science, as one of the best letter-to-the-editor writers of 2003 for his letter, "Founding Fathers A Diverse Group." The letter was one of 66 chosen among the thousands of letters the Courant received last year. He was honored at a reception hosted by the Courant's publisher and editors on March 23.

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