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  April 12, 2004

Students In Avery Point Program
Living In Apartments Near Campus

Storrs students aren't the only ones enjoying apartment living these days. Students at the Avery Point campus are, too.

UConn officials have an arrangement with the owners of the La Triumphe apartment complex in Groton, 10 minutes from the campus, for students to rent a specified number of apartments.

"This year, we have 28 students living in 12 units. Next fall, we hope to have 60 students, and the year after that 100," says Ellen Anderson, director of recruitment and retention for the campus.

The housing is important, she says, because students from all over the country are coming to the Avery Point campus to enroll in three four-year programs: coastal studies, which is now five years old, and maritime studies and American studies, both approved this year.

"Students love the housing and most of the parents feel that it's great for them to live with other students," Anderson says. The students live in one- and two-bedroom apartments throughout the six-building La Triumphe complex, which features an exercise room, outdoor pool, and tennis courts. And like the University's apartment complexes in Storrs, each apartment features a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and laundry.

Students in the La Triumphe complex pay rates similar to residence hall rates in Storrs.

The students have agreed to abide by the rules of the complex, which include quiet time after 10 p.m. So far, Anderson says, the arrangement is working well.

"The students who want to live near the campus tend to be very serious," she says. "They live in the complex side by side with people from the community - people who work at Electric Boat, Lawrence and Memorial Hospital, or Pfizer."

Vice Provost Joseph Comprone believes the Avery Point housing initiative promotes responsible student behavior in alternative housing for university students.

This year, students living in the complex had to own a car or share rides with others, but in the fall Avery Point will begin running a shuttle back and forth to campus.

Anderson facilitates matches between students who will room together. Those who express interest in the housing are given a questionnaire about their habits. Each female student is provided with the questionnaires of the other women, and each male student receives the questionnaires of the other men. Students then call, e-mail, and meet with people on the list to choose their roommates.

"We are increasing the caliber of student who is coming to our campus and focusing on marine science and maritime studies," says Anderson. "So it is great that students can live together, study together, and have a conversation about their work over a meal."