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  January 26, 2004

Photo of juniors sledding in 1902.
Disputes over the direction of Connecticut Agricultural resulted in the short tenure of President George Flint, who, as president from 1899 to 1901, fought with faculty and trustees. Just after the so-called "War of the Rebellion" died down, however, this photograph in the 1902 annual report of the college caused a flap with legislators in Hartford. Why? The frivolity of students sledding instead of studying - and the fact that a woman (second from right) is on the sled with these members of the junior class, set off a storm of criticism.

The building behind the sledders is the Agricultural Experiment Station, built around 1890. It was located approximately where the CLAS Building (formerly the Waring Chemistry Buiding) is located today, near the intersection of Glenbrook Road and North Eagleville Road.

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