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  December 10, 2003


The following grants were received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in October. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Department Principal
Sponsor Award Award Period
Federal Research
Clinical Research Center Berlin, R. National Center for Research Resources $761,121 12/02-03/04
General Clinical Research Center: Administrative Account
Pediatrics Cloutier, M. Heart, Lung & Blood Institute $649,917 09/02-08/04
The Provider and Organization in Asthma Guidelines
Molecular Medicine Hansen, M. National Institute of Arthritis/Musculoskeletal/Skin Diseases $348,570 09/03-08/04
Role of EDR3 in Normal Development and Tumorigenesis
Medicine Liang, B. Heart, Lung & Blood Institute $326,250 09/02-08/04
Purinergic Signaling in Cultured Heart Cells
Psychiatry Petry, N. National Institute on Drug Abuse $81,561 09/00-08/04
Vouchers Versus Prizes: Contingency Management
Neuroscience Pfeiffer, S. National Institute of Neurological Disorders & Stroke $326,250 09/00-08/04
Proteomic Mapping of Myelin and its Membrane Subdomains
Center for Vascular Biology Shapiro, L. Heart, Lung & Blood Institute $313,900 09/01-07/04
CD154-CD13 Pathway in Inflammation-Driven Angiogenesis
Medicine Warren, N. National Center for Health Services Research $475,100 09/01-09/04
Organizations, Work Environment, and Quality of Care
Private Research
Surgery Albertsen, P. CTRC Research Foundation $200 09/01-05/13
The Selenium and Vitamin E Chemoprevention Trial (Select)
Clinical Research Center Bonkovsky, H. True FDN $2,000 01/03-01/06
Combination of Ribavirin Winterf eron Alfcon/or with Pegylated Interferon etc.
Child & Family Studies Program Bruder, M. University of Illinois $12,000 09/01-09/06
Center for the Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning
Cell Biology Lea's Caron, J. Foundation for Leukemia $25,000 07/99-06/04
Discovery of a New Form of Tubulin Protein
Family Medicine Fifield, J. Hill Health Corp. $10,992 07/03-06/04
Evaluation of Hill Health Center OAPP Grant
Genetics & Developmental Biology Fridell, Y.-W. American Federation for Aging Research Inc. $28,000 07/03-06/05
Mitochondrial Uncoupling and Aging
Medicine Hager, D. MDS Pharma Services Clinical Research Inc. $5,749 06/02-05/04
Randomized Evaluation of Intravenous Levosimendan Efficacy etc.
Genetics & Developmental Biology Helfand, S. Ellison Medical Foundation $217,501 10/01-09/04
Isolation of Single Gene Mutations in Drosophila Melanogaster
Genetics & Developmental Biology Kalajzic, I. Children's Brittle Bone Foundation $50,000 10/02-09/04
Performance of Osteoblast Lineage in the OIM Mouse
Center on Aging Kerins, G. Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene $3,133 08/01-07/05
Multicenter Vitamin E Trial in Aging Persons with Down Syndrome
Psychiatry Kranzler, H. Yale University $176,810 05/02-04/04
Linkage Disequilibrium Studies of Alcohol Dependence
Surgery Kurtzman, S. University of Pittsburgh $1,700 06/95-05/04
NSABP Breast Cancer Prevention Trial
Surgery Kurtzman, S. University of Pittsburgh $670 02/97-01/04
NSABP Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Surgery Kurtzman, S. University of Pittsburgh $5,200 02/97-01/04
NSABP Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Cell Biology Loew, L. SUNY-Syracuse $159,481 05/03-04/04
3-D Imaging of Electrical Activity
Medicine McSorley, S. Crohn's & Colitis Federation of America Inc. $230,000 10/03-09/05
In Vivo Tracking of Antigen Presentation and CD4 T-Cell Responses
Pediatrics Ratzan, S. Joslin Diabetes Center Inc. $1,150 05/95-12/03
Diabetes Prevention Trial-Type 1
Genetics & Developmental Biology Rowe, D. Osteogenesis Imperfecta Federation Inc. $60,000 10/03-09/05
Complementation of Anti RNA Vectors Foroi
Center for Immunotherapy of Cancer & Infectious Diseases Srivastava, P. Lea's Foundation for Leukemia $15,000 09/99-12/03
Treatment of Indolent B-Cell Lymphoma and CLL Patients (HSP70)
State Research
Community Medicine & Health Burleson, J. Mental Health/Addiction Services $3,111 02/03-12/03
Evaluation of CT Underage Tobacco Purchase Field Study
Surgery Kurtzman, S. UConn-Storrs $56,264 09/02-08/04
Near Infrared Diffused Light Imaging with Ultrasound Guidance
Assistant Vice President Paplauskas, L. UConn-Storrs $109,650 09/02-08/04
Networking to Enhance Human Subjects Research