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  October 27, 2003


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in September. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Department Principal
Sponsor Award Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Cooperative Extension System Arnold, C. U.S. Department of Agriculture $302,000 09/03-09/07
Continued Coordination of a National Network of Projects Addressing the Impacts of Land Use on Water Quality
Cooperative Extension System Gray, P. Windham Public Schools $66,891 09/03-09/04
Lift Afterschool Program
Cooperative Extension System Himmelstein, F. Environmental Protection Agency $52,000 10/03-09/05
Reducing the Risks Associated with Herbicides for Growing Field and Sweet Corn in New England
Cooperative Extension System Malley, C. Conn. Dept. of Education/Conn. Dept. of Mental Retardation $66,920 07/03-06/05
Birth to Five Newsletter
Cooperative Extension System Ricard, R. U.S. Department of Agriculture $40,000 09/03-09/05
Connecticut Urban Forestry Volunteer Coordinator
Cooperative Extension System Rozum, J. Environmental Protection Agency $49,863 09/03-09/07
Coordination of a National Network of Programs Educating Local Decision Makers on the Impacts of Land Use to Water Quality
Cooperative Extension System Worthley, T. U.S. Department of Agriculture $56,920 08/03-06/05
Extension Educational Component, Forest Land Enhancement Program
Pathobiology Bushmich, S. National Institutes of Health $93,197 07/03- 6/05
Vaccination Against West Nile Virus
Pathobiology Geary, S. U.S. Department of Agriculture $100,000 08/03-07/06
Testing Anti-Viral Compounds in Combination with Vaccines Against Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) as Outbreak Intervention Tools
Office of the Chancellor
Institute of Materials Science Huang, S. National Science Foundation $360,000 08/03-07/06
Functional Polymers from Renewable Resources - Itaconic and Lactic Acids
Institute of Materials Science Seery, T. Dept. of Commerce/Nat'l Inst. of Standards and Technology $299,345 09/03-09/06
Understanding the Fundamental Mechanism of Polymer-substrate Adhesion Loss at the Critical Humidity Level Studied by Combining Neutron Reflectivity and Adhesive Fracture Experiments
Kinesiology Kraemer, W. Lonza Inc. $168,788 08/03-06/04
A Two-Phase Study of L-Carnitine
Educational Psychology Brown, S. U.S. Department of Education $2,511 04/03-12/03
Husky Educational Technology Assessment Program, Groton
Educational Psychology Colbert, R. Directions Inc. $11,580 08/04-05/04
Psychological Services to Schools (Leonard Wysocki)
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. Shared Services $10,997 08/03-06/04
Psychological Services to the Schools (Veneeta Kapoor)
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. Project Genesis $10,997 08/03-06/04
Psychological Services to the Schools (Sarah Peters)
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. East Haven Schools $12,864 08/03-06/04
Psychological Services to the Schools (Nate Jones)
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. Futures Inc. $10,997 08/03-06/04
Psychological Services to the Schools (Michael Crane)
Educational Psychology Kehle, T. Project Genesis $23,149 08/03-06/04
Psychological Services to the Schools (Erica Hume & Julie Milsom)
Civil and Environmental Engineering Ogden, F. Department of Defense $111,220 09/03-09/05
Unsteady Storm Drainage Network Modeling Within the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Gridded Surface Subsurface Hydrologic Analysis (GSSHA) Model
Civil Science & Engineering Rajasekaran, S. National Science Foundation $1,200,003 09/03-08/08
Info and Technology Research: Information Extraction From Massive Data Sets
Civil and Environmental Engineering Wang, G. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. $242,582 06/03-05/06
Role of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Feedback in the Seasonal Prediction of Precipitation Over the Mississippi River Basin
Electrical and Computer Engineering Luh, P. National Science Foundation $350,000 09/03-08/06
Robustness, Efficiency, and Security of Electric Power Grid in a Market Environment
Electrical and Computer Engineering Zhu, Q. Department of Defense $89,457 09/03-08/06
3-Dimension Near Infrared Diffuse Wave Imaging with Ultrasound Localization (Graduate Assistant: Minming Huang)
Mechanical Engineering Sammes, N. Proton Energy Systems $49,722 08/03-10/03
Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) 1kw Fuel Cell Stack Test
Mechanical Engineering Tang, J. National Science Foundation $251,558 08/03-07/06
Granular Damping Analysis and Design for Structural Vibration Suppression
Connecticut Transportation Institute Dougan, C. Department of Transportation $80,000 07/03-06/04
Coordination of Pavement Activities in the Northeast Pooled Funds
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthropology Erickson, P. Nat'l Center for Chronic Disease Prevention & Health Promotion $1,972,772 09/03-08/08
Communication/Negotiation About Barrier Contraceptive Use Among Young Adults at Risk
Chemistry Suib, S. United Technologies/Pratt & Whitney $65,000 08/03-08/04
Improving Boron Nitride Coatings
Center for Survey Research and Analysis Barnes, C. Quinebaug-Shetucket Heritage Corridor Inc. $25,000 05/03-12/03
Milk Survey
Marine Sciences Visscher, P. National Science Foundation $332,106 09/03 - 08/06
Mechanisms of Calcium Carbonate Precipitation and Dissolution: Microbial Community Dynamics and the Role of the Metabolic Uncoupling in Mineral Formation
National Undersea Research Center Babb, I. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin. $81,780 06/03-05/04
Submerged Cultural Resource Investigations in the Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
Physics Schweitzer, J. National Science Foundation $86,638 09/03-08/05
Small Grant Exploratory Research: Nanoscale Study of Cement Hydration by Nuclear Resonant Reaction Analysis
Political Science Dautrich, K. Rutgers University $26,250 07/02-11/02
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) Customer Satisfaction Surveys for the New Jersey Department of Labor - Round 4
Psychology Copenhaver, M. National Institutes of Health $546,936 09/03-09/07
Optimizing HIV Risk Reduction for HIV Positive Injection Drug Users
Psychology Fisher, J. National Institutes of Health $5,099,849 09/03-06/07
Changing Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Adherence Behavior
Pharmaceutical Sciences Bouvier, M. Patterson Trust $50,000 07/03-06/04
Molecular Basis for Associations Between Class I HLA Alleles and Resistance to HIV-1 Infection
Social Work
Social Work Malcolm, B. National Institutes of Health $53,823 08/03-11/03
Etiology and Treatment of Alcohol Dependence
Office of Vice Provost Research & Graduate Education
Graduate School Greger, J. National Institutes of Health $150,000 10/03-09/04
Human Subjects Research Compliance: Collaborative Steps