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    June 23, 2003


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in April. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs.

Department Principal
Sponsor Award Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Agricultural Experiment Station Hart, I. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture $844 3/03-9/03
Review of Department of Chemistry, South Dakota State University, Brookings, S.D.
Cooperative Extension Centers Mangle, H. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture/National 4-H Council $24,500 1/03-12/04
Connecticut Cooperative Extension System, Engaging Youth, Serving Community
Cooperative Extension Centers Hirsch, D. Health & Human Services/Conn. Dept. of Consumer Protection $33,361 1/03-12/03
Training/Inspection Model Program for Retail Juice and Cider Operation
Cooperative Extension Centers Bender, N. Connecticut Department of Agriculture $10,500 10/02-9/03
Targeted Commodity Insurance and Information for Connecticut Agricultural Producers
Natural Resources Management Clausen, J. Environmental Protection Agency/Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $11,430 3/03-3/05
Rain Garden Monitoring, Haddam, Conn.
Plant Science Elliot, G. New England Greenhouse Conference $2,500 3/03-12/03
Effectiveness of Microbial Inoculants in Alleviation of "Lime-Induced" Chlorosis and Interaction with Nitrification in Soilless Potting Mixes.
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Anthropology Handwerker, W. Conn. Dept. of Public Health $54,380 3/03-5/03
Ethnographic Needs Assessment for Culturally Competent Oral Health Care Use and Delivery in the State of Connecticut.
Chemistry Birge, R. National Science Foundation/Syracuse University $149,845 9/01-8/04
Optimized Bacteriorhodopsin Proteins for Photonic and Holographic Memory Storage
Connecticut Economic Analysis Carstensen, F. Conn. Dept. of Economic & Community Development $10,000 7/02-6/03
Sustaining Partner Support for The Connecticut Economy, A University of Connecticut Publication
Connecticut Economic Analysis Carstensen, F. Connecticut Voices for Children $15,000 1/03-7/03
The Economic Impact of the Child Care Industry in Connecticut
Connecticut Economic Analysis Carstensen, F. Casino World $6,320 1/03-6/03
Dynamic Economic Impact of Mississippi Gaming Project
Connecticut Economic Analysis Carstensen, F. Homes for America Holdings Inc. $17,640 3/03-6/03
The Economic Impact of the Development of Coltsville
Geography Lewis, T. National Geographic Society $2,000 2/03-3/03
National Geographic Society Geography Mentor Grant for Connecticut Participants
Geology & Geophysics Cormier, V. National Science Foundation $36,173 4/03-3/06
Acquisition of Computational/Analytical Facilities for 3-D Imaging/Visualization
Physics Javanainen, J. NASA $40,000 4/03-11/03
Quantum Optics Style Theory for Degenerate Bose and Fermi Gases
Physics Dutta, N. Lucent Technologies $23,613 3/03-7/03
Photonic Logic Devices
Physics Javanainen, J. National Foundation of Science & Advanced Technologies $2,200 3/03-3/05
Cold Atoms in an Optical Lattice
Survey Research Center Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Public Health $14,000 1/03-5/03
Recruitment and Retention Program Evaluation
Neag School of Education
Special Education & Rehabilitation Brown, S. Conn. Dept. of Education $4,860 4/03-12/03
Husky Educational Technology Assessment Program - New Britain
School of Engineering
Chemical Engineering Mather, P. Dept. of Defense $40,000 4/03-8/03
Structure-Property Elucidation in Poss-Based Thermoplastics
Civil & Environmental Engineering Malla, R. NASA/University of Hartford $10,000 3/03-2/04
Dynamic and Thermal Behavior of Solar Sails for Advanced Space Transportation
Civil & Environmental Engineering Accorsi, M. Dept. of Defense $20,677 2/03-1/04
Computational Modeling of Ceramic Matrix Composites
Civil & Environmental Engineering Holman, B. Connecticut Transit $82,679 6/03-5/05
Exhaust Total Particulate Matter Mass Measurement - Connecticut Transit Hybrid Diesel Electric Ions Evaluation Program
Conn. Inst. Fuel Cell Innovations Sammes, N. Dept. of Energy/Univ. of California $68,671 4/03-9/03
Electrolyzer Prototype Cermet Tube Development
Conn. Inst. Fuel Cell Innovations Sammes, N. Aerogel Composite LLC $23,884 4/03-7/03
Manufacture of MEA's
Connecticut Transportation Institute Davis, C. Conn. Dept. of Transportation $219,364 1/03-12/03
Development of a Highway Construction Quality Assurance Program for Connecticut Department of Transportation
Connecticut Transportation Institute Shea, D. Conn. Dept. of Transportation $310,172 1/03-12/03
Technology Transfer Center (continuation, ninth year)
Electrical & Computer Engineering Pattipati, K. Toyota Technical Center, USA Inc. $119,987 2/03-3/04
Intelligent Diagnostics
Mechanical Engineering Renfro, M. National Science Foundation $31,703 3/03-8/03
Characterization of Scalar Correlations Turbulent Counterflow Nonpremixed Flames
Mechanical Engineering Tang, J. NASA/University of Hartford $10,000 3/03-2/04
Dynamic Shape Control Using Piezoelectric Network and Circuitry Dynamics
Metallurgy Morral, J. Dept. of Defense $45,000 4/03-4/04
A Multicomponent Subsurface Diffusion Routine
School of Family Studies
Family Studies, Instr. & Res. Asencio, M. Social Science Research Council $38,000 1/04-12/04
Migrant Puerto Rican Sexual Minorities, Space and the Negotiation of Ethnic Sexual Identities
Office of Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
Environmental Research Institute Anagnostou, E. National Science Foundation $331,234 3/03-2/06
Continuous and High Resolution Thunderstorm Monitoring in Africa and Beyond Water Cycle Research
Environmental Research Institute Suib, S. Toyota Motor Corp. $67,744 4/03-3/04
Discharge Plasmas