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  April 7, 2003


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in February. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs.

Department Principal
Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
Animal Science Andrew, S. The George Walker Foundation $6,600 1/03-1/04
Educational Program for Johne's Disease Control in Dairy Cattle
Animal Science Andrew, S. The George Walker Foundation $9,700 1/03-1/04
Effect of Prepartum Intramammary Antibiotic Therapy on the Incidence of Mastitis and Milk Production for First Location Heifers
Cooperative Ext. Centers Ricard, R. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - Forest Service $14,000 9/02-9/04
Connecticut Urban Forestry Volunteer Coordinator
Cooperative Ext. Centers Taylor, U. Hill Cooperative Youth Services $5,720 7/02-6/03
City Wide Youth Coalition Workforce Preparation Work Investment Act in Youth
Natural Resources Mgmt. Barclay, J. U.S. Dept. of Interior $16,681 10/02-9/03
A New Wildlife Conservation in 4-H Programs
Plant Science Ashley, R. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture $3,000 8/01-8/03
IR-4 (Interregional Research Project # 4) Liaison
Office of the Chancellor and Provost
Institute of Materials Science Mather, P. Dept. of Defense - Airforce $93,951 2/03-12/03
Reactive Hyperbranched Polymers as Toughening Processing Aids for Composite Matrices
Kinesiology Armstrong, L. International Life Sciences Institute $181,519 12/02-9/03
Controlled Dietary Caffeine Intake Balance, Plasma and Urinary Indices
Kinesiology Yiannakis, A. Reed Exhibitions $3,500 2/03-2/03
Biophex/Interphex Delegate Satisfaction
Civil & Environ. Engr. Ogden, F. Dept. of Defense -Army $19,500 2/03-2/08
Watershed Scale Sediment Sources & Subgrid Erosion Processes Implementation
Civil & Environ. Engr. Garrick, N. Massachusetts Institute of Technology $20,000 9/02-8/03
NEUTC (New England University Transportation Center) Graduate Fellowships (UConn)
Computer Science & Engr. Santos, E. Global Infotek Inc. $25,000 12/02-12/03
User Modeling for Group Aware Agents for Collaboration: Empowering the Agile Enterprise
Electrical & Computer Engr. Bar-Shalom, Y. Dept. of Defense - Airforce $135,000 1/03-12/03
Estimation with Multisensor Fusion
Electrical & Computer Engr. Javidi, B. Korean Ministry of Industry and Research $80,000 1/03-12/04
Improved Resolution and Viewing Angle Three-Dimensional TV Using Integral Imaging
Mechanical Engr. Renfro, M. Dept. of Defense - Airforce $22,573 12/02-12/03
Statistical Interpretation Scalar Time-Series Measurements in Turbulent Partially Premixed Flames
Mechanical Engr. Langston, L. United Technologies Inc. $45,000 1/03-7/03
Endwall Loss Reduction Program Extension
Liberal Arts & Sciences
Ecology & Evol. Biology Schultz, E. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $46,303 1/03-12/03
Anadromous Rainbow Smelt in Connecticut: Assessment of Population Conservation Status and Restoration
Ecology & Evol. Biology Schultz, E. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $47,213 1/03-12/03
Tomcod in Connecticut: Assessment of Population Conservation Status and Need for Restoration
Molecular & Cell Biology Lynes, M. NASA/Ciencia Inc. $20,000 1/03-7/03
Cytometer on a Chip
Molecular & Cell Biology Alexandrescu, A. National Science Foundation $133,748 2/03-1/04
Structural Properties of Initial States in Protein Folding from NMR Alignment Data
Molecular & Cell Biology Gogarten, P. National Science Foundation $201,128 3/03-2/06
Reassessing Microbial Evolution in Light of Horizontal Gene Transfer
Physics Wells, B. National Science Foundation $90,000 6/03-5/04
Career: Functional Oxide Films for Spectroscopy
Physiology & Neurobiology Nishiyama, A. National Multiple Sclerosis Society $454,823 4/03-3/06
The Role of Ng2 Glial Progenitor Cells in Remyelination
Public & Urban Affairs Inst. Robbins, M. Town of Wethersfield $2,000 10/02-5/03
Wethersfield Health Care Cost Management and Retirement System Study
Statistics Gelfand, A. Nat'l Insts. of Health/Univ. of Washington $31,992 9/02-8/03
Understanding Variability in Community Mammography
Survey Research Center Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $60,000 12/02-6/03
Department of Social Services - Childcare
Survey Research Center Dineen, J. UConn Health Center $20,000 4/03-12/03
Public Attitudes Toward University of Connecticut Health Center
Survey Research Center Dautrich, K. SBC-SNET $5,000 2/03-12/03
Route 6 Survey
Pharmaceutical Science Burgess, D. Dept. of Defense - Army $249,820 10/02-9/03
Toward Miniaturized Wireless-Integrate and Implantable Glucose Sensors
Pharmaceutical Science Bogner, R. UConn Health Center $3,750 10/02-12/02
Melatonin NDA Support
Pharmaceutical Science Manautou, J. Pharm. Res. & Manufact. of America Fnd. $40,000 1/03-9/03
Hepatic Transport of APAP and its Metabolites: In Vitro Analysis
Social Work
Social Work Instr. & Res. Davidson, K. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $3,401,297 7/02-6/03
Organizational and Skill Development Unit
Social Work Instr. & Res. Bullock, K. Open Society Institute $65,000 1/03-12/04
Resource Enrichment Center Project
Social Work Instr. & Res. Pine, B. Outreach Extensions $1,500 1/03-3/03
Brooklyn Family Tale Outreach Grant
Office of the Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
Environ. Research Inst. Fenton, J. Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs $15,000 1/03-5/03
CO Testing of Ionomem High Temperature Membrane Electrode Assemblies
Environ. Research Inst. Nikolaidis, N. Nat'l Institutes of Health/Univ. of Columbia $9,568 4/02-3/03
Project 6: Redistribution of Arsenic at Sites in New Jersey and Maine
Environ. Research Inst. Nikolaidis, N. Nat'l Institutes of Health/Univ. of Columbia $9,568 4/02-3/03
Project 7: Assessment and Remediation of AS Enrichments in Ground Water
Environ. Research Inst. Robbins, G. Dept. of Defense - Navy $47,297 2/03-12/03
Comparison of Hydraulic Conductivity Determinations Obtained in Direct Push and Conventional HAS Wells
Sea Grant College Program Monahan, E. Nat'l Oceanic & Atmospheric Adm. $38,000 2/03-1/04
Conn. Sea Grant College Program: Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship 2003 (Laura Rear, Elementary K-8)