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  March 17, 2003

[ Index to Previous Grants Received ]

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in January. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs.

Department Principal
Sponsor Amount Award Period
 Agriculture & Natural Resources
Natural Resources Management & Engineering Miller D. Environmental Protection Agency $1,500,000 6/02-12/07
 Connecticut Airshed-Rivershed Consortium
Civil Engineering Ivan, J. U.S. Department of Transportation $76,249 9/02-5/04
 The Effect of Segment Characteristics on the Severity of Head-On Crashes on Two-Lane Rural Highways
Computer Science Santos, E. Department of Defense $340,744 11/02-11/05
 Deception Detection in Expert Source Information Through Fusion in Bayesian Knowledge-Base Modeling
Computer Science Shin, D. National Institutes of Health $931,108 10/02-9/05
 The Osteoprogenitor Lineage Study
Electrical & Computer Engineering Willett, P. Department of Defense $127,240 1/03-12/04
 Low Probability of Intercept Waveforms for Active Sonar
Mechanical Engineering Pitchumani, R. United Technologies Pratt and Whitney $67,501 1/03-11/03
 Neural Network Onboard Engine Life Models
Mechanical Engineering Renfro, M. National Science Foundation $417,999 3/03-2/08
 Career: Characterization of Propagating and Receding Flame Edges in Composition and Velocity Gradients
 Fine Arts
Dean Woods, D. National Endowment for the Arts $75,000 9/02-8/03
 School of Fine Arts Architectural Design Competition
Dramatic Arts . English, G Connecticut Commission on the Arts $20,300 8/02-6/03
 Guest Artist Program: Connecticut Repertory Theatre
 Liberal Arts & Sciences
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Barnes, C. Connecticut Social Services $60,000 12/02-6/03
 Department of Social Services - Childcare
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Dautrich, K. The State of New Jersey, Rutgers $15,000 1/02-6/02
 Workforce Investment Boards - Survey
Center for Survey Research & Analysis Hunter, P. Connecticut Bar Foundation $27,000 4/02-1/03
 Legal Needs Survey
Chemistry Asandei, A. American Chemical Society $35,000 1/03-8/05
 Early Transition Metal Catalysts: Initiators Chain Transfer Agents and Persistent Species for Living Radical Polymerization
Communication Sciences Musiek, F. Psychological Applications LLC $4,000 12/02-5/03
 Dynamic Assessment of Hearing Aids
Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis Heffley, D. Connecticut Health Foundation $26,230 8/02-1/03
 Dental Workforce in Connecticut: Issues and Options
Geography Cromley, E. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $13,237 1/03-6/04
 A Graph Information Systems Application for Developing and Evaluating Objective Measures of Recreational Area
Geography Lewis, T. National Geographic Society $96,830 9/02-8/03
 2002/2003 Program Plan Connecticut Geographic Alliance
Mathematics Olshevsky, V. National Science Foundation $225,771 9/02-8/04
 Fast and Accurate Algorithms for Structured Matrix Computations Applications and Software
Molecular & Cell Biology Laufer, H. U.S. Department of Agriculture $42,552 10/02-10/03
 Feasibility of Aquaculture of a Native Coldwater Shrimp
Physics Dutta, N. Lucent Technologies $28,983 11/02-5/03
 Phosphate Glass Fiber Amplifier
Physics Yelin, S. Research Corp. $35,000 9/02-8/07
 Reliable Quantum Communication with Macroscopic Light Pulses
Statistics Chen, M. National Science Foundation $40,000 9/02-8/03
 Scientific Computing Research Environments for Mathematical Sciences (SCREMS)
 Vice Chancellor for Business & Administration
Public Safety Hudd, R. U.S. Department of Justice $225,000 9/02-8/05
 Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) 2002 Grants
 Vice Provost for Multicultural Affairs
International Affairs Bravo-Ureta, B. U.S. Agency for International Development $14,641 1/03-3/03
 Emergency Response to the Outbreak of Cassava Mosaic Disease in the Democratic Republic of Congo: A Stakeholder Analysis
 Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
Environmental Research Institute Ogden, F. University of Louisiana at Lafayette $5,804 6/02-12/02
 Distributed Hydrologic Modeling of Low-Gradient Watersheds
Environmental Research Institute Suib, S. Department of Defense $100,000 10/02-11/03
 Preparation and Characterization of Fitch Fuel Catalysts
Sea Grant Program Monahan, E. Nat'l Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration $38,000 2/03-1/04
 Connecticut Sea Grant College Program: Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship for 2003 (Grad Student: Jennifer Linn)
Sea Grant Program Pomeroy, R. International Development Research Center $75,791 1/03-1/04
 A Process for Community-Centered Coastal Resources Co-Management