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  February 18, 2003

Activities & Achievements: Newsmakers

Newsmakers is a selection of UConn people and programs in the media. Most of the stories were placed by communications staff at the main campus and at the Health Center.

Larry Armstrong, Kinesiology, talked about the precautions athletes need to take when exercising in extremely cold weather. The story was published in the Greenwich Time and Stamford Advocate newspapers on Dec. 3.

Tom Baker, Law, contributed an opinion piece about medical malpractice to the Jan. 26 Hartford Courant. The piece also ran in the Recorder News (Amsterdam, N.Y.) and the Log Cabin Democrat on Jan. 30. Baker was also quoted in an article about medical malpractice in the Jan. 30 issue of The Fairfield Weekly.

Regina Barreca, English, was quoted in an article about the television series "The Sopranos" in the Dallas Morning News on Dec. 8. Barreca's book Don't Tell Mama was named as one of the best books of 2002 by the book critic on the NPR program "Fresh Air with Terry Gross."

In an in-depth story about postpartum depression published on Dec. 23, Cheryl Beck, Nursing, was interviewed about her research and the screening scale she developed with Robert Gable, Education, emeritus. The story was published in The Charlotte Observer (N.C.), The Aberdeen News (Texas) and The Tallahassee Democrat (Fla.).

Bethany Berger, Law, was quoted in an article about the Paugussett Indians threatening to make large land claims in the Jan. 23 Stamford Advocate.

Research by Thomas Blank, Family Studies, about how a diagnosis of prostate cancer affects a patient was the subject of an article on The Boston Globe's website on Jan. 29.

Dr. Dipak Das, Surgery, was mentioned in a New York Times article about alcohol, HDL, and the heart on Dec. 31.

Timothy Everett, Law, was quoted in a Dec. 20 Associated Press article about a state legislator's proposal to free inmates before their sentences end in order to save money.

Amir Faghri, Engineering, was interviewed for a story in The Hartford Business Journal on Jan. 6 about the school's success in increasing enrollment.

Successful New Year's resolutions were the topic of discussion with Dr. Julian Ford, Psychiatry, on WVIT-TV30 on Dec. 31.

Amy Hanoian, Connecticut Poison Control Center, was featured in a segment on child safety during the holidays on WVIT-TV30 on Dec. 12.

The Health Center's role in providing the first civilian smallpox vaccinations in the country went around the world, appearing in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, and on CNN, CBS, ABC, and CPTV, and elsewhere.

Waldo Klein, Social Work, was interviewed by Bill Pearse of WTIC-AM radio for the program "The Aging Process" about elder services in the state, the Commission on Aging, and cuts in human services. The program aired on Dec. 22.

William Kraemer, Kinesiology, was interviewed by Newsweek magazine for a story about an exercise fad called core training published on Jan. 20. On Jan. 21 he was quoted in a Washington Post column about an exercise fad called slow training. On Dec. 17 in The Washington Post he was interviewed about the importance of resistance training for overall physical fitness.

Dr. Marc Lalande, Developmental Genetics, talked about cloning with Colin McEnroe on WTIC-AM radio on Dec. 30.

Nell Jessup Newton, Law, was quoted in an article about the Bureau of Indian Affairs' pending decision about recognition of the Paugusssett Indians in the Jan. 21 Hartford Courant. Newton was also quoted in a Jan. 12 New York Times article examining legal scholars' reactions to the state's repeal of Las Vegas Nights, and a Jan. 2 Hartford Courant article and a Jan. 7 Associated Press article about the repeal. The Associated Press article appeared in several media outlets, including Newton was also quoted in a Dec. 8 Hartford Courant article about two proposed legislative reforms put forward by a coalition of anti-gambling groups. And she was quoted in a Dec. 4 Associated Press article about the Schaghticoke Indians' bid for federal recognition.

Nitin Padture, Engineering, was interviewed for stories about the space shuttle Columbia and possible damage to its ceramic tiles, by WFSB-TV3, WTIC-TV61, the Journal Inquirer (Manchester) and The New Haven Register.

Jeremy Paul, Law, was quoted in an article about the fact that John Grisham's legal thrillers, though popular, do not reflect the reality of the legal world in the Feb. 5 Hartford Courant. Paul was also quoted in an article about President Bush's State of the Union address in the Jan. 26 Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Research by Nancy Petry, Psychiatry, on Superbowl gambling was mentioned by the Down Jones News Wire, and appeared in The Washington Post, USA Today, The Boston Globe, and The Miami Herald, among others. She also was quoted in The Christian Science Monitor about Internet gambling

Dr. Scott Rutchik, Surgery, talked about prostate cancer on the WVIT-TV30 Morning Show on Feb. 6.

Paul Schiff Berman, Law, contributed an opinion piece about the legal ramifications of globalization to the Jan. 17 Hartford Courant. Berman was also quoted in a Dec. 19 Florida Times-Union article about a ruling in a case dealing with instant golf score reports.

Dr. Adam Silverman, Internal Medicine, talked about the outbreaks of the Norwalk virus on cruise ships Dec. 3 on WTIC-AM radio. He also was quoted on the topic of working out in cold weather in The Hartford Courant on Jan. 22; in The New Britain Herald and The Bristol Press on Jan. 20; and on WVIT-TV30 on Jan. 16.

Colleen Thompson, Nutritional Sciences, was interviewed by NBC-TV30 on Dec. 30 for a story about New Year's dieting tips.

Dr. Robert Trestman, Psychiatry, talked about the possible connection between depression and menopause on WVIT-TV30 on Jan. 13.

Dr. Joseph Walsh, Ob/Gyn, talked about moms losing "baby fat" after delivery on WVIT-TV30 on Feb. 6.

Jan Yager, Sociology, Stamford Campus, was quoted in a Feb. 2 article in The New York Post about resolving conflicts in friendships through therapy.

Linda York, Food and Nutrition, Health Center, talked about the importance of having support while dieting on WVIT-TV30 on Jan. 2.

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