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  January 27, 2003

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in November. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Department Principal
Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
AG ECON Johnston, R. USDA-CSREES $7,222 08/02-02/03
Decision Information and Support Structures to Sustain Farm, Forest, and Open Space in Rural Communities of Southern New England
NUTR SCIENCE Perez-Escamilla, R. PHS-NIH $21,975 10/02-08/03
Optimal Child Nutrition in HIV-Affected Communities
PATHOBIOLOGY Van Kruiningen, H. Broad Med Research $81,881 11/02-10/03
Epidemiology of Familial Crohn's Disease
CIV ENG Stephens, J. DOT $120,355 07/02-06/03
Establishment of the Connecticut Advanced Pavement Lab, Fiscal Year 2003
COMP SCI Ammar, R. Egypt Cult. & Ed. $7,000 09/02-08/03
Efficient Query Processing in Heterogeneous Database System
ECE Taylor, G. Opel Inc. $41,500 06/02-12/02
High Frequency Optoelectronic Pulse Source for Digital Communications
METALLURGY Padture, N. DOD-Navy $40,000 09/02-08/03
Processing and Mechanical Properties of Nanostructured Ceramics
Fine Arts
MUSEUM Bruhn, T. Conn-Comm Arts $3,500 07/02-06/03
Exhibitions Program Support Grant
Liberal Arts & Sciences
BIOL: EE Rubega, M. Conn-DEP-LIS $24,635 09/02-12/03
Effects of Artificial Lighting on Beach-Nesting Waterbirds: Integrating Experimental and Observational Studies
BIOL: EE Rubega, M. Conn-DEP-LIS $24,434 09/02-12/03
Saltmarsh-Breeding Sparrows in Long Island Sound Marshes: Testing the Status of Globally Important Population
BIOL: MC Chen, T. USDA-NRI $200,000 11/02-11/04
Production of Disease-Resistant Shrimps by Manipulation of Antimicrobial Peptide Genes
BIOL: MC Goldhamer, D. Musc. Dyst. Assn. $21,600 09/02-12/04
Satellite Cell Development, Commitment and Renewal
CHEMISTRY Suib, S. Syntroleum Inc. $168,195 09/02-09/05
Analysis of Samples
CSRA Barnes, C. West Hartford $16,000 07/02-12/02
Willingness to Pay
CSRA Barnes, C. Inst. Incl. Work $150,000 10/02-06/03
Fairness in the Workplace Survey
CSRA Barnes, C. United Way $18,000 02/02-11/02
CSRA Hunter, P. Bridgeport ERC $6,400 09/02-02/03
Bridgeport Economic Resource Center Research
FOR. LANG. Travis, R. Hellenic Study $11,000 09/02-12/02
Tragic Identification and Poetic Education in Fifth-Century Athens
GEOGRAPHY Cromley, E. PHS-CDC $13,565 09/02-08/03
GIS for Prevention of Tick-Borne Illness (Year 4) (Graph Information System)
GEOLOGY Cormier, V. NSF-EAR $80,991 01/03-12/05
Heterogeneity, Anisotropy, and Seismic Attenuation in Earth's Inner Core and Lower Mantle (Post-Doc Fellow: Anastasia Stroujkova)
MARINE SCI Fitzgerald, W. Sci. Museum Minn. $45,766 07/02-06/03
Evaluation of Recent Trends in Atmospheric Mercury Deposition in South Florida from Lake-Sediment Records
PHYSICS Stwalley, W. Commerce-NIST $75,086 10/02-10/03
Quantum Information Processing Using Microscopic Magnetic Traps for Neutral Atoms
PSYCHOLOGY Johnson, B. PHS-NIH $2,137,717 12/02-11/07
Syntheses of HIV Risk Reduction Research
PSYCHOLOGY Frisman, L. Conn.-DMHAS $163,180 09/02-08/03
Mental Health and Addiction Services Research Development Initiative
SOCIOLOGY Naples, N. Soc Sci Research $10,000 10/02-09/03
Working Group to Publish Lionel Cantu's Papers
STATISTICS Kulldorff, M. Sloan Foundation $21,592 08/02-05/03
Syndromic Disease Surveillance
Social Work
SOCIAL WORK Davidson, K. Conn.-DMHAS $36,900 08/02-06/03
Agreement Between the Department of Mental Health and the University of Connecticut School of Social Work

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