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  November 4, 2002

Activities & Achievements/Newsmakers

Newsmakers is a selection of UConn people and programs in the media. Most of the stories were placed by communications staff at the main campus and at the Health Center.

A conference about Filipino Americans, sponsored by the Asian American Cultural Center and the Asian American Studies Institute, was the subject of a report on Connecticut Public Radio on Sept. 25.

The opening ceremony for Asian American Heritage Month, which featured a lecture by Frank Wu, aired repeatedly on the Connecticut Television Network during October.

On Aug. 29, Ivar Babb, National Undersea Research Center at Avery Point, was interviewed about the discovery of the wreck of the Steamship Portland off the Massachusetts coast. The story ran in The Boston Globe, Associated Press, The Hartford Courant, The Day, the New Haven Register, WBZ radio, WTIC-AM radio, WCVB-TV, Fox 25, Fox 61, WHDH-TV, WBZ-TV, WFSB-TV3 and WTNH-TV8.

Tom Baker, Law, co-authored an opinion piece about the need for government-supported terrorism insurance that appeared in Newsday on Sept. 17.

Regina Barreca, English, was interviewed about her new book on the television series, The Sopranos, on the Ray Dunaway and Diane Smith Show on WTIC-AM radio on Sept. 16.

Jon Bauer, Law, was quoted in an article about a new state law designed to prevent discrimination against people who have been charged with a crime but never convicted in the Oct. 14 Hartford Courant.

Poison information specialist Laura Caperino-Crean and the Connecticut Poison Control Center were featured in an article about pills that look like candy Oct. 8 in The Hartford Courant.

Doug Casa, Kinesiology, rebutted claims that fitness waters are beneficial in a story that ran in The Washington Post and the Knoxville News on Oct. 20 and 21.

Carmine Centrella, Health Center Fire Department, and Neil Sullivan, Health Center Public Safety, were interviewed for an Oct. 14 article in The Hartford Courant about the new hazmat/decontamination truck.

Dr. Robert Duckrow, Neurology, talked about the phenomenon of out-of-body episodes experienced by people with epilepsy on WTIC-AM radio on Sept. 20.

Autism research by Deborah Fein, Psychology, was the subject of an article in the Sept. 21 Willimantic Chronicle.

Todd Fernow, Law, was quoted in an article about the town of Rocky Hill's plan to sue Governor Rowland over losses in the state's deal with Enron in the Oct. 3 New York Times.

On Sept. 11, Dr. Julian Ford and Dr. Karen Steinberg, Psychiatry, were at WTIC-AM radio from 10 a.m. to noon to answer callers' questions about dealing with the anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Dr. Ford was also interviewed on the topic for a Sept. 10 article in The Hartford Courant.

Richard French, Pathobiology, responded to concerns about the growing problem of lobster deaths from Long Island Sound to the coast of Massachusetts. The story was printed in The Journal News (New York state) on Oct. 21.

Dr. Bruce Gould, Primary Care, was interviewed on WTIC-AM radio, on WTNH-TV8, and in The Hartford Courant about the student-run health care clinic for migrant farm workers on Sept. 19, Oct. 3 and Oct. 9.

Dr. Jane Grant-Kels, Dermatology, was interviewed on NBC-TV30 on the topic of Rosacea Sept. 24.

Poison prevention educator Amy Hanoian was featured Oct. 8 on NBC-TV30 talking about poisonous berries and mushrooms.

Richard Kay, Law, was quoted in an article about the use of the military to hunt for the Washington-area sniper in the Oct. 17 Norwich Bulletin.

Dr. Bruce Koeppen, Medical Student Affairs, was featured in a segment on CPTV's Connecticut Journal Oct. 4, discussing changes in residency programs.

The Hartford Business Journal interviewed Dr. Robert Kozol, Surgery, for a Sept. 30 article about the high-tech equipment now found in operating rooms.

Dr. William Mohler, Genetics and Developmental Biology, was interviewed on his career as a basic science researcher for the At Work column in The Hartford Courant Sept. 2.

The November issue of Parent magazine ran a feature article about the Health Center's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit that included interviews with Dr. Ted Rosenkrantz and developmental specialist Cathy Daguio.

Nell Newton, Law, was interviewed about the management of American Indian trust accounts on the National Public Radio program The Connection on Sept. 23.

Dr. Carl Nissen, Orthopedics, is quoted in an article in Runner's World, on the use of heat and ice for injuries, on July 26.

Ugo Nwokeji, History, was quoted in an article about the slave trade in Connecticut in the Sept. 29 Hartford Courant.

Research being conducted by Dr. Karen Prestwood, Center on Aging, on the effectiveness of Chinese herbals in treating hot flashes, was the topic of articles in the New Britain Herald and the Milford Register Citizen, Sept. 15 and 16, respectively.

Dr. T.V. Rajan, was interviewed on NBC-TV30 and mentioned on MNBC for his study on garlic as a mosquito repellant Aug. 29

Pediatrician Aruna Ramanan discussed the new CDC guidelines regarding flu shots for babies and toddlers Oct. 17 on ABC-TV8.

Joseph Renzulli, The National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, explained how people are identified as "gifted", for a Washington Post article on Sept. 16.

The School of Fine Arts' receipt of a National Endowment for the Arts grant to hold a competition to select a design for their new building was the subject of an article in The Hartford Courant on Sept. 6.

Dr. Peter Schulman, Cardiology, appeared on NBC-TV30 on Sept. 12 to discuss

ways of preventing heart disease.

Richard Schwab, Neag School of Education, was interviewed by The Day (New London) newspaper on Oct. 20 about the strengths of his school's teacher training program.

Dr. John Shanley, Infectious Diseases, appeared on NBC-TV30 on Sept. 9, talking about West Nile virus and precautions people can take to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes.

Dr. Karen Steinberg, Psychiatry, was interviewed on WTIC-AM radio on Sept. 9 about the up and down sides of media coverage of the 9/11 anniversary.

An interview with Robert Stephens, Institute for African American Studies, about a recent research trip to Cuba aired on Connecticut Public Radio on Oct. 4.

A study being conducted by Dr. Pam Taxel, Center on Aging, about providing estrogen to men being treated for prostate cancer was highlighted in an article in the October issue of More magazine.

Terry Tondro, Law, was quoted in an article about the town of Manchester's use of eminent domain in the Oct. 2 Hartford Courant.

Nutritionist Linda York talked about the nutritional value of frozen, fresh, and canned vegetables on NBC-TV30 Sept. 16.

Dr. Kristen Zarfos, Surgery, was interviewed on WTNH-TV8 Oct 9 discussing the latest studies on breast cancer and mammography and what the controversy means for women.

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