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  October 28, 2002

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in September. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
AGR Jepson, P. Conn. Department of Education $75,000 07/02-06/03
Career and Technical Education Teacher Preparation Program
ANIM SCI Silbart, L. USDA-National Research Initiative $200,000 09/02-09/05
Development of Mucosal Peptide Vaccines for Foot-and-Mouth Disease Vaccines
ANIM SCI Venkitanarayanan, K. National Cattlemens Beef Association $32,721 06/02-05/03
Investigating Factors That Impact Premature Browning in Ground Beef (Co-PI: Faustman, C.)
COOP EXT Griffiths-Smith, F. USDA-Cooperative State Research, Educ. & Svs. $42,915 08/02-11/03
Change, Challenge and Choice: a Strengths-Based Approach to Family Resource Management in Connecticut
COOP EXT Worthley, T. Southern New England Forest Consortium $38,500 09/02-01/03
Watershed Media and Materials
NAT RES M&E Clausen, J. Conn.-DEP-Long Island Sound $24,686 08/02-11/03
Rain Garden Pollutant Removal Efficiency (Co-PI: Dietz, M.)
NUTR SCI Koo, S. Algroup Lonza Inc. $40,001 07/02-06/04
Dietary L-Carnitine Supplement: Its Effect on Fat-Soluble Vitamin Status
NUTR SCI Perez-Escamilla, R. USDA-Cooperative State Research, Educ. & Svs. $250,335 09/02-09/04
Development of a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points-Like Model (Co-PIs: Hirsch, D.; Venkitanarayanan, K.)
PLANT SCI Von Bodman, S. USDA-National Research Initiative $197,000 09/02-09/05
Quorum Sensing Regulation in Panteoa Stewartii Subsp. Stewartii Coordinates the Temporally Separated Processes of Surface Adhesion
IMS Boggs, S. Department of Defense-U.S. Army $25,003 08/01-08/03
Supplement to Optimization of Capacitor Materials and Structures
IMS Scola, D. Department of Defense-U.S. Air Force $20,000 06/02-05/03
Synthesis and Characterization of Low Viscosity Phenylethynyl (PE) End-Capped Fluorinated Polyamide Coatings
UCONN TORR Lyon, A. Torrington Area Foundation for Public Giving $2,720 06/02-12/02
Tutoring Program
EPSY Kehle, T. Glastonbury Public Schools, Glastonbury, Conn. $22,316 09/02-06/03
Psychological Services to Students (Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.) (Graduate Assistant: Angela Thompson-Manhertz)
EPSY Kehle, T. Mansfield Middle School, Storrs, Conn. $18,602 09/02-06/03
Psychological Services to Schools (Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.) (Graduate Assistant: Betsy McCoach)
EPSY Kehle, T. Shared Services $11,159 09/02-06/03
Psychological Services to Schools (Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.) (Graduate Assistant: Jolie Alric)
EPSY Kehle, T. Shared Services $22,316 09/02-06/03
Psychological Services to Schools (Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.) (Graduate Assistant: Amy Rek)
EPSY Kehle, T. Sprague Board of Education, Baltic, Conn. $12,064 09/02-06/03
Psychological Services to Schools (Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.) (Graduate Assistant: Lisa Girard)
EPSY Renzulli, J. Ed-Educational Research and Improvement $2,250,000 10/02-06/03
Javits Gifted and Talented Students Education Grant Program
CHEM ENG Wood, T. DED-CII-High Tech R & D Grant Program $137,362 09/02-08/03
Green Chemistry for a Sustainable Environment: Enhancing Biological Degreasing Operations | Corp: Bioclean, USA
CIV ENG Anagnostou, E. National Aeronautics and Space Administration $24,000 09/02-08/03
Graduate Student Research Program: Investigating Flood Prediction Uncertainty of Hydrologic Models (Graduate Assistant: Faisal Hossain)
CIV ENG Demars, K. Conn. Department of Transportation $59,236 07/02-12/03
Field Determination of Moisture Content of Deicing salt at Point Delivery (New England Transportion Consortium Project ) (Co-PI: Long, R.)
CIV ENG Malla, R. Connecticut Department of Transportation $80,000 08/02-01/04
Establish Subgrade Support Values for Typical Soils in New England
COMP SCI Peters, T. NSF-Computer & Computation Research $99,999 10/02-09/04
Computational Topology for Surface Reconstruction
COMP SCI Russell, A. NSF-Computer & Computation Research $129,454 09/02-08/05
Collaborative Research: Complexity-Theoretic Applications of Fourier Analysis
ECE Jain, F. Dept. of Defense-Office of Naval Research $10,000 09/02-09/05
Reconfigurable Interconnects, 200-500Hz & Ingaas-Inp Nanochannel Fets, etc. (Co-PIs: Papadimitrakopoulos, F.; Ayers, J.; Bansal, R.)
ECE Luh, P. United Technologies-Research Center $32,781 08/02-12/02
Planning and Scheduling of Re-Manufacturing Supply Networks
ECE Taylor, G. Opel Inc. $41,500 08/02-02/03
True Time Delay for Interference Cancellation
MECH ENG Cetegen, B. United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney $36,442 09/02-03/03
University of Connecticut Task 05: near Nozzle Flow Field Characterization of a Combuster (Co-PI: Barber, T.)
METALLURGY Blackburn, M. DED-CII-High Tech R&D Grant Program $100,000 08/02-07/04
Applications of Biomechanically Compatible Pseudoelastic Beta Titanium Alloys (Memry Corp.) (Co-PIs: Cheng, T.; Pamir, A.)
Fine Arts
ART Talvacchia, B. Harvard University $10,000 09/02-08/03
Robert Lehman Visiting Professorship
FINE ARTS: DEAN Junda, M. Brown University $20,000 07/02-07/03
The George A. and Eliza Gardner Howard Foundation
Liberal Arts & Sciences
BIOL: EE Cardon, Z. Harvard University $25,000 09/02-01/03
Soil Conservation and Rhizosphere Microbial Ecology
BIOL: EE Mehrhoff, L. Commonwealth of Massachusetts $15,000 04/01-12/02
Invasive Plant Identification and Plant Evaluation Project
BIOL: MC Lynes, M. Ciencia Inc. $21,000 07/02-12/02
Biosensor for Label-Free Real Time Monitoring of Environmental Pathogens
CHEMISTRY Papadimitrakopoulos, F. Department of Defense: U.S. Army $885,046 09/02-08/03
Center for Advanced Deployable Nano-Sensors (Co-PIs: Marcus, H.; Noll, K.; Rusling, J.)
CHEMISTRY Sotzing, G. Air Products $33,000 06/02-05/03
Aqueous Bulk Chemical Polymerizations to Produce Optically Transparent Electrically Conductive Polymers
CHEMISTRY Suib, S. Yardney Technical Products Inc. $20,000 06/02-05/03
Investigate the Deposition of Carbon Films on Metal Substrates
CHEMISTRY Sung, C. Ciencia Inc. $30,000 07/02-12/02
Syntheses, Characterization and Fabrication of Nlo Polymer
CSRA Barnes, C. Foundation for Individual Rights in Education $60,000 08/02-06/03
Foundation for Individual Rights in Education: Religion on Campus Poll
MARINE SCI Balcom, N. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $67,150 07/02-06/03
Activities in Support of the Long Island Sound Study: Facilitating K-12 Teachers Use of Existing Outreach Materials (Co-PI: Monahan, E.)
MARINE SCI Fitzgerald, W. Hudson River Foundation $106,515 08/02-07/03
Mercury Methylation and Mobilization in the Sediments of New York New Jersey Harbor (Co-PI: Visscher, P.)
MARINE SCI McManus, G. NSF-Division of Ocean Sciences $207,479 09/02-08/05
Collaborative Research: Diversity & Biogeography of Marine Oligotrich & Choreotrich Ciliates Assessed by Morphological, etc. Markers
MARINE SCI O'Donnell, J. Microsystems Integration Inc. $34,202 05/02-02/03
The Development of a Codar-Based Short-Term Predicative Model for Coastal Ocean Circulation
MARINE Skoog, A. NSF-Division of Ocean Sciences $176,527 09/02-08/05
Collab. Research: Aqueous Organic Compounds in Shallow Marine Hydrothermal Systems: a Framework for Investigating Heterotrophy
PHYSICS Schweitzer, J. NSF-Division of Civil and Mechanical Systems $80,931 10/02-09/03
Nanoscale Investigation of Cement Hydration by Nuclear Resonant Reaction Analysis
POLI SCI Donahue, A. National Aeronautics and Space Administration $154,322 07/02-08/03
Temporary Assignment at NASA
PSYCH Copenhaver, M.. The Apt Foundation Inc $23,633 07/02-06/03
Harm Reduction HIV Prevention Intervention
SOCIOL Broadhead, R. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse $316,736 09/02-06/03
Preventing HIV Among Injection Drug Users (IDUS) in Yaroslavl, Russia
STATISTICS Dey, D. UConn Health Center $6,868 05/02-08/02
Exposure Response Relationships in Hand-Arm Vibrations
PHARM PRACTI White, C. Res. Inst. of the AM. College of Clinical Pharmacy $11,250 07/02-06/03
The American College of Clinical Pharmacy-Merck Cardiovascular Fellowship Grant
PHARM SCI Aneskievich, B. PHS-NIH-Natl. Inst. of Arthritis & Musculoskeletal & Skin Diseases $71,500 09/02-05/03
Epidermal Lipoxygenase Regulation of Transcription
PHARM SCI Grant, D. University of Kansas $21,750 09/02-09/04
Analysis of Oxidized Fatty Acids in Acute Trauma Patients in a Rat Hemorrhage Model
PHARM SCI Pikal, M. NSF-EEC-Industry/Univ. Coop. Research Center $50,000 09/02-08/03
Form Joint Purdue University/UConn Center for Pharmaceutical Processing
Social Work
SOC WORK Cournoyer, D. Connecticut Department of Justice $9,300 07/02-06/03
Evaluation of Alternative Sanctions Programs
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
CAP Miller-Benjamin, D. Ed-Postsecondary Education-Talent Search $276,248 09/02-08/03
Educational Talent Search
Vice Provost for Multicultural Affairs
INTL AFFAIRS Mahan, E. U.S. Department of State $119,465 09/02-09/04
Educational Partnership Program
Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
GRAD SCHOOL Greger, J. NSF-NIH-Research Resources $150,000 09/02-08/03
Networking to Enhance Human Subjects Research Compliance

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