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  October 7, 2002

Dorm Life - 1933
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Student Life in 1933

Around 1933, when Connecticut Agricultural College became Connecticut State College, a rise in enrollment combined with no new dormitories for men since 1913 led to a housing shortage. The solution was to convert some of the chicken coops on Horsebarn Hill into temporary housing, as shown in the photograph above from the mid-1930s. Two of the four students are identified: Kenneth A. Bradley of Middlebury, Class of 1938, center, and Philip H. Marvin of Bridgeport, Class of 1935, standing at right. The others are listed as ? Woodruff (left), and Phil Warzoka (seated at right), however there are no entries for either in yearbooks from that period.

Student reading newspaper

[ABOVE] In a closeup of the photograph, the student identified as Woodruff is reading The Hartford Courant, and [BELOW], four shelves below the radio, is a Sears catalog. In the second detail photograph below, is a banner for Old Orchard Beach, Maine to the left of Philip Marvin.

Detail showing Sears catalogue.
Detail showing Old Orchard Beach banner.

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