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  September 23, 2002

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in July. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
ANIM SCI Tian, X. PHS-NIH-Child Health and Human Development $71,500 08/02-07/03
A Novel Strategy to Improve Reprogramming of Epigenetic Marks by Nuclear (Co-PI: Yang, X.)
CO-OP EXT Giannotti, L. NOAA-National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $89,123 09/02-08/03
An Integrated Educational and Technical Support system for Local Protection of Priority Connecticut Coastal Habitats (Co-PI: Chester, A.)
CO-OP EXT Rozum, J. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $50,000 09/02-08/03
Extending Communication Services and Technical Capacity for the National NEMO Network (Co-PI: Chester, A.)
CO-OP EXT Worthley, T. Town of Haddam, Conn. $5,076 05/01-12/02
Higganum Center Brownfields Pilot Project
NAT RES M&E Miller, D. Dept. of Defense-U.S. Army $5,506 07/02-06/03
Cases99 Conference
NUTR SCI Fernandez, M. American Egg Board $55,000 07/02-07/04
Mechanisms Regulating the Response to Dietary Cholesterol Provided by Eggs: Gender Differences Between Hyper- and Hypo-Responders
NUTR SCI Ferris, A. USDA-National Research Initiative $74,965 07/02-07/04
Contributing to Anemia in Low-Income Toddlers in Hartford, Conn.
PLANT SCI Auer, C. American Association for the Advancement of Science $56,000 09/02-08/03
AAAS Risk Policy Fellowship-Description of Fellowship Money Disbursement Through OSP and the Dept. of Plant Sciences
ECE Jain, F. NSF-Bioengineering & Environmental Systems $93,609 07/02-06/03
Nanochannel Fets and Quantum Dot Based Nonvolatile Memory Cells (Co-PI: Papadimitrakopoulos, F.; Ayers, J.; Aindow, M.)
ECE Luh, P. Toshiba Corp. $2,875 04/02-03/03
Toshiba's Scholarship Awards: Simulation Studies of Mid-Volume-Mid-Variety Supply Networks: Design of Simulation Experiments
ECE Willett, P. DOD-Navy-Naval Undersea Warfare Center $33,100 07/02-01/03
Tracking Approaches to Matched Field Processed Observations
ECE Zhu, Q. Dept. of Defense-U.S. Army $65,994 06/02-06/05
Monitoring Cancer Oxygenation Changes Induced by Ultrasound (Graduate Assistant: Daqing Piao)
METALLURGY Gell, M. General Electric Co. $40,000 02/02-01/03
Industrial Support to the University of Connecticut for Thermal Barrier Coating Research
METALLURGY Shaw, L. NSF-Division of Materials Research $130,000 09/02-08/03
A Novel Surface Nanocrystallization and Hardening (SNH) Process for Improved Fatigue and Wear Resistance
Family Studies
FAMILY STUDIES Arms, K. Fairfield County Cooperative Foundation $25,000 02/02-08/03
Stark Community School Evaluation Award
Liberal Arts & Sciences
ANTHRO Erickson, P. Engender Health $98,186 06/02-07/03
Partnerships in Applied Research to Improve Service Delivery: A Strategic Alliance Between AVSC Intl. & UConn Medical Anthropology
BIOL: EE Elphick, C. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $12,779 06/02-06/03
Saltmarsh-Breeding Sparrows Along the Connecticut Coast: Status and Productivity of Globally Important Populations (Co-PI: Margaret, R.)
BIOL: MC Gogarten, P. National Aeronautics and Space Administration $113,763 07/02-06/03
Horizontal Gene Transfer in Thermophilic Bacteria: Occurrence and Functional Implications (Co-PI: Noll, K.)
CHEMISTRY Michel, R. USDA-National Research Initiative $26,473 07/02-07/03
Capillary Electrophoresis to Enable Zinc Speciation for Studies of Zinc Homeostasis (Co-PI: Freake, H.)
CHEMISTRY Sotzing, G. American Chemical Society-Petroleum Research $35,000 07/02-08/04
Synthesis Characterization of Multi-Dimensional Intrinsically Conductive Polymers
CHEMISTRY Sung, C. Dept. of Defense-Office of Naval Research $50,000 05/02-05/03
Synthesis Characterization of Novel Conjugated Organic Materials
COMM SCI Max, L. NSF-Biological & Critical Systems $11,950 08/02-07/04
DOC Diss: From Babbling to Linguistically-Relevant Articulatory Gestures Continuity & Variability of Speech Motor Organization
CSRA Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Public Health $35,000 06/02-09/02
Lyme Disease Survey
HISTORY Gouwens, K. American Academy in Rome $20,000 08/02-08/03
Reframing a Renaissance Pope: Clement VII and the Papacy in Crisis
MARINE SCI Codiga, D. NOAA-Sea Grant Program $100,936 03/02-02/03
A Ferry-Based Observing System for Long Island Sound: Application to Physical Influences on Hypoxia
MARINE SCI Kremer, J. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $188,434 06/02-07/04
Water Column Oxygen Production and Consumption in Long Island Sound: Measurements and Modeling (Co- PI: Edwards. C.)
MARINE SCI Visscher, P. University of Puerto Rico $34,679 02/02-01/03
Microbial Observations: Diversity of Halophilic Bacteria and Geochemical Signatures in a Tropical Solar Saltern
MATH Gui, C. NSF-Division of Mathematical Sciences $70,999 07/02-06/05
Qualitative Study of Some Partial Differential Equations and Systems
POLI SCI Dautrich, K. Rutgers State University of New Jersey $34,844 03/02-03/03
New Jersey Women's Workforce Survey (Graduate Assistant: Chase Harrison)
PSYCH Kalichman, S. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Mental Health $44,850 06/02-08/02
HIV Treatment Adherence for Persons With Low-Literacy
PSYCH Kalichman, S. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Mental Health $89,122 06/02-08/02
Brief HIV Risk Reduction Counseling
STATISTICS Chen, M. Worcester Polytechnic Institute $12,052 04/02-03/03
Bayesian Approach to Model Selection for Survival Data
STATISTICS Dey, D. UConn Health Center $70,200 09/02-09/04
Organizations, Work Environment and Quality of Care
STATISTICS Ravishanker, N. International Business Machines Corp. $30,000 06/02-05/03
Statistical Modeling and Inference for Software Reliability and Network Traffic
Marine Sciences & Technology Center
NURC Auster, P. Oceana Inc. $12,500 08/02-12/02
A Systematic Approach for Designating Essential Habitats for Economically Important Fishes
PHARM SCI Bogner, R. Alert Marketing $900 07/02-12/02
General Research Support
PHARM SCI Makriyannis, A. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse $251,600 08/02-07/03
Cannabinergic Ligands and Drugs
PHARM SCI Pikal, M. Baxter Healthcare Corp. $6,000 08/02-12/05
Material Properties of Formulations for Freeze Drying
Vice Provost Research & Graduate Education
ERI Carley, R. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $157,752 01/02-06/02
Connecticut Air Toxics Monitorin g Project (Co-PI: Perkins, C.; Trahiotis, M.)