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  September 3, 2002

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in June. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture and Natural Resources
COOP EXT Giannotti, L. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $100,000 03/01-02/02
Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (NEMO) Regional, Town and Watershed Programs
COOP EXT Prisloe, M. Inter-USGS-IWR $24,666 03/02-02/03
Development of Regionally Calibrated Land Cover Impervious Surface Coefficients (Co-PI: Civco, D.)
NAT RES M&E Miller, D. Battelle Pacific Northwest Labs $21,261 10/01-09/02
High Resolution Database of Simultaneous Micrometeorology and Aerosol Concentration
PLANT SCI. Los, L Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $80,000 05/02-09/03
Quinebaug River Watershed Reduced Pesticide/Nutrient Loading Demonstration Project (Co-PIs: Boucher, J.; Ashley, R.)
MKTG Jain, S. U.S. Dept. of Ed.-International Business Education $350,000 12/02-09/03
University of Connecticut High Technology CIBER (Co-PIs: Gutteridge, T., Cann, W., File, K., Hussein, M., Nair, S., O'Brien, T., Palmer, D.)
EDCI Kaufman, D. International Reading Association $10,000 08/02-04/04
Organizing and Managing the Motion-Rich Reading and Writing Workshop: Influences on Literacy Learning and Teaching Practices
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Mixed Sources $8,055 07/01-12/02
CIV ENG Dewolf, J. Conn. Dept. of Transportation $149,136 07/02-09/03
Bridge Monitoring Network in Connecticut
COMP SCI Peters, T. NSF-DMS-Research Experience for Undergraduates $15,000 05/02-04/04
REU: Tango: Topology, Accuracy and Numerics for Geometric Objection in Computer Aided Design
COMP SCI Shvartsman, A. NSF-Division of Graduate Education $46,200 09/02-08/03
NSF-NATO Postdoctoral Fellowship
ECE Willett, P. DOD-NAVY-Naval Undersea Warfare Center $34,457 12/01-09/02
Active Sonar Waveform Fusion for Detection, Localization and Tracking
ECE Willett, P. Qualtech Systems Inc. $15,000 05/02-03/04
Real-Time Onboard Remote Vehicle Health Management Project (Co-PI: Kirubarajan, T.)
MECH ENG Chiu, W. Dept. of Defense-Office of Naval Research $70,000 06/02-04/04
Electrochemical Modeling of Advanced Naval Fuel Cell Systems
MECH ENG Kazerounian, K. Abb, Robotics Technology $22,926 07/02-06/03
Design and Development of a Novel Control Strategy and System for Senior Based Coordination of Computer Controlled Manipulators
Family Studies
FAMILY STUDIES Super, C. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $200,000 07/01-06/03
Connecticut School Readiness Initiative Evaluation
Liberal Arts & Sciences
BIOL: EE Mehrhoff, L. State of Massachusetts Fisheries and Wildlife $15,000 04/01-12/02
Invasive Plant Identification and Plant Evaluation Project
BIOL: MC. Chen, T Southwest Texas State University $56,605 05/02-04/03
Transposon Active Transgenic Xiphophorus
BIOL: MC Lynes, M. Ciencia Inc. $13,000 09/01-12/01
Assessment of Dielectric Field Flow Fractionation
CSRA Bifulco, R. Duke University $70,502 06/02-05/03
The Promise of Charter Schools: Innovation, Organization and Performance
ECONOMICS Carstensen, F. Windham Mills Development Corp $4,800 05/02-08/02
The Economic Impact of the Windham Mills Development Project
PHYSICS Dutta, N. RJM Semiconductors $21,597 06/02-12/02
Mode Locked Laser
PHYSICS Jones, R. U.S. Civilian R&D Foundation $2,500 06/02-05/04
Development of Precise Polarimetry of Coherent Bremsstrahlung Radiation (Energy Range EY=0.3-2 GEV) Using Pari Production Process
PHYSICS Smith, W. NSF-PHY-Research Experience for Undergraduates $4,750 08/00-07/02
REU: Cold Atomic and Molecular Ion-Atom Collisions in a Hybrid Trap
PHYSICS Stwalley, W. North Atlantic Treaty Organization $28,833 01/02-12/04
Fast Optical Non-Contact Electrical Field Mapping for Semiconductors
PHYSICS Wells, B. Research Corp. $75,000 05/02-05/07
Interactive Classroom for Physics Majors and Interactive Electrons in Functional Oxide Films
PSYCH Fein, D. PHS-NIH-Child Health and Human Development $513,232 07/02-06/03
Early Detection of Pervasive Development Disorders (Co-PI: Green, J.; Marianne, B.)
PHARM SCI Bogner, R. University of Connecticut Health Center $3,795 06/02-09/03
Sucrose-Specific Transport and Biofilm Behavior of Streptococcus Mutans
PHARM SCI Pikal, M. Genentech Inc. $10,000 06/02-05/03
Mechanisms of Protein Stabilization in the Solid State
Social Work
SOC WORK Borrero, M. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $80,000 10/01-09/02
Agreement Between the University of Connecticut School of Social Work and the Department of Social Services
SOC WORK Hesselbrock, M. Conn. Dept. of Mental Health and Addiction Svs $117,416 09/01-09/02
Northend Network Project

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