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    April 22, 2002

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in March. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
AG ECON Bravo-Ureta, B. Inter-American Development Bank $110,000 03/02-12/02
Watershed Management Studies: Assessing On-Site Benefits and Farm Profitability Associated with Natural Resource Investments Among Small Farmers
PLANT SCI Auer, C. NSF-Division of International Programs $39,190 03/02-02/05
Approaches to Understanding the Down-Regulation of Cytokinin in Plants Through the N-Glucosyltransferase Pathway
PLANT SCI Singha, S. Univ. of Massachusetts $59,999 11/01-10/06
Northeast Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (Co-PI: Growney, R.; Arthur, D.)
IMS Xie, X. Boston Scientific Corp. $12,466 02/02-06/02
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Experiments for Taxol/Sibs Formulations
CHEM ENG Helble, J. NSF-EEC-Research Experience for Undergraduates $66,589 01/02-02/03
REU: Site in Chemical Engineering at the Manoscale (Co-PI: Erkey, C.)
CHEM ENG Wood, T. NSF-BES-Environmental Protection Agency $230,293 02/02-01/03
Metabolic Engineering of Monooxygenases for 1-Naphthol and Styrene Epoxide Formation
CIV ENG Holmen, B. NSF-BES-Career Development Program $142,062 02/02-01/03
Vehicle-Derived Ultrafine Particles and Their Absorbates: Formation and Aging Effects on Organic Composition and Size Distribution
CIV ENG Smets, B. Conn. Agric. Experiment Station (New Haven) $191,214 12/01-12/04
Mechanistic Role of Plant Root Exudates in the Phytoremediation of Persistent Organic Pollutants (Co-PI: Gage, D.)
MECH ENG Bergman, T. Ford Motor Company Fund $2,000 08/01-12/02
Senior Design Projects
Liberal Arts & Sciences
BIOL: MC Lynes, M. Ciencia Inc. $75,000 01/02-12/03
Surface Plasmon Resonance Instrumentation for Cell Biology Microgravity Research
BIOL: PN Nishiyama, A. Wadsworth Foundation $110,000 03/02-02/03
Molecular Mechanisms of Neuron-Glial Interaction
CHEMISTRY Smith, M. UConn Health Center $25,463 08/01-07/02
Bacterial Lipids, Periodontal Disease and Atherosclerosis
ECONOMICS Carstensen, F. Sharpton, Brunson & Co. $8,000 01/02-06/02
Economic Impact Analysis of the Bridgeport Landing Project
HISTORY Omara-Otunnu, A. Andrew W Mellon Foundation $700,000 12/01-03/05
Preserving the African National Congress Archives - Phase II
MARINE SCI Monahan, E. NOAA-National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $38,000 02/02-01/03
Connecticut Sea Grant College Program: Knaus Marine Policy Fellowship (Fellowship: Laura L. Letson)
MARINE SCI Monahan, E. NOAA-National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $38,000 02/02-01/03
Connecticut Sea Grant College Program: Knaus Marine Policy Fellowship (Fellowship: Rebecca M. Weidman)
MARINE SCI Visscher, P. National Aeronautics and Space Administration $16,665 03/02-02/03
Microbial Signatures of Life: Biogenic Gases and Mineral Precipitates as Parameters to Assess Bacterial Activity
PHYSICS Schweitzer, J. National Aeronautics and Space Administration $135,000 12/01-02/03
Detection of Gun Powder Residue and Body Fluids Using Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Systems (Goddard Space Flight Center)
POLI SCI Robbins, M. Town of Farmington, Conn. $2,000 01/02-05/02
Family and Medical Leave Act: Policies and Procedures for the Town of Farmington, Conn.
PSYCH Frisman, L. Conn. Dept of Mental Health & Addiction Svs $37,790 09/01-09/02
Center for Mental Health Services-Data Infrastructure Grant
PSYCH Frisman, L. Town of New Britain, Conn. $86,781 09/01-09/04
Targeted Capacity Expansion
Marine Sciences & Technology Center
NURC Babb, I. NOAA-National Underwater Research Center $1,723,833 01/02-12/02
The National Undersea Research Center for the North Atlantic and Great Lakes
PHARM SCI Makriyannis, A. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Drug Abuse $435,425 01/02-12/02
Molecular Basis of Cannabinoid Activity
PHARM SCI Pikal, M. Inhale Therapeutic Systems Inc. $48,160 03/02-05/03
Drying Induced Composition Heterogeneity and Protein Stability
Vice Provost for Student Affairs
HLTH SVCS Manton, M. Schachtel Associates $97,200 03/02-12/02
A Comparison of an Analgesic and Placebo in Subjects With Sore Throat
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
UNDERGRAD Jarvi, S. UConn Health Center $14,638 07/02-08/02
3000 X 2000 Pre-College Enrichment Program
Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
ERI Carley, R. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $25,000 03/02-06/02
Long Term Continuation of the Connecticut Atmospheric Nitrogen Monitoring Network (Co-PI: Perkins, C.)
ERI Carley, R. Ionomem Corporation $404,350 11/01-11/02
Demo of a 1 KW High Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell Stack for Demonstration of Reliable, Clean, Efficient Power G
INTL AFFAIRS Demuzzio, K. Dept. of Higher Education $25,000 04/02-09/03
Understanding the Middle East
ISI Rockwell, R. NSF-Division of Social & Economic Science $18,657 03/02-02/03
Collaborative Research: The Data Documentation Initiative (DDI) Version 1.1

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