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  April 8, 2002

The following grants were received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in February. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center Office of Grants and Contracts and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Federal Research
Physiology Hla, T. Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute $325,313 3/01-1/03
Sphingolipid Modulators of Vascular Growth and Homeostasis
Medicine Hurley, M. National Institute of Arthritis/Musculoskeletal/Skin $262,234 2/00-1/03
Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Expression in Bone Cells
Psychiatry Kaminer, Y. Alcohol & Alcoholism $92,736 2/02-1/03
After Care for Adolescents with Substance Use Disorder
Neuroscience Kim, D. National Institute in Deaf & Comm. Disorders $100,000 7/96-1/03
Auditory Neurobiology & Biophysics
Medicine Kream, B. National Institute of Arthritis/ Musculoskeletal/Skin $232,284 2/00-1/03
Parathyroid Hormone Induced Icer in Bone
Genetics & Development Rowe, D. NASA $87,500 9/00-8/02
Use of GFP Transgenes to Assess Osteoprogenitor Progression in Intact Bone
Physiology Shapiro, L. National Cancer Institute $6,116 9/01-3/02
MAF Molecular Interactions in Hematopoiesis
Psychiatry Steinberg, K. Child Health & Human Development $100,666 2/01-1/03
Prenatal Predictors of Risk for Child Maltreatment
Medicine Wu, G. National Institute of Arthritis/Musculoskeletal/Skin $318,083 2/01-1/03
Targeted Gene Delivery & Expression in Hepatocytes
Private Research
Psychology Aseltine, R. William T. Grant Foundation $56,111 6/01-6/03
Disruptive Transition From Adolescence to Adulthood: A Study of High School Dropouts
Community Medicine & Health Bailit, H. Donaghue Foundation $132,047 2/01-1/03
Screening, Outreach, & Safety for Abused Prenatal Patients
Center on Aging Bellantonio, S. Waveny Care Center $30,000 9/01-8/02
Evaluating Health Outcomes in Waveny Care Centers Dementia Care Programs
Pediatrics Bruder, M. Conn. Development Disabilities Council $89,620 1/02-12/02
Connecticut Partners in Policy Making
Psychiatry Deckel, A. R. & C.Patterson Trust $40,000 1/02-1/03
Decreased Neuronl Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity in Huntington's Disease
Medicine Dieckhaus, K. Yale $9,624 9/01-8/02
Adherence Through Home Education & Nursing Assessment
Pharmacology Feinstein, M. R. & C. Patterson Trust $40,000 2/02-1/03
Role of the Cherp Gene in Cardiac Muscle Function and Development
Medicine Guha, A. Natural Alternatives International $24,000 11/01-2/02
Development of a Class of Drugs Based Partially on the Actions
Medicine Hager, D. Duke University $150 6/98-6/02
Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure Trial SCD-HEFT
Pediatric Dentistry Hand, A. University of Rochester $19,870 4/00-3/02
Molecular Basis of Idiopathic Dry Mouth: Sub-Project 1 Xerostomia Defects
Center on Aging Kerins, G. Research Foundation for Mental Hygiene $5,000 8/01-7/05
Multicenter Vitamin E Trial in Aging Persons with Down Syndrome
Surgery Kurtzman, S. Pittsburgh $200 6/95-6/03
NSABP Breast Cancer Prevention Trial
Surgery Kurtzman, S. Pittsburgh $3,800 2/97-1/02
NSABP Breast Cancer & Bowel Cancer Treatment
Physiology Loew, L. Molecular Probes Inc. $1,408 4/95-4/02
Material Transfer
Physiology. Loew, L Texas A&M University $109,682 4/99-11/02
Stochastic Sensing with Engineered Channel Proteins
Oral Diagnosis Peterson, D. American College of Radiology $3,375 6/00-12/02
IB-367 Rinse in Reducing the Severity of Oral Mucositis in Patients
Molecular Medicine Rosenberg, D. R. & C. Patterson Trust $60,000 2/02-1/03
Gene Profiling OS Pre-Malignant Colon Lesions
Medicine Rothfield, N. University of Tennessee $38,284 9/99-10/01
Multi-Center Phase II Trial of Oral Type 1 Bovine Collagen in Patients
Biochemistry Setlow, P. University of Calif. Berkeley $87,300 6/01-6/02
Genome-Based Discovery of Threat Agent Medical Counter Measures
Medicine Sporn, J. Tufts University $32,972 7/94-12/02
ECOG Cooperative Outreach Program
Center for Immunotherapy of Cancer Srivastava, P. Charles Dana Foundation $150,000 12/02-11/02
Harnessing CD-91 Ligands for Rapid Treatment of Infections of Unknown Antigenicity
Oral Diagnosis Tanzer, J. R. & C. Patterson Trust $50,000 2/02-2/03
Sucrose-Specific Transport & Virulence of Streptococcus
Microbial Pathogenesis Zyfferey, R. R. & C. Patterson Trust $50,000 2/02-1/03
Functional Characterization of a Choline Transporter LMCTL1 of the Human
State Research
Surgery Albertsen, P. Department of Public Health $119,137 8/01-11/02
Prostate Cancer Outcomes Study

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