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  March 25, 2002

The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in February. The list represents only new proposals awarded, and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture and Natural Resources
ANIM SCI Faustman, C. University of Massachusetts $250,346 09/01-04/02
Efficacy of Producing Stable W-3 Fatty Acid-Enhanced Foods to Improve Human Health
COOP EXT Broderick, S. Norcross Foundation $28,273 02/02-01/04
A Cooperative Agreement Between the University of Connecticut and the Norcross Wildlife Foundation Inc.
COOP EXT Meader, J. University of Delaware $7,500 10/01-09/02
CSREES Regional Risk Management Education Project
COOP EXT Prisloe, M. NOAA-Sea Grant $100,000 01/02-12/03
Creation of an Earth Grant Geospatial Technology Extension Program (Co-PIs: Civco, D.; Chester, A.)
COOP EXT Pundt, L. New England Greenhouse Conference $2,000 01/02-12/02
Integrated Pest Management Fact Sheet Series - Herbaceous Perennials
NUTR SCI Fernandez, M. American Egg Board $49,689 01/02-12/02
Eggs as Part of a Healthy Diet in Mexican Children
NUTR SCI Lammi-Keefe, C. USDA-Coop. State Research, Education and Extension Service $276,000 07/02-07/07
National Needs Fellowship
NUTR SCI Rodriguez, N. University of California at Irvine $7,500 12/00-01/02
Mechanisms of Exercise Modulation on Human Growth: Impacts on Protein Metabolism
PLANT SCI McAvoy, R. DED-CII-High Tech R&D Grant Program $173,565 01/02-12/03
Development of Unique and Commercially Valuable Ornamental Plants through Genetic Engineering
EDLR Bell, A. DHE-Teaching & Learning Enhanced by Technology $23,583 07/01-12/02
Assessment and Facilitation of Student Critical Thinking in Asynchronous Online Discussions
EKIN Kraemer, W. Pharmanex Inc. $158,817 01/02-08/02
Effects of Cortiplex on Cortisol Responses and the Underlying Hormonal Cytokine, and Receptor Mechanisms of Exercise Stress (Co-PI: Maresh, C.)
CHEM ENG Cooper, D. Wyeth-Lederle Inc. $895 01/02-12/02
Emerging Technologies
CHEM ENG Helble, J. Johns Hopkins University $36,966 10/00-09/02
Single Particle Morphology and Composition: Stack and Ambient Air Characterizations
CIV ENG Anagnostou, E. NSF-EAR-CAREER Development Award $82,971 02/02-01/03
Advancing Knowledge on Precipitation Microphysics for Improving Radar Rainfall Estimation and Quantitative Precipitation Forecasting
CIV ENG Smets, B. Johns Hopkins University $110,898 10/00-09/02
Geochemistry, Biochemistry, and Surface/Groundwater Interactions for AS, etc., with Application to Contaminated Waterfronts (Co-PIs: Nikolaidis, N.; Allison, M.)
COMP SCI Goldin, D. NSF-Integrated Sounding System $74,368 02/01-03/02
Towards Practical Constraint Query Algebras
COMP SCI Shvartsman, A. Massachusetts Institute Technology $83,963 01/02-08/02
Communication and Data Sharing in Dynamic Distributed Systems (Co-PI: Russell, A.)
ECE Bansal, R. Electric Boat Division $21,499 02/02-12/02
RF Power Transmission to and Telemetry from an Antenna Array
ECE Fox, M. Multi-Dimension Technology $22,000 09/01-08/02
Recursive Algorithm for Volumetric Analysis
MECH ENG Langston, L. United Technologies - Pratt & Whitney $150,000 01/02-06/02
University of Connecticut Endwall Loss Reduction Program
Fine Arts
ART Holmes, S. Connecticut Commission on the Arts $9,000 07/01-05/02
Sound Excursions, a Culturally Diverse Concert Series and Workshops
ART Myers, K. J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board $10,000 01/02-05/02
Fulbright Scholarship
Liberal Arts & Sciences
CSRA Barnes, C. Benova Inc. $60,000 12/01-12/04
Customer Satisfaction Survey for the Connecticut Department of Social Services CCAP Programs
GEOG Cromley, E. Ledge Light Health District $2,110 02/02-03/02
GIS for Lyme Disease Prevention in the Ledge Light Health District (Geographic Information System)
MARINE SCI Kremer, J. University of Rhode Island $13,585 10/01-09/02
Water Quality Profilers for the Pawcatuck Estuary
PHYSICS Gai, M. North Atlantic Treaty Organization $7,561 12/01-12/03
Destruction of 7Li and 7Be in Stellar and Cosmological Environments
PHYSICS Pollack, E. University of Hartford-Space Grant College $185,945 08/01-11/02
Atomic and Molecular Processes in Planetary Atmospheres (Co-PIs: Kessel, Q.; Winthrop, S.)
POLI SCI Best, S. Workers Compensation Research Institute $91,250 10/01-02/02
Workers' Attitudes Towards Compensation Systems II
PSYCH Essock, S. Conn. Dept of Mental Health and Addiction Services $238,849 07/01-06/02
Assertive Community Treatment for Dually Diagnosed Clients: Long-Term Follow-Up Study (Co-PI: Frisman, L.)
Marine Sciences & Technology Center
NURC Auster, P. NOAA-National Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $14,668 01/02-12/02
Analysis and Interpretation of Archived Video Imagery and Beam Trawl Survey Data from Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
NURSING Lacoursiere, S. PHS-NIH-Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality $32,399 02/02-01/03
Telecares-NI Telehealth Support in Cardiovascular Disease: The Effect of Internet-Based Nursing Intervention on Psychological & Physiological Outcomes, Support, Satisfaction, Communication and Interactive Health Application Usage
Social Work
SOC WORK Davidson, K. Connecticut Department of Social Services $156,815 07/01-06/02
Voluntary Paternity Establishment Program
SOC WORK Klein, W. Town of Newington, Conn. $25,000 01/02-06/02
Senior and Disabled Center Needs Assessment and Community Profile (Co-PI: Parks, C.)
Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
ERI Carley, R. Connecticut Dept. of Environmental Protection $14,000 07/01-01/02
Analytical Support for Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS) Program (Co-PI: Perkins, C.)
ERI Perkins, C. Johns Hopkins University $52,439 10/01-09/02
Urban Environmental Issues: Hartford Technology Transfer and Outreach
ISI. Timms-Ferrara, L Tufts University $2,000 01/02-01/03
Roper Center Membership

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