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  March 11, 2002

The following grants were received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in January. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center Office of Grants and Contracts and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Department Principal
Sponsor Amount Award Period
Federal Research
Child and Family Studies Program Bruder, M. Department of Education $324,213 1/02-12/02
A Social Competence Curriculum for Toddlers with Behavior Problems
Biochemistry Carson, J. Neurological Disorders & Stroke $274,392 12/01-11/02
Myelin Protein Polymorphism & Membrane Biogenesis
Physiology Furneaux, H. Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute $305,994 11/00-12/02
Regulation of VEGF MRNA Stability by Hypoxia
Physiology Hla, T. Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute $280,245 1/99-11/02
Cyclooxygenase Genes in Vascular Pathobiology
Biochemistry King, G. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $314,200 1/01-12/02
Topological Regulation of Prokaryotic Cell Division
Cntr. Immun. of Cancer Menoret, A. National Cancer Institute $204,764 1/00-12/02
Immunological Role of the Stress Inducible HSP70
Biochemistry Peng, Z. NASA $66,000 11/01-10/02
High Throughput Profiling by Heteronuclear NMR
Psychiatry Petry, N. National Institute of Drug Abuse $224,820 09/00-08/02
Vouchers vs. Prizes: Contingency Management for Applied Settings
Pathology Rajan, T. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $392,525 12/00-11/02
Factors Affecting Growth of Brugia Malavi in SCID Mice
Surgery Sarfarazi, M. National Eye Institute $394,352 12/99-11/02
Molecular Genetics of Chronic Open-Angle Glaucoma
Physiology Shapiro, L. Heart, Blood, & Lung Institute $330,142 9/01-7/02
Pathway in Inflammation-Driven Angiogenesis
Physiology Shapiro, L. National Cancer Institute $97,646 9/01-3/02
MaF Molecular Interactions in Hematopoiesis
Microbiology Weller, S. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $404,343 12/97-11/02
Genetics of HSV DNA Replication
Microbial Pathogenesis Wikel, S. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $172,544 7/00-12/02
Host Immunosuppressive Proteins of Tick Salivary Gland
Biology Wu, D. National Cancer Institute $224,820 1/01-12/02
Signaling Mechanisms for WNT Proteins
Private Research
Molecular Medicine Arnold, A. The Paget's Disease Foundation Inc. $10,000 10/01-9/02
Molecular Mechanisms in Parathyroid Neoplasia
Behavioral Science & Com. Aseltine, R. UMass $46,430 9/01-4/02
Reducing Mental Health Risks in Adult Transitions
Community Medicine & Health Babor, T. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation $33,284 9/01-8/02
Managing Risky Drinking
Center on Aging Bellantonio, S. Donaghue Foundation $88,713 1/00-12/02
Quality Care for Assisted Living Persons Living with Dementia
Pediatrics Cloutier, M. St. Francis Hospital $6,950 3/01-3/02
The Healthy Homes Project
Psychiatry Covault, J. Donaghue Foundation $60,389 1/00-12/02
Markers of Biological Risk in Schizophrenia
Medicine Dieckhaus, K. Yale University $6,576 1/02-6/02
Developing a Trust in Provider Instrument
Orthopedics Gronowicz, G. Donaghue Foundation $59,627 1/00-12/02
The Effect of Aging on Human Bone Cell/Implant Interactions
Neurology Hassan, M. University of Rochester $3,674 2/01-7/02
A Multi-Center Double-Study of Rasagiline Mesylate in Parkinsons Disease
Genetics & Development Helfand, S. Donaghue Foundation $118,973 1/00-12/02
Molecular Genetics of Aging
Neuroscience Hewitt, S. Donaghue Foundation $114,400 1/01-12/02
Mechanisms of Inflammatory Central Nervous System Injury
Physiology Hla, T. American Heart Association $75,000 1/01-12/01
Sphingosine -1- Phosphate/EDG-1 Signaling in the Vasculature
Psychiatry Huey, L. Donaghue Foundation $57,949 1/02-12/02
Event-Related Functional MRI of Adult ADHD
Biochemistry King, S. Donaghue Foundation $114,400 1/01-12/02
Intracellular Transport and the Regulation of Molecular Motor-Cargo Interactions
Psychiatry Kranzler, H. Yale University $234,833 9/00-8/02
Genetics of Cocaine Dependence
Surgery Kurtzman,S. Pittsburgh $5,650 6/95-6/03
NSABP Breast Cancer Prevention Trial
Surgery Kurtzman, S. Pittsburgh $8,750 2/97-1/02
NSABP Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Diag. Imaging & Therapeutic Lai, S. Donaghue Foundation $61,237 1/00-12/02
Improved Stroke Outcome Quantitative Functional MRI
Community Medicine & Health Lazzarini, Z. Foundation Open Society Inst. $5,400 10/01-10/02
Harm Reduction in Eastern Europe
Surgery Leonard, G. Donaghue Foundation $60,000 1/01-12/02
Non-Invasive Measures of Auditory Integrity in Infants
Hypertension/ Medicine Oncken, C. Donaghue Foundation $60,000 1/01-12/02
Effects of Nicotine on Bone Turnover in Older Women
Pathology O'Rourke, J. Conn. Eye Bank Visual Research Foundation $100 7/99-6/02
Taylor Postdoctoral Fellowship for Vascular Eye Research
Medicine Parke, A. Lupus Foundation of Amer., Connecticut Chapter Inc. $25,000 1/02-12/02
Lupus Block Grant
Biochemistry Peng, Z. American Cancer Society $189,230 1/02-12/02
Structural Consequences of Cancer Derived Mutations in Tumor Suppressor p16
Oral Diagnosis Peterson, D. American College of Radiology $13,500 6/00-12/02
IB-367 Rinse in Reducing the Severity of Oral Mucositis in Patients
Psychiatry Petry, N. Donaghue Foundation $114,400 1/01-12/02
Brief Interventions for Problem Gamblers
Medicine Pilbeam, C. Donaghue Foundation $110,000 1/02-12/02
COX-2 Regulation of Osteoblast Replication and Apoptosis
Genetics & Development Reenan, R. Donaghue Foundation $110,000 1/02-12/02
Neurogenetics of Ion Channel Function and Dysfunction
Pediatrics Salazar, J. Conn. Children's Medical Center $55,388 11/01-12/02
Erythema Migraines Window to Lyme Disease
Medicine Smith, T. Boehringer Ingelheim $1,000 7/98-6/01
Material Transfer
Medicine Taxel, P. Donaghue Foundation $60,000 1/00-12/02
Effect of Estrogen Therapy on Men with Prostate Cancer
Child & Family Studies Program Whitbread, K. Conn Development Disabilities Council $135,026 1/02-12/02
Action Planning in Education
Hypertension/ Medicine White, W. Donaghue Foundation $59,606 1/01-12/02
Blood Pressure Measurement During Pregnancy
Biology Wu, D. American Heart Association $75,000 1/02-12/02
Signaling Mechanisms for G Proteins of the G12 Class
Medicine Zakko, S. Pressure Profile Systems Inc. $12,000 7/01-6/02
Comprehensive & User Friendly Procedure for Esophageal Manometry
State Research
Pediatrics Bruder, M. Conn. Dept. of Administrative Services $79,300 11/01-9/02
Idea General Supervision
Psychiatry Ford, J. Department of Public Health $1,300,000 11/01-9/02
Terrorism-Related Behavioral Health Crisis Needs of Conn. Residents
Surgery Kurtzman, S. UConn Storrs $9,750 9/01-3/02
A Novel Breast Imaging Device Using Ultrasound & NIR Light
Pharmacology Schenkman, J. UConn Storrs $3,600 9/99-12/02
Electrocatalytic Studies of Toxic Pollutant Activation

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