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  February 25, 2002

Husky Coffee Label Blends
Pride, Scholarship Support
By Rachel Stein

UConn's Huskies now have something new to bark about: Husky Blend and Husky Decaf coffees.

Omar Coffee Co. of Hartford has joined the dog pack. The private label coffee is now an officially licensed product of the University of Connecticut, and royalties from the retail sale of Omar's Husky Blend and Husky Decaf will directly benefit UConn scholarship programs.

"Coffee is what we do best, and educating is what UConn does best, so we are extremely proud to blend the two in this unique way," says Keith Lemnios, president of Omar Coffee.

Omar has been a continuous supporter of UConn, he says. "We feel the availability and reputation of our coffee, along with the instant recognition and popularity of the Husky logo, will result in significant royalties being directed to the school's scholarship program."

Omar Coffee Co. established a scholarship program at UConn in 1994. Since then, Omar has donated more than $100,000 to help defray the educational costs and support the academic achievements of the University's student athletes.

Husky Blend and Husky Decaf coffees are available in 12-ounce cans at stores including Stop & Shop, Big Y, IGA Stores, and Highland Park Market. They also are distributed to restaurants and convenience stores. Income from all retail sales will benefit UConn scholarship programs.

Husky blends will also be available to non-profit organizations for resale as a fund-raising item.

Should any Husky fan forget that UConn has won many different championships, the blue and red cans come marked with the years the University has won various different sports championships, including women's field hockey and soccer.

Omar Coffee was founded in 1937.

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