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  February 11, 2002

Ice Polo - 1890s

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Ice Polo Team 1891

There were three team sports in Storrs in the 1890s: football, baseball, and ice polo - a game similar to hockey but with shorter sticks and a ball instead of a puck. This photo is of the Storrs Agricultural School ice polo team in about 1891, playing on the Duck Pond (Swan Lake). Ice polo, which developed in the United States, was replaced by ice hockey - which developed in Canada - early in the 20th century. This view looks southeast toward (from left) the Storrs Agricultural Experiment Station, the chemistry laboratory, and Old Main. Behind the windmill of the water well is the rear of Gold Hall, a men's dormitory. Women began to attend SAS as commuters in the fall of 1891. [Photos From University Archives]

Image Detail: Uniforms

[ ABOVE ] A closer look at the photograph shows the jerseys of the ice polo players -- with SAS for Storrs Agricultural School. The name would change to Storrs Agricultural College in 1893.

Baseball Team - 1891

[ ABOVE ] A photo of the SAS baseball team, also from around 1891, shows that the jerseys worn by the ice polo team were probably the same ones used for other SAS teams.

Ice Polo and Baseball Jerseys

[ ABOVE ] A side-by-side comparision shows that the jerseys for ice polo were very likely shared with the baseball team of the school. Their caps also look similar.

By Mark J. Roy

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