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January 28, 2002

Ice Skating - 1904
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Ice Skating - 1904

Students and local children skate on the Duck Pond (known today as Swan Lake) in 1904. This view is looking east, toward Horsebarn Hill and the old Storrs Congregational Church. The wooden church, built in the 1840s, was replaced by the current church, a brick structure, in 1927.
[Photo From University Archives]

Photo Detail: Skaters

[ ABOVE ] A close-up of the left side of the photograph shows two men in military style hats at left, and a group of skaters that includes a young man with a "C" on his sweater.

Photo Detail: Skaters and Church

[ ABOVE ]  In this detail portion of the photograph, the Storrs Congregational Church can be seen in the background. It faced eastward on to what is now Route 195. The man in the white letter sweater appears to be holding what may be a hockey stick (hockey replaced ice-polo as a campus sport around 1902).

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