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  December 3, 2001


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in October. The list represents only new proposals awarded and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance each month by the Office for Sponsored Programs, and is printed in one or more issues, depending on space available.

Agricultural & Natural Resources
Family Studies

Liberal Arts & Sciences

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
AGR Kerr, K. USDA-Animal Health-537 $21,622 10/01-9/02
Animal Health-537 Mother File FY 2002
AGR Kerr, K. USDA-Hatch Administration -428 $631,522 10/01-9/02
Hatch-428 Mother File FY 2002
AGR Kerr, K. USDA-McIntire-Stennis-536 $57,113 10/01-9/02
McIntire-Stennis-536 Mother File FY 2002
AGR Kerr, K. USDA-Multistate Research-462 $354,718 10/01-9/02
Multistate-462 Mother File FY 2002
COOP EXT Bartholomew, C. University of Maine $8,642 1/01-12/01
New England Pest Management Information Network
COOP EXT Giannotti, L. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $25,000 10/02-12/02
Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials (Nemo): Reducing Impacts from Urban Areas (Co-PI: Gibbons, C.; Chester, A.)
COOP EXT Hirsch, D. U.S. Dept. of Agriculture $231,863 9/01-9/03
Development, Testing and Implementation of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Models (Co-PI: Venkitanarayanan, K.)
COOP EXT Richard, R. USDA-Forest Service $14,500 10/01-6/02
Urban Forestry Volunteers
NAT RES M&E Miller, D. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $99,800 10/01-9/02
Connecticut River Airshed-Watershed Consortium
NUTR SCI Fernandez, M. The California Table Grape Commission $25,000 9/01-8/02
Favorable Effects of Grapes on Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) Oxidation & Atherosclerotic Lesions.
NUTR SCI Lammi-Keefe, C. USDA-Cooperative State Research $1,200,000 9/01-9/05
Can (Docosahexaenoic Acid) DHA-Functional Food in Pregnancy Enhance Infant Neurobehavioral Development? (Co-PI: Thoman, E.)
NUTR SCI Shanley, E. USDA-Cooperative State Research $498,986 9/01-9/04
Is the Internet an Effective Means of Teaching Food Safety to High-Risk Students? (Co-PI: Thompson, C.)
PATHOBIOL Deguise, S. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency $666,649 10/01-9/04
Comparative in Vitro Immunotoxicology of Organochlorine Mixtures: Validation and Use in Risk Assessment
PLANT SCI Berkowitz, G. USDA-Foreign Agricultural Service $5,000 8/01-8/02
Improving Salt Tolerance of Winter Wheat (Co-PIs: Gaxiola, R.; Li, Y.)
EPSY Brown, S. Conn. Dept. of Education $75,000 9/01-8/02
Educational Technology Assessment of Connecticut's Teachers (Co-PI: Kulikowich, J.)
EPSY Kehle, T. Futures Inc. $10,539 9/01-6/02
Psychological Services to Students (Graduate Assistant: Weinstein, K.; Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.)
EPSY Kehle, T. Windsor Public Schools, Windsor, Conn. $12,033 8/01-8/02
Psychological Services to Students (Graduate Assistant: Zizzamia, R.; Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.)
EPSY Kehle, T. Windsor Public Schools, Windsor, Conn. $11,435 8/01-8/02
Psychological Services to Students (Graduate Assistant: Tims, J.; Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.)
EPSY Kehle, T. Windsor Public Schools, Windsor, Conn. $12,033 8/01-8/02
Psychological Services to Students (Graduate Assistant: Rek, A.; Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.)
EPSY Kehle, T. Windsor Public Schools, Windsor, Conn. $11,435 8/01-8/02
Psychological Services to Students (Graduate Assistant: Ariola, M.; Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.)
EPSY Kehle, T. Windsor Public Schools, Windsor, Conn. $11,435 8/01-8/02
Psychological Services to Students (Graduate Assistant: Tate, C.; Co-PIs: Bray, M.; Chafouleas, S.)
CHEM ENG Fenton, J. NSF-EPA Div. Chemical & Thermal Systems $25,000 9/01-8/02
Novel Hydrogen Reactor/Separator Design for a Fuel Cell Vehicle Infrastructure to Maintain a Sustainable Environment (Co-PI: Kunz, R.)
COMP SCI Santos, E. Dept. of Defense-U.S. Air Force $24,000 9/01-9/04
Adversary Intent Inference for Predictive Battlespace Awareness
ECE Enderle, J. IEEE Industry App. Society & IEEE Foundation $18,500 8/01-8/02
Support Activities of John Enderle as Co-Editor of EMB Magazine (Engineering in Medicine & Biology)
ECE Javidi, B. DED-CII-Cooperative Grants $259,261 6/01-5/03
3-D Digital Scanner Corp: Visicon Inspection Technologies LLC
MECH ENG Zhang, B. Optoelectronics Systems Consulting Inc. $21,496 7/01-12/01
Single-Pass Growth of Full Color Oled Displays Using a Scanning Localized Evaporation Methodology
METALLURGY Gell, M. United Technologies-Pratt & Whitney $10,000 2/02-1/03
Industrial Support to the University of Connecticut for Thermal Barrier Coating Research
Family Studies
FAMILY STUDIES Anderson, S. Conn. Office of Policy and Management $10,000 1/01-6/02
Combating Underage Drinking (Co-PI: Sabatelli, R.)
FAMILY STUDIES Harkness, S. NSF-Biological & Critical Systems $9,575 9/01-8/02
Building an Agenda for Integrated Developmental Ethnographic Research (Co-PI: Super, C.)
Liberal Arts & Sciences
BIOL: EE Caira, J. NSF-Div. of Environmental Biology $300,000 9/01-8/03
Enhancing Taxonomy in the Cestoda: Monography of Selected Tetraphyllidean Groups and the Dawn of a Global Cestoda Database
BIOL: EE Caira, J. NSF-Div. of Environmental Biology $324,953 9/01-8/04
A Survey of the Elasmobranchs of Borneo and their Metazoan Parasites
BIOL: EE Silander, J. USDA-Cooperative State Research $1,266,000 9/01-9/05
Early Detection and Rapid Assessment of Invasive Plant Species and Noxious Weeds (Co-PI: Mehrhoff, L.)
BIOL: EE Wagner, D. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $30,000 10/01-9/03
Dragonfly and Damselfly Surveys
BIOL: MC Benson, D. University of California-Davis $25,202 8/00-7/02
Co-Evolution Among Actinorhizal Roscaceae and Their Symbionts
BIOL: MC Giardina, C. UConn Health Center $5,388 9/01-2/02
Free Radical Biology in the Etiology of Colon and Breast Cancer
BIOL: MC Laufer, H. Conn. DEP-Long Island Sound Lobster $248,428 5/01-4/03
Hormonal Responses of the Lobster to Stresses of Western Long Island Sound
CSRA Barnes, C. Conn. Dept. of Social Services $56,500 9/01-3/02
Dept. of Social Services for the El derly Aging Survey
CSRA Barnes, C. The Manhattan Institute $130,000 10/01-1/02
Manhattan Institute Survey
GEOGRAPHY Cromley, E. Conn. Dept. of Public Health $13,226 9/01-9/02
GIS for Prevention of Tick-Borne Illness Year 3
MARINE SCIS Bohlen, W. U.S. EPA-Long Sound Island Office $120,000 10/01-9/02
Operation and Maintenance of Mysound Water Quality Monitoring Network in Long Island Sound
MARINE SCIS Dam, H. NOAA-Nat'l. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $320,792 9/01-8/04
Ecological and Evolutionary Consequences of the Spreading of Alexandrium to Grazers, and Implications for Bloom Formation and Maintenance
MARINE SCIS Lin, S. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $67,850 9/01-2/04
Investigation of Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Phytoplankton in Long Island Sound
MARINE SCIS Monahan, E. NOAA-Sea Grant $227,034 9/01-8/02
Development of an Integrated Recirculating Aquaculture System for Nutrient Bioremediation in Urban Aquaculture (Co-PI: Yarish, C.)
MARINE SCIS Monahan, E. NOAA-Sea Grant $50,000 9/01-2/02
Connecticut Sea Grant College Program Omnibus Proposal Supplement for 2001-2002 (Co-PIs: Chester, A.; Giannotti, L.)
MARINE SCIS Skoog, A. Washington University-St. Louis $5,000 10/01-12/01
Analysis of Neutral Aldose in Vent Samples
MARINE SCIS Torgersen, T. NSF-Division of Earth Sciences $264,600 2/01-1/04
Systems Dynamics of Detention/Retention in Ponds
POLI SCI Best, S. Emporia State University $3,500 10/01-1/02
The State of Internationalization in Kansas Undergraduate Institutions
POLI SCI Best, S. Vanderbilt University $28,500 9/01-9/02
Tennessee Voter Attitudes
POLI SCI Dautrich, K. Rutgers-State University of New Jersey $6,000 8/01-9/01
Lucent Technologies Foundation Global Science Scholars Program Telephone Survey
SOCIOLOGY Gugler, J. U.S. Dept. of State $179,969 9/01-8/04
Proposal for a Partnership Between the University of Connecticut and Ecole Nationale D'Economie Appliquée, Senegal
NURSING Anderson, E. Yale University $87,949 10/01-10/02
Exploration of the Effect of Nausea, Self-Efficacy, and Health Care Relationships on Medication Adherence in AIDS Patients
NURSING Cusson, R. University of Maryland $12,710 8/01-6/02
Adult Attachment and Intervention Efficacy in Preterms
NURSING McDonald, D. Yale University $84,330 10/01-10/02
Assisting Elders to Communicate Their Pain After Surgery
PHARM PRACT Reddy, P. Astra Zeneca Clinical Pharmacy $1,800 7/01-6/02
Drug Utilization Review of Asthma Management in Connecticut's Medicaid Population
PHARM SCI Bahr, B. Merz Pharmaceuticals $11,314 7/01-6/02
NMDA Receptor Antagonism for Influencing Chronic Toxicity in Hippocampal Slice Cultures
PHARM SCI Burgess, D. Juvenile Diabetes Foundation $55,000 10/01-9/02
Inflammation Suppressing Smart Coatings for Implantable Glucose Biosensors
PHARM SCI Burgess, D. PHS-Food & Drug Administration $23,500 9/01-3/02
Optimization of in Vitro Testing Methods and Regulatory Specifications for Controlled Release Parenterals
PHARM SCI Corp. Pikal, M. IDEC Pharmaceuticals $2,000 8/01-12/05
Material Properties of Formulations for Freeze Drying

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