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  November 5, 2001


The following grants were received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in August. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center Office of Grants and Contracts and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Research - Federal
Behavioral Science & Comm. Health Aseltine, R. Nat'l Inst. of Mental Health $85,720 6/01-4/02
Pathways from Child Adversity to Adult Mental Health
Neuroscience Bernstein, L. Nat'l Inst. on Deaf & Comm. Disorders $203,158 8/00-7/02
Comparisons Binaural Processing at Low & High Frequencies
Surgery Das, D. Heart, Lung, & Blood Inst. $179,796 8/99-7/02
Transgenic/Knockout Animals in Myocardial Preservation
Medicine Lefrancois, L. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $218,669 8/97-7/02
Requirements for CD8 T Cell Activation and Migration in Vivo
Physiology Loew, L. Research Resources $924,051 8/01-7/02
National Resource for Cell Analysis and Modeling
Oral Diagnosis Lurie, A. Dental Research $516,203 7/01-6/02
Skeletal, Craniofacial and Oral Biology Training Grant
Genetics & Developmental Biology Mayer, B. Nat'l Cancer Inst. $285,011 7/00-6/02
Biologically Relevant NCK Interacting Proteins
Medicine Mukherji, B. Nat'l Cancer Inst. $153,893 9/97-12/01
Peptide and APC-Based Melanoma Vaccine
Neuroscience Papermaster, D. Nat'l Eye Inst. $397,335 8/99-7/02
Membrane Biosynthesis in Normal and Dystrophic Retinas
Physiology Peluso, J. Child Health & Human Development $171,970 8/98-7/02
Progesterone Regulation of Granulosa Cell Function
Biochemistry Peng, Z. General Medical Sciences $36,308 8/96-7/02
Folding and Dynamics of a Molten Globule
Psychiatry Petry, N. Nat'l Inst. of Mental Health $356,606 8/99-7/02
Cognitive-Behavioral Treatments - Pathological Gambling
Medicine Puddington, L. Heart, Lung, & Blood Inst. $288,167 9/00-7/02
TCR Gamma Delta Cells Promote TH2 Lineage Commitment and IGE Production
Genetics & Developmental Biology Rowe, D. General Medical Services $314,463 9/00-7/02
Promoter GFP Markers of the Osteoprogenitor Lineage
Surgery Sarfarazi, M. Nat'l Eye Inst. $326,250 8/00-7/02
Molecular Genetics of Primary Congenital Glaucoma
Surgery Sarfarazi, M. Heart, Lung, & Blood Inst. $313,167 8/01-7/02
Molecular Characterization of Familial Lymphedema
Medicine Shanley, J. Alcohol & Alcoholism (NIAAA) $144,000 8/01-7/02
Effect of Ethanol Consumption on Vaccine Responses
Medicine Smith, T. Veterans Administration $12,104 7/01-10/01
Intergovernmental Personnel Act Appointment: Xiufang Liu
Neuroscience Steveson, T. Child Health & Human Development $72,000 8/01-6/02
Menkes Protein: Copper Transport in the Pituitary
Medicine Warren, N. Veterans Administration $65,000 7/01-6/02
Intergovernmental Personnel Act: Nicholas Warren
Research - Private
Center for Immunotherapy of Cancer & Infectious Diseases Aguila, H. Sandler Program for Asthma Research $125,000 7/00-6/02
NK Cells in Allergic Asthma
Community Medicine & Health Barbor, T. Westat $254,712 9/00-9/02
PETS Longer-Term Adolescent Study
Physiology Caron, J. Lea's Foundation $15,000 7/99-6/02
Discovery of a New Form of Tubulin Protein
Medicine Dieckhaus, K. Yale $8,861 5/00-3/01
Proact - New England Program for AIDS Clinical Trials
Oral Diagnosis Frank, M. University of Miami $51,069 3/00-2/02
Molecular Physiology of Glutamate in Taste: Project 2
Microbiology Harris, S. American Cancer Society $9,166 7/99-7/01
SEPB and the DNA Damage Response in A. Nidulans
Psychiatry Kranzler, H. Yale $222,182 8/00-7/02
Genetics of Opioid Dependence
Surgery Kurtzman, S. Pittsburgh $23,115 2/97-1/02
NSABP Breast Cancer and Bowel Cancer Treatment
Microbial Pathogenesis CE Mamoun, C. R & C Patterson Trust $51,500 8/01-7/02
Choline Transport in the Human Malaria Parasite
Medicine Oncken, C. Yale $21,444 9/00-8/01
Subcontract to Yale University Center Grant
Psychiatry Petry, N. Conn. Council on Problem Gambling $5,000 8/01-7/02
Life Histories and Gambling Study
Center on Aging Prestwood, K. Brookdale Foundation $14,989 8/01-7/02
The Effect of Soy Protein and Isoflavones on Bone Turnover
Center for Immunotherapy of Cancer & Infectious Diseases Srivastava, P. Lea's Foundation $20,000 9/99-12/01
Treatment of Indolent B-Cell Lymphoma and CLL Patients (HSP70)
Medicine Tutschka, P. Lea's Foundation $10,000 8/01-7/02
Use of Non-Tolerant Lymphocytes for Transient Duration Stem Cell Transplants
Research - State
Primary Care Gould, B. Conn. Dept. of Public Health $29,750 8/01-7/02
Breast and Cervical Cancer Education/Tobacco Prevention Control