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  October 22, 2001

Hudd Issues Guidelines on
Possible Anthrax Threats

The following message regarding the possible threat of anthrax was distributed to the campus community Thursday by Robert S. Hudd, Chief of Police and Director for Public Safety:

"As you are no doubt aware, there have been numerous reports of suspicious letters and/or packages statewide, including several at the Storrs campus.

"To date there are no confirmed cases of any bio/hazardous material being found in our community or anywhere in the state. While all are advised to be alert to anything suspicious, be assured that response procedures are in place to effectively handle all situations.

"The UConn Fire Department maintains a Special Hazards Team and fully equipped emergency mobile response unit. All Fire Department personnel are trained to handle all aspects of managing hazardous materials incidents. This team has been in existence for many years and will properly respond to, assess, and react to all incidents.

"The UConn Police are equipped to handle first responder duties and coordinate with the State Police Emergency Services Unit.

"The Detective Division of the UConn Police Department is responsible for follow-up investigations into incidents and several investigations are currently ongoing. They also maintain ongoing dialogue with the FBI.

"In cooperation with UConn Mail Services, Connecticut State Police, and the U.S. Postal Service, the following are guidelines, factors to consider in determining if a package or letter should be considered suspicious:

  • No return address;
  • Excessive postage;
  • Postmarked from a foreign country;
  • Misspelled words, names or titles;
  • Wrong title with name;
  • Oily stains, discoloration or crystallization on wrapper;
  • Rigid or bulky packaging;
  • Excessive tape or string around package.

"If you receive a letter or package and some or all of the indicators that are listed above are present and you feel that it is suspicious, you should:

  • Limit exposure. Do not open the package.
  • Handle it with care. Do not shake, bump or drop it.
  • Don't smell or taste it.
  • Distance yourself from the object and tell coworkers in the area to do the same.
  • Immediately contact the UConn Police at 911 in Storrs, or the local number for the campus police at other campuses. At those campuses that do not have University Police - Torrington and Waterbury - call 911 to reach the State Police.

"An appropriate response will be directed to every call. This may involve UConn Fire or Police personnel or both. Any additional assistance, if needed, will be directed by the Fire or Police Commander on the scene.

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