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October 1, 2001


The following grants were received through the UConn Health Center's Office of Grants and Contracts in July. The list represents new awards as well as continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advance by the Health Center Office of Grants and Contracts and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available.

Department Principal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Federal Research
Immunotherapy of Cancer/Infectious Diseases Aguila, H. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $208,950 7/00-6/02
Functional Heterogeneity of NK Cells During Development
Microbiology Bansal, R. Neurological Disorders & Stroke $188,105 7/99-6/02
FGF Receptor Function in Oligodendrocyte Differentiation
Clinical Research Center Berlin, R. Research Resources $31,488 12/00-11/01
General Clinical Research Center
Child & Family Studies Program Bruder, M. Health Resources & Services Admin. $194,149 7/01-6/02
Project Connect: Medical Home
Physiology Cowan, A. NSF, Physiology, Cellular &Molecular Biology $14,960 6/01-5/02
First International Symposium for Computational Cell Biology
Physiology Fong, G. Heart, Lung, & Blood Institute $360,000 7/01-5/02
Signaling Mechanisms of VEGF Receptor in Vasculogenesis
Prosthodontics Freilich, M. Dental Research $122,865 7/01-5/02
Evaluation of Fiber Biomaterials for Oral Implantology
Psychiatry Kadden, R. National Institute of Drug Abuse $346,410 8/00-6/02
Contingency Management for Marijuana Dependence
Psychiatry Kaminer, Y. Alcohol & Alcoholism (NIAAA) $476,207 7/01-6/02
Maintenance of Treatment Gains in Adolescents with Alcohol-Related Disorders
Biochemistry King, S. General Medical Sciences $244,800 7/01-6/02
Systematic Structural Biology of Dynein
Behavioral Science & Community Health Lepowsky, S. Health Resources & Services Administration $148,975 7/01-6/02
Advanced Education in General Dentistry
Neuroscience Morest, D. National Institute on Deaf & Communication Disorders $148,975 7/01-6/02
Anatomy of the Auditory System
Biochemistry Ozols, J. General Medical Sciences $241,842 7/99-6/02
Isolation and Structure of Microsomal Membrane Proteins
Behavioral Science & Community Health Pendrys, D. Dental Research $270,037 7/99-6/02
Risk for Enamel Fluorosis Among Norwegian Children
Neuroscience Potashner, S. National Institute on Deaf & Communication Disorders $278,945 7/99-6/02
Neurotransmitters in the Auditory System
Microbial Pathogenesis Center Radolf, J. Allergy & Infectious Diseases $311,470 4/01-3/02
Cutaneous Immune Response in Early Syphilis
Behavioral Science & Community Health Reisine, S. Nat'l Inst. of Arthritis/Musculoskeletal/Skin Diseases $299,871 7/99-6/02
Employment and Health Status Among Women with Fibromyalgia
Immunotherapy of Cancer/Infectious Diseases Srivastava, P. National Cancer Institute $258,262 7/00-6/02
Receptor for GP96 on Macrophages and Dendritic Cells
Biostructure and Function Upholt, W. Dental Research $205,021 7/01-6/02
Institutional Dentist Scientist Award
Genetics & Developmental Biology Wu, D. National Cancer Institute $13,083 1/01-12/01
Signaling Mechanisms for WNT Proteins
Private Research
Pharmacology Andjelkovic, A. American Heart Association $49,500 7/01-6/02
Astrocyte: Leukocyte Interaction Regulates MCP-1 Production
Oral Maxillofacial Surgery Bennett, J. Univ. of Toronto $25,000 1/01-12/01
Effect of PRP with Autogeneous Bone Grafts for Sinus Augmentation
Physiology Caron, J. American Heart Association $49,500 7/01-6/02
Functional Analysis of Palmitoylated Tubulin
Medicine Hager, D. Duke University $50 6/98-6/02
Sudden Cardiac Death in Heart Failure Trial - SCD-HEFT
Microbiology Harris, S. American Cancer Society $4,343 7/99-6/02
SEPB and the DNA Damage Response in A. Nidulans
Genetics & Developmental Biology Kalajzic, Z. Osteogenesis Inperfecta Foundation Inc. $47,000 7/99-6/02
Transplantation of Osteoprogenitor Cells into Murine Model
Diagnostic Imaging & Therapeutics Lai, S. The Whitaker Foundation $80,000 5/01-4/02
Optimized MRI Techniques for Quantitative Assessment of Brain Tumor etc.
Physiology Lee, M. American Heart Association $66,000 7/01-6/02
Novel Signaling Molecules Regulated by the EDG-1 Receptor in Angiogenesis
Genetics & Developmental Biology Mohler, W. Muscular Dystrophy $85,000 7/01-6/02
Molecular and Cellular Mechanism of Cell Fusion
Neurology Panzer, V. The New York Academy of Medicine $50,000 7/00-6/02
Quantitative Clinical Assessment of Elderly Fallers
Immunology Puddington, L. American Lung Association $35,000 7/01-6/02
TCR Gammadelta Cells Promote Immunoglobulin Production
Behavioral Science & Community Health Reisine, S. Univ. Med/Dent of New Jersey $24,754 4/01-3/02
Development of Child Oral Health Quality of Life Questionnaire
Behavioral Science & Community Health Reisine, S. Arthritis Foundation $79,943 7/01-6/02
Health Status & Employment Among Women With Rheumatoid Arthritis and Healthy Women
Pediatrics Rosengren, S. Univ. of Calif. at San Diego Medical Center $100 12/99-11/01
Asthma Medications in Pregnancy Project
Medicine Shanley, J. CT Primary Care Association $181,088 8/00-7/01
Connecticut AIDS Demonstration Project Funds
Community Medicine & Health Care Sheehan, T. Arthritis Foundation $80,000 7/01/-6/02
Modeling the Measures & Causes of Physical Disabilities
Pharmacology Smilowitz, H. University of Bern $7,493 4/99-12/01
Collaborative Research on Malignant Glioma Therapy
Community Medicine & Health Care Stevens, R. Battelle $5,000 8/00-9/01
Sensitivity to Radiation -- Induced Cancer in Hemochromatosis
Center on Aging Sullivan, G. Association of American Medical Colleges $50,000 7/00-6/02
Enhance Gerontology & Geriatric Medicine Education at UConn
Community Medicine & Health Care Tennen, H. Arthritis Foundation $90,000 7/01-6/02
Major Depression as Risk Factor for RA Pain & Disability
Infectious Diseases/Medicine Wu, C. American Lung Association $35,000 7/01-6/02
Cytomegalovirus Augments Interferon-Y in an Asthma Mouse
State Research
Pediatrics Greenstein, R. Department of Public Health $236,010 7/01-6/02
CT Statewide Genetics Service Program