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September 24, 2001

Chancellor's Research Awards Announced

The award-winners in two University-wide research competitions have been announced recently:

Chancellor's Research Fellowships
The Chancellor's Research Fellowship program offers an opportunity for release time from teaching for one semester to eligible faculty engaged in long-term research projects. This competitive program is designed to support and promote long-term research projects that cannot be funded via other, more traditional avenues. Proposals are evaluated by a peer review committee.

2001 Chancellor's Research Fellowship Recipients
Fakhreddin Azimi
Associate Professor, History
Fall 2001, "Revolution in Iran: The Fall of the Pahlavi Dynasty."

Frank Costigliola
Professor, History
Fall 2001, "Guns and Kisses in the Kremlin and other Moments in the Formation of the Cold War, 1941-47."

John Gatta
Professor, English
Spring 2002, "Sacred Grounds of American Environmental Literature."

Richard Peterson
Professor, English
Spring 2002, "Wounding and Healing in Jacobean England

Nancy Shoemaker
Associate Professor, History
Fall 2001, "Written Talks: Language and Meaning in Eighteenth-Century American Indian-European Diplomacy East of the Mississippi."

Blanca Silvestrini
Professor, History
Spring 2002, "The New Caribbean Tropics: Health and Disease in Puerto Rico, 1898-1940."

Chancellor's Research Excellence Awards
The Chancellor's Research Excellence Awards recognize excellence in research at the Storrs and regional campuses. The program is open to tenured faculty in all disciplines. The Research Excellence designation is accompanied by a stipend of $2,500, to be used at the awardee's discretion in support of his or her research. The recipients will be honored at the May 2002 graduate commencement ceremony.

2001 Chancellor's Research Excellence Award Recipients
Richard Bass
Professor, Mathematics

Juha Javanainen
Professor, Physics

Joel Kupperman
Professor, Philosophy

Patrick McKenna
Professor, Mathematics

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