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  May 14, 2001


The following grants were received through the Office for Sponsored Programs in April. The list represents only new proposals awarded and excludes continuations. The list of grants is supplied to the Advanceeach month by the Office for Sponsored Programs. The full list for each month is posted to the Advancewebsite and is printed in one or more issues, according to the space available. Grants with UConn listed as a source represent a redistribution of a larger award to the University.

Agricultural & Natural Resources
Liberal Arts & Sciences

Vice Provost for Research & Grad. Ed.
Vice Chancellor for Undergrad. Ed. & Inst.

Department Prinincipal Investigator Sponsor Amount Award Period
Agriculture & Natural Resources
ANIM SCI Silbart, L.K. Spherics Inc. $30,000 9/00-9/01
Bioadhesive Microspheres for Oral DNA Vaccination
COOP EXT Prisloe, M. Interior-U.S. Geological Survey $24,408 2/01-1/02
Gather and Prepare Impervious Surface Data for New England Study Sites
NAT RES M&E Warner, G.S. Interior-U.S. Geological Survey $75,321 3/01-2/02
2001-2002 Water Resources State Water Resources Research Program (Co-PI: Bresnahan, P.A.)
PLNT SCI Bridgen, M.P. New England Greenhouse Conference $2,000 3/01-5/04
Genotypic and Environmental Effects on Cut Flower Production of Liatris
Organizational Management Gupta, A. NSF-IIS-Career Development Program $64,999 6/01-5/02
Career: Economic Analysis of Online Mercantile Process
CHEM ENG Wood, T.K. Electric Power Research Institute $111,245 6/01-12/01
Corrosion Control Using Protective Biofilms Which Secrete Antimicrobials and Corrosion Inhibitors
ESE Zhu, Q. DOD-Army-Medical Res. and Material Com $150,000 5/01-4/04
Ultrasound Assisted Optical Imaging
MECH ENG Bergman, T. Rogers Corp. $5,000 8/00-12/02
Senior Design Projects
MECH ENG Chiu, W.K.S. Dept. of Defense-Office of Naval Res. $72,471 6/01-5/04
Performance and Reliability of Optical Fibers for Use in Underwater Acoustic Arrays
METALL Gell, M. Solar Turbines Inc. $150,000 9/00-8/02
Advanced Thermal Barrier Coatings for Combustors (Co-PIs: Jordan, E.H.; Padture, N.P.)
Liberal Arts & Sciences
BIOL: EE Chazdon, R.L. Andrew W. Mellon Foundation $17,000 6/01-5/02
Parentage Analysis of Recruited Seedlings and Trees of the Canopy Palm Iriartea deltoidea in a Tropical Second-Growth Forest
BIOL: EE Merhoff, L.J. Horticultural Research Institute $20,000 4/01-12/01
Invasive Plant Identification and Plant Evaluation Project
BIOL: EE Wagner, D.L. Conn. Dept. of Environmental Protection $6,960 3/01-4/02
A Website for the Dragonfly and Damselfly Fauna of Connecticut
BIOL: MC Craig, S. PHS-NIH-Allergy & Infectious Diseases $266,895 6/01-5/02
Mutational Analysis of a Parasite Purine Salvage Enzyme
BIOL: MC Eakin, A.E. PHS-NIH-Allergy & Infectious Diseases $101,641 4/01-3/02
Structural Analysis of the HGPRT from Trypanosoma cruzi
BIOL: MC Strausbaugh, L.D. Cuno Inc. $9,912 11/00-10/01
Genomic Applications of Membrane Technology
BIOL: PN Nishiyama, A. PHS-NIH-Research Resources $196,006 4/01-4/02
Bio-Rad Radiance 2000 Confocal Imaging System and Nikon Eclipse TE300 Microscope
CSRA Barnes, C. Town of Fairfield, Conn. $9,750 2/01-2/02
Fairfield High School Survey
CSRA Barnes, C. Town of Greenwich, Conn. $15,000 3/01-6/01
Town of Greenwich: Lyme Disease Survey
CSRA Barnes, C. Price Waterhouse Foundation $13,500 3/01-6/01
Price Waterhouse Coopers Senior Technology Tax Executives Survey
CSRA Barnes, C. Price Waterhouse Foundation $13,500 3/01-6/01
Price Waterhouse Coopers Entertainment Tax Executives Survey
ECONOMICS Barth, P.S. Workers Compensation Research Institute $23,000 2/01-6/01
Workers' Attitudes Toward Workers' Compensation Systems
MARINE Monahan, E.C. NOAA-Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin $38,000 2/01-1/02
Connecticut Sea Grant College Program: Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship 2001, Sean Corson
MARINE O'Donnell, J. NSF-Geosciences $147,549 9/01-8/02
The Three-Dimensional Frontal Structure and Fate of a River Plume
MARINE Torgersen, T. NSF-Geosciences $19,979 2/01-1/04
Systems Dynamics of Detention/Retention in Ponds
PHYSICS Utz, M. American Chemical Society-Petroleum Res. $25,000 7/00-8/03
The Role of Molecular Entanglements in the Plasticity of Glassy Polymers
PSYCH Chobak, J.J. NSF-Biological Sciences $95,504 4/01-3/02
Septal Regulation of Hippocampal Gamma (40-100HZ) and Ripple (200 HZ) Patterns and Memory
PSYCH Lowe, C.A. Yale University $57,093 7/00-6/01
Release Time Charges to Yale University
PSYCH Markus, E.J. PHS-NIH-National Institute of Mental Health $27,504 6/01-5/02
Effects of Extrogen on Hippocampal Single Unit Activity (Graduate Student/Predoctoral Fellowship: Jennifer Tropp)
NURSING Dzurec, L. Eastern Nursing Research Society $36,000 6/01-5/02
Central Office for Eastern Nursing Research Society
NURSING Dzurec, L. PHS-HRSA-Bureau of Health Professionals $66,779 7/01-6/02
Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship Program
PHARM SCI Bogner, R.H. Fuji Chemicals USA $10,285 5/01-5/02
Feasibility of Preparing and Stabilizing Amorphous Drugs by Grinding with Neusilin
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education & Instruction
ITA PRGM Jarvis, C.E. University of New Hampshire $24,129 10/00-9/03
The Dissemination and Development of Academic Programs in College Teaching
Vice Provost for Research & Graduate Education
ISI Parmelee, L.F. Forbes Inc. $1,000 3/01-3/02
Account for Depositing Revenues Acquired for Publishing Articles
MSTC Babb, I.G. NOAA-Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin $1,361,045 1/01-12/01
The National Undersea Research Center for the North Atlantic and Great Lakes
MSTC Babb, I.G. NSF-Education & Human Resources $148,909 3/01-2/02
The Classroom of the Sea (Co-PI: Brown, S.W.)
MSTC Jadamec, J.R. Pfizer Inc. $26,348 12/00-6/01
Evaluation of Ion Mobility Spectrometry Instrumentation & Methodologies in Pharmaceutical Research (Co-PI: Vinopal, R.T.)
MSTC Babb, I.G. NOAA-Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $20,000 4/01-12/01
The Aquanaut Program: Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary
NURC Auster, P.J. NOAA-Natl. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. $65,074 1/01-12/01
Assessing Patterns of Biological Diversity at Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

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