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  April 9, 2001


CRT Seeks Summer Sub-Lets for Actors and Theater Crew
Connecticut Repertory Theatre summer actors and technical crew need housing from May 21- July 30. If you are looking to sublet your house or apartment, please put in writing your name, address and phone number, the distance from the Storrs campus, whether you would rent to smokers or only to nonsmokers, if pets are allowed, and whether the accommodation is furnished. Also, please state the rent amount and whether to includes utilities. Send the information to Meryl Kronisch at Dramatic Arts, Unit 1127, Storrs, CT 06269, or by e-mail to

Volunteers Sought to Answer Phones at CPTV on April 23

Faculty, staff and student volunteers from Storrs and the regional campuses are invited to sign up for an evening of fun at CPTV on April 23. Volunteers will leave the Storrs campus at 6:30 p.m., answer the phones during the evening show, and return to campus around 1 a.m. Interested volunteers should contact the programs office in the Department of Campus Activities at (860) 486-3423.

Library to Use E-Mail for Notices
There's a certain book that is indispensable to the article or paper you're writing, but the Library's online catalog says it's been checked out and isn't due for three weeks. You can recall the book in hopes of speeding its delivery to you. And then you can wait on pins and needles for the notice to reach you in the mail, telling you that the book is in.

The waiting will soon be over.

Starting at the end of April, the University Libraries will begin using e-mail notification to replace printed notices and end the wait.

With this new service, library users will receive circulation notices, including notices for materials that are being recalled and recalled items available now, through their campus e-mail accounts. Overdue notices will also be sent via e-mail.

The change affects Homer Babbidge Library, the regional campus libraries, and the Music and Pharmacy libraries.

"Every day we've had to put literally hundreds of notices in the mail to library users and then worry about whether we had the correct campus or home address for them," says Nancy Orth, head of access services. "With this new system, library users will receive notices faster than with campus and U.S. Mail, and we will be able to reduce paper usage and mailing costs."

Users of the library can only reap the benefits of this new service if they have a registered University e-mail account or if they have forwarded their University e-mail to another Internet Service Provider, such as AOL or Hotmail, Orth notes.

For general information about campus e-mail and to verify your e-mail address, please visit the E-mail website. If you wish to forward your circulation notices to an e-mail account with another ISP, go to the e-mail forwarding page.

Suzanne Zack

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