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  April 2, 2001

Activities & Achievements

Entries Welcome

We invite faculty, staff and graduate students from all campuses to submit entries Activities and Achievements. Items must be typed in Advance style and email is strongly encouraged. Send to the Editor at

Articles & Chapters
Pamela Allen Brown, English and Stamford Campus, "Othello and Italophobia," in Shakespeare and Intertextuality The Transition of Cultures Between Italy and England in the Early Modern Period (Roma: Bulzoni, 2000).

Peggy Chinn, Nursing, "Toward a Theory of Nursing Art," in N. Chaska, ed., The Nursing Profession: Tomorrow's Vision (Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications, 2000).

Olga Church, Nursing, "Hildegard E. Peplau's Leadership and Achievements in the Advance of Psychiatric Nursing: The Right Person at the Right Time and Place," Journal of American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 116:1 (2000), pp. 16-24; "Substance Abuse and Addiction: Choosing Change in the Land of Steady Habits," Connecticut Nursing News, 73:2 (2000); and, with R.A. Anderson, "Managed Care in the Substance Abuse Arena, Part I," Journal of Substance Abuse, 4:4 (2000), pp. 234-8.

Judith Kelly, Molecular & Cell Biology, with Michael McDonough and Nicholas Silvaggi, Molecular & Cell Biology, graduate students, and others, "A 1.2 Angstrom Snapshot of a DD-Peptidase Catalyzing the Final Step of Bacterial Cell Wall Biosynthesis," in Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, U.S.A., 98 (2001), pp. 1427-31.

Rigoberto Lopez and Ibrahima Hathie, Agricultural & Resource Economics, "The Structure of Government Intervention in African Agriculture," Journal of Development Studies, 37 (2000): pp. 57-72.

Deborah McDonald and John McNulty, Nursing, with K. Erickson and C. Weiskopf, "Communicating Pain and Pain Management Needs After Surgery," Applied Nursing Research, 13 (2000), pp. 70-5.

James O'Neil, Family Studies, "Promoting Men's Growth and Development: Teaching the New Psychology of Men Using Psychoeducational Philosophy and Interventions," in G. Brooks & G.E. Good, eds., The New Handbook of Psychotherapy and Counseling with Men: A Comprehensive Guide to Settings, Problems, and Treatment Approaches, vol. 2 (San Francisco, Calif.: Jossey-Bass, 2001); and, with Lawrence Wrightsman, "The Mentoring Relationship in

Psychology Training Programs," in S. Walfish & A. Hess, eds., Succeeding in Graduate School: The Career Guide for the Psychology Student (Mahwah, N.J.: Lawrence Erlbaum Inc., 2001).

Juliette Shellman, Nursing, "Promoting Elder Wellness Through a Community-Based Blood Pressure Clinic," Public Health Nursing, 17:4 (2000), pp. 255-61; and, with Patricia Neafsey, Nursing, Z. Strickler, and Padula, Use of Touchscreen Equipped Computers to Deliver Health Information About Self-Medication to Older Adults," Journal of Gerontological Nursing (2000).

Awards & Honors
In the Hatton Awards competition at the meeting of the American Association for Dental Research in Chicago on March 6-10, Raj Lalla, Dental Medicine, won first place in the senior category for a presentation on "Soluble Fibrin-Related Factors Induce Angiogenic Factor Expression in Oral Tumors." His major advisors on the project were Donald Kreutzer and Marvin Tanzer. Craig Stasulis, Dental Medicine, second year student, won the third place Hatton Award in the junior category for a presentation on "Immunohistochemical Identification of Antigen-Presenting Cells in Rat Salivary Ducts." His advisor on this project was Arthur Hand.

The Hatton Award is the most prestigious national-level award for junior investigators who exhibit potential for a productive career in dental research. Lalla and Stasulis will represent the American Division a t the International Association for Dental Research meeting in Japan in June 2001.

The Health Center's Office of Communications received the silver CASE District I Publications Award for outdoor advertising at the CASE District I conference held in Quebec City in February. The award, the highest given in the outdoor advertising category this year, was for the slogan, "Think UConn basketball is great? You should try our healthcare," which was conceived by Jim Walter, Health Center Communications.

Peggy Chinn, Nursing, Peace and Power: Building Communities for the Future, 5th edition (Sudbury, Mass.: Jones & Bartlett, 2001).

Steve Wisensale, Family Studies, Family Leave Policy: The Political Economy of Work and Family in America (Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, 2001).

Anita Garey, Family Studies, presented "After-School Care and the Reproduction of Inequality," at the Eastern Sociological Society's annual meeting in Philadelphia on March 2-4. At the same meeting, Garey's book, Weaving Work and Motherhood, was the subject of an "author meets critics" session.

James Knox, Molecular & Cell Biology, presented "Origin, Structure and Mechanism of Bacterial Enzymes of Antibiotic Resistance," at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, Md., on Dec. 7.

Donald J. Leu, John & Maria Neag Endowed Chair in Literacy and Technology, delivered the keynote address, "New Literacies for New Times: The Convergence of Literacy and Literacy Instruction" at the International Adult Literacy Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, on March 30.

Usha Palaniswamy, Allied Health and Asian American Studies, presented "Asian Crops: Untapped Opportunities," at the 2001 New England Farmers' Direct Marketing Conference in Manchester, N.H., on Feb. 27.

Other Activities
Gary Robbins, Geology & Geophysics, Expedited Site Assessment: The CD, (Conn. Department of Environmental Protection, 2001). See